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BreadTalk is a well-known bakery brand in Asia, celebrated for their innovative and creative bread-making. Over the past 16 years, BreadTalk has evolved into an internationally recognized brand, with four distinctive generations that reflect their growth and development.

Recently, BreadTalk Philippines has introduced a new concept that aims to provide customers with a unique and natural experience when enjoying their bread.

This new concept includes over 50 brand new items, specially developed by BreadTalk’s international Master Chefs, from source to store.

The focus is on natural ingredients and the use of baking artistry and modern technology, in response to the global demand for more natural food options.

To ensure the highest quality of their products, BreadTalk sources the best natural ingredients globally, such as Japanese-milled flour and pure butter from New Zealand. These ingredients are then prepared in their Central Kitchen to create pastes or fillings for their bread, ensuring quality control at every step.

BreadTalk’s Master Chefs focus on creating a perfect balance of textures, flavors, and ingredients, drawing inspiration from classic simplicity. Every bite of BreadTalk’s products brings joy and goodness, satisfying the evolving needs of their customers.

BreadTalk’s commitment to constant innovation and reinvention has made them a staple in the diets of many in Asia, and their new concept store promises to immerse customers in the natural goodness and bliss of great-tasting breads.

Here is the latest BreadTalk’s menu for Philippines 2023:



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Breads MenuPrice
Custard Bun₱40.00
Mini Cheese Boat₱40.00
Coco Bundle₱44.00
Double Trouble₱44.00
Kick Kick₱44.00
An Pan Cream Cheese₱45.00
Rainbow Donut₱45.00
Almond Frenzy₱46.00
Beefy Bun₱46.00
Butter Sugar₱46.00
Chicken Curry₱46.00
Choc Donut₱46.00
Choco Chips Extreme₱46.00
Coffee Ball₱46.00
Ube Bundle₱46.00
Mr. Beans₱47.00
Beckham & Cheese₱48.00
Choc Aleck₱48.00
Get Cheesy!₱48.00
Smart Aleck₱48.00
White Chocolate Donut₱48.00
Standard Sausage₱49.00
Berries n’ Cream₱50.00
Rocky Rocky Milk₱50.00
Sisig Bun₱50.00
Banana Kick₱53.00
Pineapple Cheezymada₱53.00
Butter Rocky₱54.00
Parmesan Sausage₱54.00
Pillow Raisin₱54.00
Spicy Tuna Sisig₱54.00
Strawberry Rocky₱54.00
Chicken Parmesan₱56.00
Chicken Teriyaki₱56.00
Tuna Bread₱56.0
Triple Chocolate₱57.00
Choco Cream Cheese₱58.00
Walnut Braid₱58.00
Double Dog₱59.00
Raisin Braid₱59.00
Prosperity Polo₱61.00
Rise & Shine₱63.00
Golden Flower₱64.00
Chicken Mushroom Cheese₱70.00
Premium Chicken Flosss₱70.00
Premium Spicy Chicken Flosss₱70.00
Organic Chicken Flosss₱71.00
Organic Spicy Chicken Flosss₱71.00
Pizza Bread₱72.00
Spring in the City₱75.00
Cinnamon Bun₱81.00
Hokkaido Dome₱87.00
Choco Chip Hokkaido₱102.00
Coffee Bun₱114.00
Jumbo Cranberry Cheezymada₱205.00


breadtalk menu philippine danish
Danish MenuPrice
Egg Tart₱48.00
Moshi Mushroom₱56.00
White Chocolate Croissant₱58.00
Bacon & Corn Croissandwich₱64.00
Chicken Croissandwich₱64.00
Choco Croissant₱64.00
Choco Cro₱69.00


breadtalk menu philippine french
French MenuPrice


breadtalk menu philippine toasts
Toast MenuPrice
Baked Ham Sandwich₱64.00
Mini Cranberry Toast₱68.00
Standard Toast₱98.00
Wholemeal Toast₱120.00
California Toast₱133.00
Carrot Toast₱139.00
Premium Toast₱150.00
Earthquake Cheese Toast₱170.00
Raisin Cranberry Toast₱170.00
Walnut Fruit Toast₱170.00


Dry Cakes

breadtalk menu philippine dry cakes
Orange Steamed Cake₱42.00
Cheese Mamon₱47.00
Honey Marble₱48.00
Marble Steamed Cake₱48.00
Chocolate Tiger Roll₱51.00
Mini Japan Light Cheese Cake₱112.00
Japan Light Cheesecake₱333.00


breadtalk menu philippine seasonal
Seasonal MenuPrice
Pretty in Pink₱750.00

Whole Cakes

breadtalk menu philippine whole cakes
Whole Cakes MenuPrice
Boston Chocolate₱720.00
Black Forest₱750.00
Mango Pleasure₱750.00
Blueberry Cheesecake₱780.00
Hazelnut Story₱780.00
Mocha Avalanche₱780.00

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