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Yayoi can be traced back to 1886, when Tamijiro Shioi opened Yayoiken, a restaurant that served western food, in the Tokyo neighborhood of Kayaba-cho, Nihonbashi. During the Meiji era, Japan was modernizing and bringing in systems, industries, and technologies from the West. As part of this attempt to modernize, the Japanese government knew it was important to introduce western food culture as a diplomatic way to get on equal footing with Western powers.

French food became popular and was served at the royal court as the official meal. This led to the introduction of western cooking styles into Japanese food culture. This began in the top class and slowly spread to the rest of society.

Today, Yayoi tries something new by showing the world TEISHOKU, a popular everyday meal in Japan. Building on the history of Yayoiken, Yayoi wants to share its unique and well-loved dining experience with people all over the world while remembering the roots of Japanese food and how it has changed over time.

Here is the most recent Yayoi menu for 2023 in Philippines:

Signature Rolls

yayoi menu philippine signature rolls
Signature Rolls MenuPrice
Spicy Kani Roll₱395.00
California Roll₱425.00
Spicy Salmon Roll₱525.00
Salmon Aburi Roll₱550.00


yayoi menu philippine donburi
Donburi MenuPrice
Chicken Katsu Toji Don₱475.00
Katsu Toji Don₱475.00
Gyu Don₱495.00
Yakiniku Don₱550.00
Unagi Don₱1,225.00

Set Meals

  • yayoi menu philippine set meals 1
  • yayoi menu philippine set meals 2
Set Meals MenuPrice
Spicy Namban Set₱525.00
Pork Tonkatsu Set₱595.00
Niku Yasai Itame Set₱650.00
Ebi Tempura Set₱650.00
Pork Katsu Toji Set₱650.00
Chicken Katsu Toji Set₱650.00
Chicken Karaage Set₱650.00
Beef Teppanyaki Set₱695.00
Mix Toji Set₱695.00
Tori Mix Toji Set₱695.00
Saba Shioyaki Set₱725.00
Sukiyaki Set₱850.00
Teriyaki Salmon Set₱850.00
Shima Hokke Set₱895.00
Beef Teppanyaki Platter₱1,225.00

Ala Carte

  • yayoi menu philippine ala carte 1
  • yayoi menu philippine ala carte 2
Ala Carte Menu Price
Japanese Rice₱89.00
Miso Shiru₱95.00
Coke Light₱95.00
Coke Zero₱95.00
Asari Miso Shiru₱250.00
Fried Gyoza₱325.00
Spicy Namban₱425.00
Pork Tonkatsu a la carte₱495.00
Niku Udon₱525.00
Niku Yasai Itame Ala Carte₱550.00
Spicy Cheese Karaage₱550.00
Pork Katsu Toji a la carte₱550.00
Ebi Tempura a la carte₱550.00
Chicken Katsu Toji a la carte₱550.00
Chicken Karaage a la carte₱550.00
Curry Beef Udon₱575.00
Beef Teppanyaki Ala Carte₱595.00
Tori Mix Toji₱595.00
Mix Toji a la carte₱595.00
Saba Shioyaki₱625.00
Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen₱650.00
Teriyaki Salmon₱750.00
Sukiyaki a la carte₱750.00
Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen with Karaage₱795.00
Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen with Gyoza₱795.00
Shima Hokke₱795.00


yayoi menu philippine platters
Platters MenuPrice
Fried Favorites₱2,495.00
Signature Sushi₱2,950.00

Ready to Served Boxes

yayoi menu philippine ready to serve boxes 1
Ready to Served Boxes MenuPrice
Ginger Pork Shogayaki Box₱695.00
Chicken Karaage Box₱750.00
Teriyaki Chicken Box₱750.00
Classic Starters Sushi Box₱1,250.00
Sukiyaki Kit₱1,675.00


Last Update: May 18, 2023


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