CR Door Price List and Buying Guide

When looking for the right bathroom door in the Philippines, the price is an important thing to think about. The good news is that CR doors price only cost between P1190 and P3500, which is not too much.

This means you won’t have to spend a lot of money to replace your old bathroom doors. With their unique features, CR doors are the best choice for a bathroom that tends to get wet and have condensation.

Let’s talk more about the different choices and benefits of CR doors.

What is CR Door

What is CR Door

A CR door, which is also called a condensation-resistant door, is made to be used in wet and muggy places like bathrooms.

These doors don’t let mist form, so water doesn’t build up and cause damage. CR doors are great for use in bathrooms and outside because they keep condensation and morning dew out.

They come ready to put in, which makes them a good choice for changing old bathroom doors. Consider buying CR doors for a cheap and effective way to keep the purity of your bathroom.

Types of CR Door

In the Philippines, there are different kinds of CR doors for different bathroom needs:

1.Aluminum CR Door

Aluminium CR Door

These doors are strong and light, and they don’t rust and are easy to take care of. They come in many different styles, some of which are very beautiful and have frosted glass.

2.Stainless CR Door

Stainless CR Door

Stainless doors are stronger and last longer than metal doors. They also don’t rust. They last a long time, but the price is higher.

3.CR Glass Door

CR Glass Door

These doors can slide or swing and are great for showers and bathroom openings. They are often made of frosted glass. They make the bathroom feel bigger and look more appealing.

4.PVC Plastic CR Door

PVC Plastic CR Door

PVC doors are popular in the Philippines because they are cheap, easy to install, and don’t get wet. They come in a variety of styles. Some look like wood doors, while others have frosted glass.

5.Sliding CR Door

Sliding CR Door

Sliding bathroom doors come in PVC, aluminum, glass, and wood. They are great for small areas and offer a variety of materials to choose from.

When choosing the right CR door for your bathroom, think about these different kinds.

CR Door Size

CR doors for bathrooms come in the following sizes:

  • 60 x 210 cm
  • 70 x 210 cm
  • 80 x 210 cm

If your space is smaller, you can talk to CR door sellers about choices like:

  • 60 x 190/180 cm
  • 70 x 190/180 cm
  • 80 x 190/180 cm

How to Choose CR Door

How to Choose CR Door

Think about the following when picking a CR door:

  • Choose the Best CR Door Design: Choose a design that fits the style of your bathroom, whether it’s modern or traditional, simple or detailed.
  • Think about the quality of the CR door: Choose high-quality doors to make sure they last and avoid problems in the future. Also, check how good the door lock is.
  • Make sure you get the right size: Check to see if normal sizes will work for your bathroom, or if you need to, go with custom CR doors.
  • Take a look at the CR Door Price: Compare prices from different companies to find choices that are affordable without sacrificing quality.

CR Door Price List

The price of a CR door depends on a number of things. Type and size are two of these things. Here are the prices that CR doors are likely to cost in the Philippines.

PVC Door (door only, without jamb and other hardware)60 x 210 cm₱1,190
70 x 210 cm₱1,250
80 x 210 cm₱1,410
PVC Door with Glass (door only, without jamb and other hardware)60 x 210 cm₱1,400
70 x 210 cm₱1,550
80 x 210 cm₱1,750
PVC Door (with jamb and other hardware)60 x 210 cm₱1,400
70 x 210 cm₱1,650
80 x 210 cm₱1,850
PVC Door with Glass (with jamb and other hardware)60 x 210 cm₱1,750
70 x 210 cm₱1,850
80 x 210 cm₱2,050
KRUZO Aluminum Bathroom Door Set70 x 210 cm₱2,900
Hummingbird Aluminum Bathroom Door Set60 x 210 cm₱3,500

Things You Should Know about CR Door

What’s a PVC door? Polyvinyl chloride is a strong, waterproof material that is used to make PVC doors.

Are PVC CR doors heavy? No, PVC doors are light and easy to install because they are easy to move around.

Are PVC CR doors waterproof? Yes, PVC doors are waterproof, which means they won’t warp, rot, or grow moss.

PVC or aluminum? Which is better? Aluminum doors are better for bifolding doors, but PVC doors are better for thermal insulation and are cheaper.

Is PVC a good CR door material? Yes, PVC is a good choice for doors, especially in bathrooms, because it looks like painted wood doors but is more resistant to moisture and requires less maintenance.


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