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BOTEJYU is a pioneer in okonomiyaki and okosoba specialty restaurants, established in 1946 in Osaka, Japan by Eikichi Nishino. The name BOTEJYU is derived from the rhythmic cooking sound of okonomiyaki and is registered as a trademark.

BOTEJYU takes great care in selecting only the best ingredients to produce a batter that is crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside, made with a mixture of premium flour and natural broth made from squid, shrimp, bonito, and kelp.

BOTEJYU’s commitment to quality ingredients and flavor has made it a beloved okonomiyaki restaurant for over 70 years.

Here is the latest Botejyu menu for Philippines 2023:

Family Feast

botejyu menu philippine family feast
Family FeastPrice
Family Feast A₱1,495.00
Family Feast B₱1,495.00
Family Feast C₱1,495.00
Family Feast D₱1,495.00
Family Feast E₱1,995.00
Family Feast F₱1,995.00


botejyu menu philippine ramen
Ramen MenuPrice
Pork Tonkotsu Ramen₱488.80
Pork Miso Tonkotsu Ramen₱488.80
Pork Tonkotsu Ramen with Char Siu Pork₱557.80
Pork Miso Tonkotsu Ramen with Char Siu Pork₱557.80
Spicy Pork Miso Tonkotsu Ramen with Char Siu Pork₱603.75
Spicy Pork Tonkotsu Ramen with Char Siu Pork₱603.80

Appetizers & Salads

botejyu menu philippine appetizers salads
Appetizers & Salads MenuPrice
Wakame Salad₱172.50
Botejyu Special Salad₱241.50
Grilled Char Siu Pork₱270.25
Chicken Teriyaki Salad₱304.75
Stewed Beef/Nikomi₱345.00


botejyu menu philippine agemono or fried
Agemono/Fried MenuPrice
Mt. Fuji French Fries₱166.75
Kushikatsu Platter₱172.50
Bacon and Cream Cheese Spring Rolls₱207.00
Prawn Tempura (3pcs)₱235.75
Crispy Fried Prawn Platter₱287.50
Original Chicken Karaage₱304.75
Tender Pork Tonkatsu₱316.25
Chicken Karaage with Spicy Tartar Sauce₱373.75
Prawn Tempura (5pcs)₱391.00
Fried Salmon with Spicy Tartar Sauce₱563.50
Prawn Tempura (10pcs)₱770.50


botejyu menu philippine teppanyaki
Teppanyaki MenuPrice
Gyoza (5pcs)₱241.50
Chicken Teriyaki₱299.00
Beef Rib with Onion Teppanyaki Grill₱442.75
Gyoza (10pcs)₱460.00
Salmon Teriyaki Steak₱477.25
Garlic Shrimp (Served with Rice)₱511.75
Sukiyaki Beef Hand Teppan Ala Carte₱529.00
Diced Beef Garlic Steak₱563.50

BBQ Amiyaki Grilled Dishes

botejyu menu philippine bbq amiyaki grilled dishes
BBQ Amiyaki Grilled Dishes MenuPrice
BBQ Chicken Jumbo Yakitori₱258.75
Grilled Salmon Belly₱281.75
BBQ Pork Rib Hokkaido Style₱339.25

Original Okosoba

botejyu menu philippine original okosoba
Original Okosoba MenuPrice
Pork Belly Okosoba₱431.25
Bacon and Cheese Okosoba₱511.75
Seafood Mix Okosoba₱603.75
Beef & Spring Onion Okosoba₱615.25
Premium Mix Okosoba₱615.25

Legendary Okonomiyaki

botejyu menu philippine legendary okonomiyaki
Legendary Okonomiyaki MenuPrice
Fried Pork Belly Oko₱189.80
Pork Belly Oko₱339.25
Shrimp Oko₱408.30
Mochi and Cheese Oko₱442.75
Seafood Mix Oko₱483.00
Premium Mix Moonlight – Egg Oko₱569.25

Secret Recipe 70th Yakisoba Fried Noodles

botejyu menu philippine secret recipe 70th yakisoba fried noodles
Secret Recipe 70th Yakisoba Fried Noodles MenuPrice
Pork Belly Yakisoba Fried Noodles₱373.75
Pork Belly Yakisoba Fried Noodles with Spicy Curry₱483.00
Seafood Mix Yakisoba Fried Noodles₱517.50
Sukiyaki Beef Yakisoba Fried Noodles₱598.00
Premium Mix Moonlight-Egg Yakisoba Fried Noodles₱603.75

Original Tonpei Egg Winding

botejyu menu philippine original tonpei egg winding
Original Tonpei Egg Winding MenuPrice
Pork Belly Tonpei Egg Winding₱316.25
Grilled Char Siu Pork with Cheese Tonpei Egg Winding₱425.50
Mixed Seafood Tonpei Egg Winding₱460.00

Original Omusoba

botejyu menu philippine original omusoba
Original Omusoba MenuPrice
Pork Belly Omusoba₱419.75
Grilled Char Siu Pork & Cheese Omusoba₱494.50
Seafood Mix Omusoba₱569.25
Premium Mix Omusoba₱592.25


botejyu menu philippine takoyaki
Takoyaki MenuPrice
Smoked Bacon and Cheese Takoyaki₱132.25
Original Sauce & Mayo Takoyaki (3pcs)₱143.75
Umami Sauce & Mayo Takoyaki₱149.50
Spicy Tartar Sauce Takoyaki₱172.50
Original Sauce & Mayo Takoyaki (6pcs)₱276.00
All Star Takoyaki₱293.25

Donburi Rice Bowls

botejyu menu philippine donburi rice bowls
Donburi Rice Bowls MenuPrice
Grilled BBQ Pork Rice Bowl Hokkaido Style₱373.75
Prawn Tempura Rice Bowl₱373.75
Garlic Pork Rice Bowl₱373.75
Chicken Butter Rice Bowl₱373.80
Exquisite Chicken Oyako Egg Teishoku₱385.25
Grilled Char Siu Pork & Egg Rice Bowl₱396.75
Pork Tonkatsu Cutlet with Egg Teishoku₱477.25
Beef & Tamagotoji Egg Rice Bowl₱511.75
Sukiyaki Beef Teishoku₱621.00
Diced Beef Garlic Steak Rice Bowl₱626.75

Special Curry Rice

botejyu menu philippine special curry rice
Special Curry Rice MenuPrice
Beef Curry Rice Osaka Style₱483.00
Tender Pork Tonkatsu Cutlet Curry Rice Osaka Style₱488.75

Japanese-Style Grilled Rice Dishes (Yakimeshi)

botejyu menu philippine japanese style grilled rice dishes yakimeshi
Japanese-Style Grilled Rice Dishes (Yakimeshi) MenuPrice
Garlic Fried Rice with Bacon & Egg₱230.00
Beef Sobameshi Fried Rice₱333.50
Beef Hayashi Rice₱373.75

Special Menu

  • botejyu menu philippine special menu 1
  • botejyu menu philippine special menu 2
Special MenuPrice
Pork Belly Kushi : BBQ Pork Belly Per Stick.₱80.50
BBQ Boneless Chicken Yakitori Per Stick.₱80.50
BBQ Chicken Skin Yakitori Per Stick₱80.50
Macaroni Salad₱109.25
BBQ Beef Tenderloin Per Stick.₱149.50
Potato Salad₱166.75
Crunchy Mix Cheese Teppanyaki₱281.75
Beef Short Plate Teppanyaki₱345.00
Beef Short Plate w/ Salt Sauce & Green Onion Teppanyaki₱345.00
Assorted Skewers 8 Sticks₱672.75
Beef Short Rib Teppanyaki₱954.50
Beef Short Rib w/ Salt Sauce & Green Onion Teppanyaki₱954.50
Beef Prime Skirt Teppanyaki₱954.50

Pizza Toast/Special Buns/Toast

botejyu menu philippine pizza toast or special buns or toast
Pizza Toast/Special Buns/Toast MenuPrice
Fried Chicken (Karaage) Buns₱143.75
Grilled BBQ Pork Buns₱143.75
Premium Mix Pizza Toast₱212.75
Assorted Buns (2pcs. Pork/1 Chicken)₱408.25
Assorted Buns (2pcs. Chicken/1 Pork)₱408.25

Sushi and Sashimi

botejyu menu philippine sushi and sashimi
MenuPrice ($)
Tamago Yaki₱166.75
California Roll₱293.30
Pork Tonkatsu Cutlet Sushi Roll₱293.25
Sukiyaki Beef Roll₱304.75
Unagi & Avocado Roll₱454.25
Crispy Fried Prawn Tempura Mayo Roll₱471.50
Pressed Unagi Sushi₱1144.25


botejyu menu philippine sides
Sides MenuPrice
Spicy Miso Paste₱40.25
Ajitama (Egg)₱69.00
Miso Soup₱80.50
Extra Ramen Noodles₱86.30
Tartar Sauce₱92.00
Spicy Tartar Sauce₱97.75
Rice Set₱109.25
Curry Topping₱149.50


botejyu menu philippine dessert
Dessert MenuPrice
Kobe Warabimochi₱241.50


botejyu menu philippine drinks
Drinks MenuPrice
Mineral Water₱63.30
Osaka Mix Fruit Juice₱230.00


botejyu menu philippine sodas
Sodas MenuPrice
Soda in Can₱109.25
Diet Soda₱109.25

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