Granite Countertop Price List and Buying Guide

Granite, a natural stone that is strong, beautiful, versatile, and reasonably price, is one of the most common choices for countertop.

The price of granite countertop in the Philippines went from ₱1800 to ₱90,000 per square meter.

This article will tell you everything you need to know to choose the best granite floor for your kitchen.

What is Granite Countertop?

What is Granite Countertop

Granite is a type of natural stone made from cooled lava. It is known for being strong and long-lasting.

It is a popular material for countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. Granite is cut into thin slabs or tiles in mines, which is where it is taken by manufacturers.

Slabs are best for larger countertops, while tiles are a cheaper choice for smaller areas and places that are hard to get to.

Both blocks and tiles are durable and can be polished to make them look better.

Uses of Granite Countertop

Granite Countertop Uses

Granite countertops are often used in kitchens, bars, and bathrooms because they are versatile and sturdy.

They can handle heat, scratches, spots, and water, and they don’t need much upkeep. Granite countertops add value to homes because they last a long time and look nice.

They can be used to make food, in bars, and in bathrooms that have been properly sealed.

Granite countertops are popular because they last a long time and are easy to clean with light soap and a soft cloth.

Granite Countertop Colors

Granite Countertop Color

Granite countertops come in a lot of different colors, so you can choose one that fits your style and tastes. Some of the most famous choices are:

  • Salt and Pepper: This granite looks like a mix of salt and pepper because it has small dark dots on a white background.
  • Black: Jet Black, Black Galaxy, and Absolute Black are some of the choices for black marble, which has a sleek and modern look.
  • Baltic Brown granite has a unique design that looks like frozen lava bubbles. It is mostly brown with darker shades.
  • Blue Pearl granite is a grayish blue color with sparkling crystals. It can be dark blue with gray flecks or shiny blue with silver flecks.
  • Also, granite countertops come in a variety of colors, such as white, gray, brown, and red, which makes them easy to use with different cooking styles and design elements.

With these different color choices, homeowners can give their kitchens the look they want, whether it’s modern, elegant, rustic, or bright.

Granite Countertop Standard Size

A granite slab for a table top is usually 60 cm wide by 240 cm long or 60 cm wide by 220 cm long.

But not all blocks come in this size. It depends on how much of the material is available and how much people want it.

If the slab size isn’t big enough for your job, you may have to buy another piece or use smaller tiles.

Granite Countertop Price List

The price of a granite countertop depends on factors such as supply and demand, origin, slab size, and thickness.

According to many resource, herre is an estimated price range of granite in the Philippines per square meter:

Granite ColorPrice Range
Salt and Pepper (G603)₱1,800 – ₱2,000
Tan Brown₱2,900 – ₱3,500
Baltic Brown₱3,000 – ₱4,000
Giallo Fiorito₱3,500 – ₱4,500
Black Forest₱5,000 – ₱6,000
Blue Pearl₱6,000 – ₱7,500
Blue Bahia₱ 70,000 – ₱90,000

Note that these prices are only indicative and may vary depending on the supplier, location and project specifications.

Pros and Cons of Granite Countertop

Granite Countertop Pros and Cons

The pros of granite countertops are:

  • Granite worktops are strong and last for a long time.
  • Beautiful: They have colors and designs that come from nature and make the kitchen look better.
  • Granite makes your home more valuable.

Granite counters have some drawbacks:

  • Pricey: They are more expensive than other materials.
  • Maintenance: You need to clean and seal it regularly.
  • Installation: Because of how heavy they are, they need to be installed by a professional, which may cost more.

Please keep in mind that these are abridged versions of the pros and cons of granite slabs.

Things You Should Know About Granite Countertop

Here are some things you should know before putting a granite floor in your kitchen:

  • Is granite the best choice for countertops in the kitchen? Yes, granite countertops are very popular in kitchens because they are natural, last a long time, and come in different colors.
  • In the Philippines, how much does granite cost? In the Philippines, granite floors can cost anywhere from Php 5,000 to Php 50,000 or more. Marble and man-made quartz are more expensive.
  • Granite is more expensive than stone. Most of the time, engineered stone countertops are cheaper than granite and come in many different colors and styles.
  • How long does it last? The only thing that is harder than granite is a diamond. It is resistant to scratching, cracking, and chipping, and a properly sealed tabletop can last a lifetime.
  • How do you keep granite floors in good shape? With good protection, it’s easy to take care of things every day. Use a soft cloth or wipe with water or light soap to remove dust. Use a stone cleaner with a neutral pH to clean more deeply. Don’t use harsh chemicals or cleaners that are too rough.

Granite countertops are a great choice for your kitchen remodel because they are strong, beautiful, and affordable.

However, they are expensive, need to be maintained frequently, and need to be installed by a professional.

Before you buy a granite countertop in the Philippines, make sure you know its pros and cons, price range, and how to take care of it.

You can also talk to a trusted supplier like Stone Depot about how to choose the right color and size of granite for your job.


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