Chicken Wire Price List and Buying Guide

If you want to protect your chickens from predators and bugs for a fair price, you might want to think about using chicken wire.

Chicken wire is a type of wire mesh made from thin, flexible, galvanized steel wire that is bent into hexagonal or square holes.

Depending on the size and covering, the price typically ranges from ₱11.19 to ₱1,400 per roll.

In this piece, we’ll tell you what chicken wire is and give you a price list for chicken wire fences in the Philippines.

What is Chicken Wire?

What is Chicken Wire

Chicken wire is a type of wire mesh made of thin, flexible galvanized steel wire that is formed into hexagonal or square holes.

Zinc is put on galvanized steel wire to keep it from rusting and breaking down. Most of the time, chicken wire is sold in rolls of different lengths and widths.

Chicken Wire Size

Chicken wire comes in various sizes, determined by the hole size and wire thickness.

Hole sizes can be 1 inch (25 mm), 2 inches (50 mm), or 3 inches (75 mm).

While wire thicknesses include 16 gauge (1.6 mm), 18 gauge (1.2 mm), and 20 gauge (0.9 mm).

Choosing the right chicken wire size depends on the type and size of animals you want to enclose.

Smaller hole sizes and thicker wire offer greater strength and security.

For example, 1-inch hole size with 16 gauge wire is suitable for chickens or ducks.

While 0.5-inch hole size with 18 gauge wire is more appropriate for rats or mice.

Chicken Wire Purpose

Chicken Wire Uses

The main purpose of chicken wire is to provide a barrier that prevents predators and pests from entering or escaping the poultry enclosure.

It can also be used for other purposes, such as:

  • Garden fencing: Birds, rats, insects, and other creatures can be kept out with chicken wire. It can also be used to make trellises or support growing plants.
  • Craft projects: You can use chicken wire to create sculptures, wreaths, baskets, lanterns, and other ornamental items. It can also be used to make models for papier-mâché or plaster.
  • Home improvement: Chicken wire can be used to strengthen plaster walls or ceilings, make dividers, or cover holes or gaps.
  • Security: Windows or doors can be covered with chicken wire to keep people from getting in.

Chicken Wire Type

Chicken Wire Type

The most common materials for chicken wire are galvanized steel wire and plastic coated wire.

  1. Galvanized steel wire: Made of steel wire coated with zinc to prevent rusting and corrosion. It’s strong and durable but may rust over time when exposed to moisture or acidic conditions.
  2. Plastic coated wire: Made of steel wire coated with plastic or PVC to resist rusting and corrosion. It’s less prone to rust but may be less durable than galvanized steel wire.

Chicken Wire Price List

Chicken Wire Price

The price of chicken wire depends on several factors such as the size, type, quality, brand, supplier, location, and quantity of the product.

Here are some approximate prices of chicken wire in Philippines:

Galvanized steel wire chicken wire2 inches x 4 feet x 27.5 meters₱11.19-12.99 per roll
Galvanized welded wire mesh1/2 inch x 3 feet x 1 meter₱25 per meter
Galvanized chicken wire2 inches x 3 feet x 50 meters₱298 per roll
PVC coated chicken wire1 inch x 3 feet x 10 meters₱478 per roll
Plastic coated wire chicken wire2 inches x 4 feet x 50 meters₱478 per roll
Plastic coated wire chicken wire1/2 inch x 3 feet x 10 meters₱788 per roll
Galvanized chicken wire1 inch x 4 feet x 27.5 meters₱1,400 per roll
Galvanized steel wire chicken wire1/2 inch x 3 feet x 27.5 meters₱1,400 per roll

These prices are only for reference and may not reflect the actual prices in your area.

We recommend that you contact your local suppliers or online platforms for the latest and accurate prices of chicken wire in Philippines.

Chicken Wire Pros and Cons

Before you use chicken wire for your chickens or for something else, you should think about its pros and cons. Here are a few examples:


  • Chicken wire is easy to get and doesn’t cost much. You can find it online or in most hardware stores.
  • Simple tools like wire cutters, pliers, and nails can be used to cut, bend, shape, and put up chicken wire.
  • A chicken wire fence can keep out predators and bugs that could hurt your chickens or other animals.
  • You can also build with, decorate with, farm with, and make projects with chicken wire.


  • Chicken wire isn’t very strong or durable, and it can be broken easily by bigger animals or bad weather.
  • Chicken wire can rust or fall apart over time, especially if it is not galvanized or wrapped with PVC.
  • If your chickens or other animals get caught in the sharp ends or wires of chicken wire, they could get hurt.
  • If you handle chicken wire without being careful or in the wrong way, you could hurt yourself or someone else.

Things You Should Know about Chicken Wire (FAQ)

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about chicken wire that you may find useful:

  • What is a good alternative to chicken wire?
    Welded wire mesh, hardware cloth, a chain link fence, an electric fence, or cyclone wire are all stronger and last longer than chicken wire. They keep predators and pests out better, but they can be more expensive and harder to set up.
  • What is chicken wire mesh used for in poultry?
    Chicken wire mesh is used to make fences, coops, cages, runs, pens, nests, feeders, and waterers for birds. It keeps the chickens safe by keeping predators and bugs from getting to them.
  • Does chicken wire prevent rats?
    If the holes in the chicken wire are no bigger than 1/2 inch, rats won’t be able to get in. Rats can still get in, so you may need to use traps or chemicals to keep them out.
  • How durable is chicken wire?
    Chicken wire isn’t very strong, and animals or the weather can easily break it. It can rust, corrode, break, or tear over time, so it needs to be regularly checked and fixed.
  • How strong is chicken wire?
    Chicken wire is made of thin, bendable lines that don’t have much strength or resistance when hit. It works well on small, light threats or uses but not on big, heavy ones.

We hope you learned something useful about the price of chicken wire in Philippines from this post.

Please let us know if you have any questions or thoughts about the price of chicken wire in the Philippines.


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