Storm Doors Price List and Buying Guide

If you are looking for a way to protect your main door from harsh weather conditions at affordable price, you might want to consider installing a storm doors.

A storm door is a secondary door that is installed outside of your main door, usually made of aluminum, steel, or wood frames with glass or screen panels.

In this article, we will discuss the purposes, sizes, types, and price of storm doors in the Philippines that usually runs from ₱123 to ₱15,000.

As well as the difference between storm doors and screen doors, the advantages and disadvantages of storm doors, and some things you should know before buying one.

What is a Storm Door?

What is Storm Door

A storm door is a type of door that protects and insulates your main door. It can also add to the style and color of your home and make it look better from the street.

Storm doors are usually put on the front or back of a house. They protect the main door from rain, wind, snow, hail, insects, dust, and other things that might get in.

Storm Doors Purposes

Storm doors have a few uses that can help homeowners in different ways. Some of the main uses of storm doors are:

  • Shielding the main door from the elements will make it last longer.
  • Putting in an air gap to save energy at home.
  • letting in natural light and air but still keeping privacy and safety.
  • Adding an extra layer of protection to a home to make it safer.
  • Using different styles and materials to add value and beauty to a home.

Storm Doors Size

Storm Door Size

There are standard sizes for storm doors that fit most doorways. These are the most common sizes for storm doors:

  • 30 inches wide by 80 inches high
  • 32 inches wide by 80 inches high
  • 34 inches wide by 80 inches high
  • 36 inches wide by 80 inches high

Some storm doors can also be made to fit any door opening because they can be made in any size just like security doors.

However, custom-sized storm doors are usually more expensive and take longer to install.

Storm Doors Type

Storm Door Type

You can choose a storm door that fits your needs from a few different kinds. Here are the most common:

  • Full-View Storm Doors
    These storm doors have a full glass panel that lets in a lot of natural light and lets you see out. They also make it easy to get in and out of your front door. In the summer, you can replace the glass with a screen panel to let in more air.
  • Mid-View Storm Doors
    Mid-view storm doors have a glass panel that covers half or three-quarters of the door. This lets in a moderate amount of light and lets in a moderate amount of light. They also protect your front door in some ways. Most of the time, these doors have a fixed or moveable screen panel above or below the glass.
  • High-View Storm Doors
    High-view storm doors have a glass panel that covers no more than a quarter of the door. Even though they don’t let much light or light in, they give your main door more protection. Most of the time, these doors have a solid piece of wood, metal, or vinyl below or above the glass.

Storm Doors Price List

Storm Door Price

In the Philippines, the price of a storm door depends on its size, type, material, quality, and brand.

Here are some prices for storm doors in the Philippines to give you an idea of how much they cost:

Door TypePrice
Aluminum Screen Door₱123
Accordion Type Door₱2,090
Aluminum Glass Door₱6,790
Sliding Aluminum Window₱5,410
Andersen Full-View Storm Door₱10,000 – ₱15,000

But this is just an estimate, and the real prices may be different in different stores or regions.

Difference Between Storm Door and Screen Door

Even though they may look the same, a storm door is not the same as a screen door. Here are some of the differences:

FeatureScreen DoorStorm Door
Panel TypeFull screen panelGlass or screen panel that can be opened or closed
FunctionKeeps insects and debris out while allowing fresh air inProtects the main door from weather conditions
Insulation & SecurityProvides minimal insulation and securityEnhances energy efficiency and improves security
Cost & WeightUsually cheaper and lighterTypically more expensive and heavier
Maintenance & InstallationRequires less maintenance and easier installationRequires more maintenance and complex installation

Advantages and Disadvantages of Storm Doors

Storm Door Pros and Cons

Storm doors have both advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before buying one. Here are some of the pros and cons of storm doors:


  • Extends main door lifespan by protecting it from moisture and temperature changes.
  • Improves home energy efficiency by creating an air gap that reduces heat loss or gain.
  • Increases natural light and ventilation without compromising privacy or security.
  • Enhances home security by adding an extra layer of protection against intruders.
  • Adds value and beauty to your home, complementing the main door and exterior design.


  • Can be expensive to buy and install, especially for custom-made or professional installation.
  • Requires regular maintenance and cleaning, especially for glass panels that can get dirty or foggy.
  • May obstruct the view and access to the main door if solid panels cannot be opened or removed.
  • Can create noise and drafts if not properly fitted or sealed.
  • May cause damage to the main door if not correctly aligned or installed.

Things You Should Know About Storm Doors

Before you decide to install a storm door for your home, here are some things you should know:

  • What is a storm door?
    A storm door is a secondary door installed outside the main door, typically made of aluminum, steel, or wood frames with glass or screen panels.
  • Can a storm door be used as a regular door?
    No, a storm door is not intended for regular use as it lacks the insulation, security, and durability of a regular door. Its purpose is to complement and protect the main door.
  • Can all front doors have storm doors?
    Not all front doors can have storm doors due to various factors, such as existing insulation, sensitivity of materials, decorative features, space constraints, or architectural style.
  • How strong are storm doors?
    Storm doors are designed to withstand moderate to severe weather conditions like rain, wind, snow, and hail, but they may not endure extreme forces like hurricanes or earthquakes.
  • Are storm doors worth it?
    Storm doors are worth considering if you want to enhance the energy efficiency, security, appearance, and longevity of your main door and home. However, they may not be necessary if your main door is already of high quality or if other factors make their installation impractical or undesirable.

We hope this article has helped you learn more about storm doors price in Philippines.

If you have any questions or comments about this topic, please feel free to leave them below. Thank you for reading!


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