Mr. Kimbob Menu

Mr. Kimbob is a Korean food chain that was founded with the aim of sharing the love for Korean food with the world. Mr. Kimbob is a person who grew up in a beautiful farming town in Seoul, South Korea, surrounded by rice fields and vegetable farms, which he enjoyed planting and harvesting. He also learned the art of cooking Korean dishes from his mom and grandmother, and Bibimbob became his all-time favorite dish.

Mr. Kimbob’s goal was to study and taste the different variations of his favorite dishes in different regions of Korea to create new and distinct recipes of his own. He combined all the recipes and cooking techniques he discovered and added his own touch to come up with the menu assortment that is now available at Mr. Kimbob stores across the world.

Today, Mr. Kimbob continues his journey to explore richer, more sophisticated ingredients, enhance his own recipes, and share new and exciting Korean dishes to add to his menu. The chain is committed to providing customers with delicious Korean food that is made from high-quality, fresh ingredients.

Here is the most recent Mr. Kimbob menu for 2023 in Philippines:


Bibimbong MenuPrice
Meat Lover’s₱139.00
Beef Japchae Dubbob₱139.00
Classic Kimchi Beef Fried Rice₱139.00
Mr. Chix Bites₱155.00
Spicy Squid₱185.00

Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ MenuPrice
BBQ Dakgalbi₱159.00
Spicy Dakgalbi₱159.00
BBQ Samgyupsal₱185.00
Spicy Samgyupsal₱185.00
BBQ Kalbisal₱229.00

Noodles and Extra

Noodles and Extra MenuPrice
Kimchi (small)₱45.00
Odeng Bokkeum (original or sweet & spicy) Small₱59.00
Kimchi (large)₱65.00
Japchae with Beef Small₱75.00
Kimchi jeon₱79.00
Mandu (4pcs)₱85.00
Tteokbokki (spicy korean rice cake) Small₱85.00
Odeng Bokkeum (original or sweet & spicy)₱109.00
Kimbob (Kimchi and Beef)₱119.00
Japchae with Beef₱129.00
Tteokbokki (spicy korean rice cake)₱149.00
Kimchi (kimchi tray)₱309.00

Mr. Big Savers

Mr. Big Savers MenuPrice
Mr. Big Savers₱619.00

Add Ons

Add Ons MenuPrice
Plain Rice₱25.00
Fried Egg₱25.00
Mr. Kimbob Special Sauce₱30.00


Drinks MenuPrice
Upsize Drink (16oz)₱8.00
Upsize Drink (22oz)₱13.00
Bottled Water₱20.00
Drinks (In Cans)₱45.00

Last Update: May 11, 2023


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