Water Tank Price List and Buying Guide

You may be interested in the water tank price range if you require one. Especially water tanks are crucial for storing water for various uses.

In this article we will discuss what water tanks are, their types, applications, and price range, which ranges from 12,500 to 38,350 pesos in the Philippines.

What is a Water Tank

What is Water Tank

A water tank is a storage unit that has multiple applications for water. Concrete, fiberglass, metal, plastic, and other materials can all be used to make water storage tanks.

Depending on the capacity and construction, water tanks can also come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Water tanks can be set up either above ground or below, depending on the available space and preferences.

The Uses of Water Tank

Uses for water tanks include:

  • Supplying usable water for cooking and drinking
  • Gathering rainwater for gardening and irrigation
  • Preserving water in case of emergencies, such as a fire or a drought
  • Lowering water costs by consuming less city water
  • Enhancing water quality through filtration and treatment
  • Adding ornamental elements to improve appearance

Type of Water Tank

Stainless Steel Water Tank

In the Philippines, there are many type of water tanks that each have their own pros and cons. Such as the following

  • Subterranean Fiberglass Tanks: These corrosion-resistant, subterranean tanks are perfect for places with high groundwater levels or limited space since they are resistant to rust.
  • Carbon Welded Steel Tanks: Strong and long-lasting, these tanks have epoxy or galvanized zinc coatings, but owing to rusting and corrosion, they need routine maintenance.
  • Pillow tanks are flexible and portable, making them simple to install and carry, but they have a low capacity, a short lifespan, and are readily breakable.
  • Folding tanks: These tanks resemble pillow tanks but have rigid frames. They are more stable and durable but still have a small capacity and are prone to punctures.
  • Bolted Steel Tanks: These tanks are modular and adaptable, and they are resistant to leakage and corrosion, but they are more expensive and need specialized labor to install.
  • Polyethylene Tanks: Tanks made of polyethylene are lightweight, corrosion- and UV-resistant, and simple to carry and install, but they are susceptible to deformation or cracking in high-temperature or high-pressure environments.
  • Corrugated Steel Tank: These tanks have a ribbed appearance and are tough and long-lasting, blending in well with the surroundings. However, they need routine maintenance to avoid rusting.
  • Above-ground Fiberglass Storage Tanks: Smooth and paintable, these tanks have a smooth surface and are resistant to corrosion and leaking. However, they are susceptible to cracking under high pressure or temperature situations.
  • Stainless Steel Water Storage Tanks: These tanks are more expensive and more prone to dents or scratches, but they are elegant and resistant to corrosion, rusting, and bacterial growth.
  • Pressurized Water Tanks: Designed for high-pressure storage, these tanks feature valves and gauges to control water flow, but they also need extra maintenance and safety measures.

Water Tank Price List

Pressurized Water Tank Price in Philippines

The price of water tanks in the Philippines varies depending on the type and size of the tank.

The following is price list from some of the popular brands of water tanks in the Philippines like Bestank and Firstank.

Brand and ModelPrice
Bestank WT 660 PE Water Storage Tank₱12,500.00
Bestank WT 1000 PE Water Storage Tank₱16,500.00
Firstank FTR-1000L Vertical₱16,675.00
Firstank FTR-1200L Vertical₱22,575.00
Bestank IWT-1500 PE Water Storage Tank B₱23,500.00
Firstank FTR-2000L Vertical₱31,550.00
Bestank WT 2000 PE Water Storage Tank₱32,000.00
Firstank FRP-2000L Vertical₱38,350.00

Thing You Should Know About Water Tank

You should be aware of a few factors when purchasing a water tank, like:

  • The tank’s capacity is the amount of water that it can contain at any given time. You should pick a tank that can accommodate your water needs and usage.
  • The tank’s location is where you wish to install it on your property. You should take into account elements like the availability of space, accessibility, beauty, safety, the level of the groundwater, the state of the soil, etc.
  • The tank’s material is important since it determines how well and how long the tank will work. You should take into account things like chemical resistance, impact resistance, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, and more.
  • The upkeep of the tank: This relates to how frequently you need to clean, fix, or replace the tank or its components. You should take into account elements like warranty duration, servicing accessibility, replacement parts accessibility, etc.

Water tanks are beneficial for storing water for a variety of uses, but they are available in the Philippines market in a variety of designs and at a range of prices.

Before purchasing a water tank, do some research to discover one that fits your needs, preferences, and budget.

We hope this page has helped you learn more about what a water tank is, how to use one, the different kinds of water tanks, and the price range for water tanks in the Philippines.


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