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Dakasi is a restaurant that specializes in milk tea and other beverages made with fresh ingredients and unique recipes for cooking tea, pearls, and sugar.

They offer both dine-in and takeout options and operate from 10 AM to 11 PM, Monday through Saturday, and from 12 PM to 11 PM on Sundays. The atmosphere at Dakasi is peaceful, and the staff is friendly and helpful, according to customer reviews.

The restaurant has a small but cozy space for customers to lounge around while enjoying their drinks. Dakasi is also known for offering various flavors of milk tea, including Oreo milk tea with egg pudding, which is a popular choice among customers.

Here is the most recent Dakasi menu for 2023 in Philippines:

Blended Series

dakasi menu philippine blended series
Blended Series MenuPrice
Blended Halo-Halo Large (650ml)₱170.00
Peach Yoghurt Large (650ml)₱190.00
Lychee Yoghurt Large (650ml)₱190.00
Passion Yoghurt Large (650ml)₱210.00
Blueberry Yoghurt Large (650ml)₱210.00
Strawberry Yoghurt Large (650ml)₱210.00
Blended Creme Avocado₱210.00

Creme Brulee Series

Creme Brulee Series MenuPrice
Milo Creme Brulee₱180.00
Okinawa Creme Brulee₱180.00
Ovaltine Creme Brulee₱180.00

Specialty Drinks

dakasi menu philippine specialty drinks
Specialty Drinks MenuPrice
Charcoal Roasted Milk Tea Large (650ml)₱140.00
Classic Milk Tea Large (650ml)₱140.00
Jasmine Milk Tea Large (650ml)₱140.00
Chocolate Cereal Milk Large (650ml)₱140.00
Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea Large (650ml)₱150.00
Iced Coffee Large (650ml)₱150.00
Earl Grey Milk Tea₱150.00
Chocolate Pudding Cereal Drink Large (650ml)₱150.00
Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea Large (650ml)₱150.00
Caramel Milk Tea (Large)₱160.00
Matcha Caramel Cereal Drink with Pearl Large (650ml)₱160.00
Matcha Milk Drink₱160.00
Hokkaido Milk Pearl Large (650ml)₱170.00
Matcha Strawberry Milk Drink₱170.00


dakasi menu philippine smoothies
Smoothies MenuPrice
Mango Smoothie Large (650ml)₱140.00
Lemon Smoothie Large (650ml)₱140.00
Blueberry Smoothie Large (650ml)₱140.00
Coffee Smoothie Large (650ml)₱140.00
Chocolate Smoothie Large (650ml)₱140.00
Passion Fruit Smoothie Large (650ml)₱140.00
Strawberry Milk Shake Large (650ml)₱140.00
Blueberry Milk Shake Large (650ml)₱170.00

Special Milk Tea

dakasi menu philippine special milk tea
Special Milk Tea MenuPrice
Chocolate Milk Tea Large (650ml)₱150.00
Oreo Milk Tea Large (650ml)₱150.00
Taro Milk Tea Large (650ml)₱150.00
Blueberry Milk Tea Large (650ml)₱150.00
Okinawa Milk Tea Large (650ml)₱150.00
Roasted Okinawa Milk Tea Large (650ml)₱150.00
Healthy Oats Milk Tea Large (650ml)₱150.00
Egg Pudding Milk Tea Large (650ml)₱165.00
Taro Milk Tea Limited Large (650ml)₱165.00
Aloe Vera Milk Tea Large (650ml)₱170.00
Halo-Halo Milk Tea Large (650ml)₱170.00
Hokkaido Milk Tea Large (650ml)₱170.00

Iced Tea

dakasi menu philippine iced tea 1
Iced Tea MenuPrice
Classic Green Tea Large (650ml)₱120.00
Barley Tea Large (650ml)₱120.00
British Black Tea Large (650ml)₱120.00
Strawberry Iced Tea Large (650ml)₱140.00
Passion Fruit Iced Tea Large (650ml)₱140.00
Lemon Iced Tea Large (650ml)₱140.00
British Lemon Iced Tea Large (650ml)₱140.00
Blueberry Iced Tea Large (650ml)₱150.00
Golden Honey Grapefruit Tea Large (650ml)₱150.00


dakasi menu philippine creme
Creme MenuPrice
Creme Okinawa Large (650ml)₱170.00
Creme Chocolate Large (650ml)₱170.00
Creme Coffee Latte Large (650ml)₱170.00
Creme Mango Large (650ml)₱170.00
Creme Jasmine Green Tea Large (650ml)₱170.00
Blueberry Creme Cheese Large (650ml)₱170.00
Creme Choco Cereal Large (650ml)₱170.00
Creme Milo Large (650ml)₱180.00
Creme Hokkaido Large (650ml)₱180.00
Creme Ovaltine₱180.00
Creme Strawberry Large (650ml)₱210.00
Creme Avocado Large (650ml)₱210.00
Creme Avokkaido Large (650ml)₱210.00

Probiotic Drinks

Probiotic Drinks MenuPrice
Lemon Probiotic₱160.00
Passion Fruit Probiotic₱160.00
Green Tea Probiotic₱160.00
Strawberry Probiotic₱160.00
Mango Probiotic₱160.00

Fruity Yogurt Drinks

Fruity Yogurt Drinks MenuPrice
Passion Fruit Au Lait₱160.00
Strawberry Au Lait₱160.00
Blueberry Au Lait₱160.00

Hot Specialty Drinks

Hot Specialty Drinks MenuPrice
Hot Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea Large (650ml)₱150.00
Hot Classic Milk Tea Large (650ml)₱150.00
Hot Jasmine Milk Tea Large (650ml)₱150.00
Hot Charcoal Roasted Milk Tea Large (650ml)₱150.00
Hot Taro Milk Tea Large (650ml)₱150.00
Hot Chocolate Milk Tea Large (650ml)₱150.00
Hot Creamy Taro Milk Large (650ml)₱150.00
Hot Creamy Chocolate Milk Large (650ml)₱150.00
Hot Golden Honey Grapefruit Tea Large (650ml)₱150.00
Hot Chocolate Cereal Milk Large (650ml)₱150.00
Hot Chocolate Pudding Cereal Drink Large (650ml)₱150.00
Hot Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea Large (650ml)₱150.00


Foods MenuPrice
Cheese Nachos₱140.00
Grilled Cheese Quesadilla₱140.00
Beef Nachos₱170.00
Beef Quesadilla₱170.00
LocationPhone Number
Ayala Feliz, Pasig City0917 631 8161
Ayala Malls Serin, Tagaytay City0917 631 8101
Ayala Malls South Park0917 625 4142
Bacolod Lacson ave.0917 632 1392
Banawe St, Quezon City0932 155 4715
City Times Square Mactan, Lapu-lapu City, Cebu0917 835 1489
Festival Supermall0917 631 7636
Harbor Point, Subic0917 632 0884
Leon Guinto St. Malate, Manila0917 631 9730
M. Place, Mother Ignacia0917 631 4516
Market! Market!0917 631 8065
Marquee Mall0917 631 2907
P. Tuazon, Cubao0917 631 3403
ParkMall, Cebu City0917 632 2126
Pavilion Mall Binan, Laguna0917 631 8065
Recto Laperal0917 710 8584
Robinsons Iloilo0943 135 5877
SM Bacoor0917 631 8836
SM BF Paranaque0917 632 0579
SM Baliwag0917 632 0189
SM Calamba0917 632 0469
SM Clark0917 631 6600
SM Dasmarinas0917 632 0757
SM Fairview0917 632 0809
SM Lipa0917 632 0584
SM Molino0917 631 8583
SM North0917 632 0358
SM Olongapo0917 631 7031
SM Pampanga0917 631 5606
SM San Jose Del Monte0917 631 8975
SM Sta Rosa0917 632 0489
SM Telabastagan0917 631 6495
SM Iloilo+639237219220
SM Seaside, Cebu+63323167862
The District, Imus Cavite0917 632 0521
Twin Lakes, Tagaytay0917 631 8953
Tutuban Mall0923 534 4613


Last Update: April 6, 2023


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