Greenwich Pizza Menu

Greenwich Pizza is a Filipino chain that has grown from a small counter service establishment in 1971 to one of the Philippines’ largest pizza chains.

Offering a variety of delicious pizzas and pastas that cater to Filipino tastes, Greenwich aims to create a comfortable dining experience for customers.

Beyond just the food, Greenwich places a strong emphasis on customer service, creating a welcoming atmosphere for all customers.

The chain offers a variety of crowd-pleasing menu items such as the Hawaiian Overload, All-In Overload, and Lasagna Supreme, along with sides like Crunchy Chicken and Potato Waves.

In addition to in-store dining, Greenwich also offers delivery services through their hotline, website, Greenwich Barkada Messenger, GrabFood, and Foodpanda.

The company is dedicated to providing efficient and friendly delivery service, with a focus on ensuring that food arrives hot and fresh.

Here is the latest Greenwich Pizza menu for Philippines 2023:

Best Sellers

greenwich menu philiphine 2023 best seller
Lasagna Supreme₱128.00
Winner Wings Garlic Parmesan₱246.00
Crunchy Fried Chicken₱414.00
Overload Trio Deal₱599.00
12″ Barkada Overload Duo₱769.00

Pizza Deals

greenwich menu philiphine 2023 pizza deals
9″ Dealicious Duo₱489.00
9″ Overload Duo₱499.00
Overload Dealicious Trio₱659.00
12″ Barkada Dealicious Duo₱749.00
15″ Party Dealicious Duo₱1,039.00
15″ Party Overload Duo₱1,099.00

Extreme Overload Pizza

greenwich menu philiphine 2023 extreme overload pizza
Extreme All In Overload₱648.00
Extreme All Meat Overload₱648.00
Extreme Hawaiian Overload₱648.00
Extreme Pepperoni Overload₱648.00

Overload Pizzas

greenwich menu philiphine 2023 overload pizzas
Hawaiian Overload₱133.00
4 Cheese Overload₱133.00
Pepperoni Overload₱133.00
All Beef Overload₱133.00
Beef & Pineapples Overload₱133.00
All-In Overload₱144.00
5-Cheese & Veggies Overload₱144.00
Bacon Overload₱144.00
All Meat Overload₱144.00
Beef & Sausage Overload₱144.00

Classic Pizzas

greenwich menu philiphine 2023 classic pizzas
Cheeseburger Classic₱122.00
Cheesy Bacon & Ham Classic₱122.00
Ham & Cheese Classic₱122.00
Ham & Pineapples Classic₱122.00

Snack Pizzas

greenwich menu philiphine 2023 snack pizzas
6″ Solo Cheeseburger Classic122.00
6″ Solo Ham & Cheese Classic122.00
6″ Solo Cheesy Bacon & Ham Classic122.00
6″ Solo Ham & Pineapples Classic122.00
6″ Solo Beef & Pines Overload133.00
6″ Solo Hawaiian Overload133.00
6″ Solo Pepperoni Overload133.00
6″ Solo All Beef Overload133.00
6″ Solo All In Overload144.00
6″ Solo 5-Cheese & Veggies Overload144.00
6″ Solo All Meat Overload144.00
6″ Solo Beef & Sausage Overload144.00


greenwich menu philiphine 2023 pastas
Meaty Spaghetti₱77.00
Creamy Carbonara₱122.00
Creamy Bacon Carbonara₱122.00
Lasagna Supreme₱128.00
Meaty Spaghetti Pan₱190.00
Creamy Carbonara Pan₱280.00
Creamy Bacon Carbonara Pan₱280.00
Lasagna Supreme Pan₱314.00

Bonding Bundles

greenwich menu philiphine 2023 bonding bundles
Bonding Bundle 479 (Good for 3 pax)₱479.00
Bonding Bundle 579 (Good for 4 pax)₱579.00
Bonding Bundle 649 (Good for 4 pax)₱649.00
Bonding Bundle 879 (Good for 5-6 pax)₱879.00
Bonding Bundle 949 (Good for 5 to 6 pax)₱949.00
Bonding Bundle 1249 (Good for 7 to 8 pax)₱1,249.00

Solo Meals

greenwich menu philiphine 2023 solo meals
Pizza Value Meal B₱100.00
Spaghetti Chicken Combo₱156.00
Pizza Value Meal A₱178.00
Pizza Loaded Combo D₱189.00
Carbonara Chicken Combo₱200.00
Lasagna Chicken Combo₱200.00
Pizza Loaded Combo E₱245.00

Chicken & Sides

  • greenwich menu philiphine 2023 chicken sides 1
  • greenwich menu philiphine 2023 chicken sides 2
Extra Ketchup₱6.00
Extra Gravy₱17.00
Extra Sour Cream Dip₱17.00
Extra Cheese Dip₱17.00
3pcs. Garlic Sticks₱39.00
3pcs. Garlic Sticks with Cheese Dip₱45.00
3pcs. Garlic Sticks with Sour Cream Dip₱45.00
Potato Waves – Regular with Dip₱77.00
Potato Crunchers – Regular with Dip₱77.00
Potato Waves – Medium with Dip₱111.00
Potato Waves – Large with 2 Dips₱167.00
Winner Wings Garlic Parmesan₱246.00
Chicken and Crunchers with Dip₱308.00
Chicken & Potato Waves w/ Dip₱308.00
Crunchy Fried Chicken₱414.00
8pcs. Chicken & Large Potato Waves w/ 2 Dips₱823.00
8pcs. Chicken & Large Potato Crunchers w 2 Dips₱823.00

Spicy Overload Pizza Deals

greenwich menu philiphine 2023 spicy overload pizza deals
9″ Spicy Overload Duo₱419.00
12″ Barkada Spicy Overload Duo₱745.00


greenwich menu philiphine 2023 drinks
1.5L Coke₱99.00

Greenwich Delivery Order

When you submit your online order with Greenwich, you are giving us permission to process and prepare your order as specified on your order form. However, we reserve the right to decline your order if any of the details are incorrect or if we have had any previous issues with your personal information. If you don’t respond to calls or texts from our branches or delivery riders, it may result in delayed or non-delivery of your order. Additional verification calls may be necessary to proceed with your order.

By ordering through our website, you understand and agree that your order is subject to the following conditions:

  • The minimum food purchase for delivery is ₱300.00
  • Delivery service time for single receipt transactions between ₱300.00 and ₱2,000.00 is 45-60 minutes
  • For orders between ₱2,000.00 and ₱3,000.00, we will contact you to inform you of your delivery service time. If we can’t meet the promised service time, we will provide compensation according to Greenwich’s rules and guidelines. However, any delays due to traffic or weather are out of our control and should not be held against us.
  • Requests for extra items such as ketchup, gravy, utensils, etc. are at the discretion of the store
  • Special requests outside of the Greenwich menu are not allowed, including requests for medicine, newspapers, cigarettes, groceries, etc.

If you want to place an advance order, you can do so at least 2 hours to 14 days before your desired delivery time. Orders above ₱3,000.00 are considered big orders and must be placed by calling our Hotline #5-5-5-5-5.

Greenwich reserves the right to accept or decline orders at our discretion. We will send you an on-screen or email confirmation when your order has been placed and accepted (“Order Confirmation”). This Order Confirmation is a record of our agreement to deliver your order and your obligation to pay the full price.

You can make changes to your order or delivery time within 5 minutes of placing your order. If you wish to cancel or change your order before delivery, please call the Greenwich store that will be serving your order. You understand that the total amount of your order will change with any changes, and you agree to pay the new total amount.

We reserve the right to decline any changes if the order has already been prepared or dispatched for delivery. If you have concerns or are not satisfied with your order, please contact the Greenwich store that is serving your order.

Orders can be cancelled within 5 minutes of placing the order. Cancellations after the 6th minute will not be valid.


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