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Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant is a well-known brand of food and drinks that started in Japan and now has locations all over the Asia-Pacific area. Watami is known for its authentic Japanese food and unique drinks, and it has become a leader in coming up with new products and catering to customers’ changing tastes and preferences.

The menu at Watami has a large number of traditional Japanese dishes. Tonkatsu ChasuRamen has breaded and deep-fried pork cutlet served with ramen noodles. Spicy Salmon Bowl is a flavorful dish with spicy marinated salmon served over a bed of rice. Pork Katsudon is a comforting bowl of rice topped with breaded and fried pork cutlet and a savory sauce.

Watami continues to be a top choice for people who want a satisfying and enjoyable meal because it is committed to serving traditional Japanese flavors and understands how consumer tastes change.

Here is the most recent Watami menu for 2023 in Philippines:

Note: 1$ = ₱56.13

Course Menu

watami menu philippine course menu
Course MenuPrice ($)Price (₱) 
$53 Set for 2$53.00₱2,974.81
$58 Set for 2$58.00₱3,255.45
$78 Set for 3$78.00₱4,378.02
$112 Set for 4$112.00₱6,286.39


  • watami menu philippine special 1
  • watami menu philippine special 2
Special MenuPrice ($)Price (₱) 
French Fries$3.90₱218.90
French Fries (Butter Soy Sauce)$3.90₱218.90
French Fries (Mentai Mayo)$4.90₱275.03
Watami Gyoza$5.90₱331.16
Fried Tofu with Mentai Cheese Sauce$6.90₱387.29
Homemade Rolled Omelette$6.90₱387.29
Ikura Chawanmushi$6.90₱387.29
Homemade Rolled Omelette with Mentai Mayo$8.90₱499.54
Chicken Cutlet with Scrambled Egg Sauce$11.90₱667.93
Wafu Pizza$14.30₱802.64
Wafu Pizza with Mentai Mayo$14.30₱802.64


watami menu philippine salad
Salad MenuPrice ($)Price (₱) 
Caesar Salad$8.90₱499.54
Watami Salad$10.90₱611.80
Assorted Sashimi Salad$14.60₱819.48


watami menu philippine sashimi
Sashimi MenuPrice ($)
Salmon Sashimi$10.90₱611.80
Salmon Belly Sashimi$11.90₱667.93
Salmon Carpaccio with Homemade Sauce$12.90₱724.06
Tuna Sashimi$12.90₱724.06
Scallop Sashimi$12.90₱724.06
Assorted Salmon Sashimi$13.90₱780.19
Special Assorted Sashimi$26.90₱1,509.86


Last Update: May 17, 2023


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