THHN Wire Price List and Buying Guide

THHN wire might be a good choice if you need a reliable type of electrical wire for a building or remodeling project at a price you can afford.

One of the most common kinds of building wire in the Philippines and other countries is THHN wire.

But what is THHN wire and what is THHN wire price in the Philippines?

In this article, we’ll answer these questions and more, so you can buy THHN wire with a budget between ₱1,395 and ₱8,435 with confidence.

Meaning of THHN Wire

What is THHN Wire

What is THHN Wire? THHN wire is an electrical wire with a thermoplastic insulator and a nylon jacket. It is known for its high resistance to heat and its many uses.

The PVC insulation and nylon jacket protect against abrasion, moisture, oil, chemicals, and sunlight.

THHN wire can withstand high temperatures both when it is dry and when it is wet. This makes it useful for a wide range of applications.

The nylon jacket also protects the wire from heat and wear, making it more durable and safe.

Uses of THHN Wire

THHN wire is often used for a wide range of electrical tasks such as:

  • wiring large appliances
  • service panels
  • lighting circuits
  • doorbells
  • general electrical wiring
  • building construction
  • vehicle wiring
  • commercial buildings.
  • grounding
  • bonding

In general, it can handle both high voltages and heavy currents. But to keep it safe, it should always be put in a conduit or raceway.

THHN Wire Specifications

THHN Wire Specs

THHN wire comes in different sizes, colors, and lengths. Here are some common specifications of THHN wire:


THHN wire comes in different sizes, which are defined by the cross-sectional area or AWG number. More current can flow through bigger sizes.


THHN wire comes in different colors for different uses.

  • Black is for hot/live wires
  • White is for neutral wires
  • Red is for secondary hot wires
  • Green is for grounding
  • Blue is for travelers/switch legs
  • Yellow is for three-way switches
  • Orange is for high-leg delta systems.


You can buy THHN wire in different lengths, usually by the meter or in boxes with about 150 meters of wire.


Most THHN wire is copper, which is a good conductor. It also has a nylon jacket to keep it safe.


THHN wire has ratings for both dry and wet conditions when it comes to temperature. It can handle dry temperatures up to 90°C and wet temperatures up to 75°C.


THHN wire is good for applications with a maximum voltage of 600 volts. It is often used in businesses and homes.

THHN Wire Size

THHN Wire Size

THHN wire comes in different sizes or gauges, which show the diameter and cross-sectional area of the conductor.

The size of the THHN wire affects its ability to carry a current, or ampacity, as well as its resistance and voltage drop.

In the Philippines, these are the most common sizes of THHN wire:

SizeArea (mm²)
#105.5 mm²
#123.5 mm²
#142.0 mm²
#88.0 mm²
#614.0 mm²
#422.0 mm²
#230.0 mm²
#1/050.0 mm²
#2/060.0 mm²
#3/080.0 mm²
#4/0100.0 mm²
#250 MCM125.0 mm²
#300 MCM150.0 mm²
#350 MCM175.0 mm²
#400 MCM200.0 mm²
#500 MCM250.0 mm²
#600 MCM300.0 mm²
#750 MCM375.0 mm²
#1000 MCM500.0 mm²

THHN Wire Price List

THHN Wire Price

Things like size, color, length, brand, quality, availability, and demand affect the price of THHN wire.

It can be different depending on where you buy it, like at an online shop, a hardware store, an electrical supply store, or a wholesaler.

Here are some examples of the THHN Wire price in the Philippines for different brands:

Brand and SizePrice
Phelps dodge #14₱1,395
Wiremax #12₱1,400
Hypertech #14₱1,450
Goldflex #14₱2,320
Royu #10₱2,440
Powerflex #12₱2,840
Philflex #10₱6,499
Duraflex #10₱6,817
Phelps Dodge #10₱8,435

As you can see, the price of THHN wire can vary significantly depending on various factors.

Therefore, it is advisable to compare prices from different sources before buying THHN wire.

Things You Should Know about THHN Wire

Before you buy and install THHN wire, you should know a few things about it to make sure it is safe and works well.

Here are some of the most common questions about THHN wire and the answers to them:

  • Can You Use THHN Building Wire in a Rigid Conduit or Raceway?
    Yes, you can use THHN wire in a rigid conduit or raceway as long as it is appropriate for the location and environment.
  • Can You Use THHN Wire Outdoors?
    Yes, you can use THHN wire outside if you put it in a conduit or raceway to protect it.
  • Can You Bury THHN Wire?
    No, you can’t bury THHN wire directly underground. Instead, use wire that is made to be buried directly.
  • What is the difference between THHN and NM?
    THHN is a single-conductor wire for general wiring, while NM is a multi-conductor cable for residential wiring.
  • Can THWN be used in wet locations?
    Yes, you can use THWN wire in wet places because it can stand up to water. Protect it by putting it in a conduit or raceway.

We hope this blog post has helped you understand more about THHN wire and its price in the Philippines.

If you need more information or assistance with your electrical wiring project, please feel free to contact us anytime. We are happy to help you with your electrical needs.


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