Frankie’s Menu

Frankie’s is a restaurant that specializes in offering delicious and reasonably priced chicken wings. With 14 flavors to choose from, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The restaurant prides itself on its fresh, filling, and flavorful wings and its commitment to providing excellent customer service.

The goal of Frankie’s is to provide customers with a great food and awesome experience.

Here is the latest Frankie’s menu for Philippines 2023:

Today’s Offer

frankies menu philippine todays offer
Today’s Offer MenuPrice
Liberty Box Combination₱1,538.90
Liberty Box Basic₱1,615.90
Liberty Box Premium₱2,141.70

Regular Wings

  • frankies menu philippine regular wings 1
  • frankies menu philippine regular wings 2
Regular Wings MenuPrice
Lemon Pepper Regular Wings₱339.90
Salt & Pepper Regular Wings – with Free Dip!₱339.90
Hickory BBQ Regular Wings₱339.90
Honey Mustard Regular Wings₱339.90
Cheesy Bacon Regular Wings₱339.90
Smokey BBQ Regular Wings₱339.90
Carribean Jerk Regular Wings₱339.90
Frankie’s Classic Buffalo Regular Wings Premium – with Free Dip!₱372.90
Salted Egg Regular Wings Premium₱372.90
Garlic Parmesan Regular Wings Premium₱372.90
Korean Regular Wings Premium₱372.90
Honey Garlic Regular Wings₱372.90
Nagoya Tebasaki Regular Wings₱372.90
Osaka Toriniku Regular Wings Premium₱372.90
Wings World Regular Wings₱713.90


  • frankies menu philippine boneless 1
  • frankies menu philippine boneless 2
Boneless MenuPrice
Lemon Pepper Boneless₱251.90
Salt & Pepper Boneless – with Free Dip!₱251.90
Hickory BBQ Boneless₱251.90
Honey Mustard Boneless₱251.90
Cheesy Bacon Boneless₱251.90
Smokey BBQ Boneless₱251.90
Carribean Jerk Boneless₱251.90
Frankie’s Classic Buffalo Premium Boneless – with Free Dip!₱262.90
Salted Egg Premium Boneless₱262.90
Garlic Parmesan Boneless₱262.90
Korean Premium Boneless₱262.90
Osaka Toriniku Premium Boneless₱262.90
Honey Garlic Boneless₱262.90
Nagoya Tebasaki Boneless₱262.90

Liberty Box

frankies menu philippine liberty box
Today’s Offer MenuPrice
Liberty Box Combination₱1,538.90
Liberty Box Basic₱1,615.90
Liberty Box Premium₱2,141.70


frankies menu philippine mains
Mains MenuPrice
Hungarian Sausage with Rice₱218.90
Spaghetti Bolognese₱229.90
Spaghetti Basil Aioli₱229.90
Fish and Chips₱262.90
Fettucine Chicken Stroganoff₱273.90
Spaghetti Hungarian Pesto₱273.90
Burger Steak with Rice₱350.90

Burgers – with a choice of Fries or Nachos as side!

frankies menu philippine burgers with a choice of fries or nachos as side
Burgers – with a choice of Fries or Nachos as side! MenuPrice
Frankie’s Hamburger₱262.90
Buffalo Chicken Burger₱262.90
BBQ Chicken Burger₱262.90
Spicy Chicken Sandwich₱273.90
Garlic Parmesan Burger₱328.90
Buffalo Chicken Burger (Meat-Free)₱361.90
BBQ Chicken Burger (Meat-Free)₱361.90
Spicy Chicken Sandwich (Meat-Free)₱372.90


frankies menu philippine dessert
Dessert MenuPrice
Fudge Brownie₱132.00
Buffalo Wings Ice cream₱141.90
New York Cheesecake (Slice)₱176.00
NY Cheesecake Ice Cream₱185.90
Salted Caramel Cheesecake (Slice)₱198.00
Oreo Cheesecake (Slice)₱198.00


  • frankies menu philippine extras 1
  • frankies menu philippine extras 2
Extras MenuPrice
Aioli Dip₱33.00
Ranch Dip₱33.00
Blue Cheese Dip₱33.00
Truffle Dip₱33.00
Extra Smokey BBQ Sauce₱44.00
Extra Honey Mustard₱44.00
Extra Cheese Sauce₱44.00
Extra Tartar Sauce₱44.00
Extra Frankie’s Classic Buffalo Sauce₱55.00
Extra Korean Sauce₱55.00
Extra Honey Garlic Sauce₱55.00
Extra Marinara Sauce₱55.00
Extra Garlic Parmesan Sauce₱55.00
Extra Hickory BBQ Sauce₱55.00
Extra Salted Egg Powder₱55.00


  • frankies menu philippine drumstick 1
  • frankies menu philippine drumstick 2
Drumstick MenuPrice
Lemon Pepper Drumstick₱317.90
Hickory BBQ Drumstick₱317.90
Honey Mustard Drumstick₱317.90
Cheesy Bacon Drumstick₱317.90
Carribean Jerk Drumstick₱317.90
Frankie’s Classic Buffalo Drumstick Premium – with Free Dip!₱328.90
Salted Egg Premium Drumstick₱328.90
Korean Drumstick Premium₱328.90
Garlic Parmesan Drumstick Premium₱328.90
Osaka Toriniku Drumstick Premium₱328.90
Honey Garlic Drumstick₱328.90
Nagoya Tebasaki Drumstick₱328.90


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