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LUK FOO is a Cantonese kitchen located at E.RODRIGUEZ sr.corner araneta Q.C. in Quezon City, Philippines. It is a Chinese restaurant that offers reasonably priced food with the usual fare of Cantonese cuisine.

The restaurant is not very fancy but the food is good, and it can be crowded at times. The noise level is high, so it may not be an ideal place to have a conversation while dining.

Customers recommend the salt and pepper spare ribs, Chinese style beef tenderloin, Yang Chow fried rice, adobo style fish fillet, and fish fillet with eggplant. The staff is accommodating and provides great service.

Here is the most recent Luk Foo menu for 2023 in Philippines:

Main Dish

Main Dish MenuPrice
Sauteed Mixed Vegetables₱440.00
Fried Chicken w/ Cropeck₱450.00
Crispy Lemon Chicken₱450.00
Sweet & Sour Pork₱450.00
Salt & Pepper Spareribs₱450.00
Kingdao Spareribs₱450.00
Spicy Minced Pork w/ Eggplant₱450.00
Spareribs in Strawberry₱450.00
Sauteed Spicy Chicken₱450.00
Stuffed Green Pepper w/ Tausi Sauce₱450.00
Fried Beancurd w/ Minced Pork₱450.00
Brocolli w/ Oyster Sauce₱450.00
Two-Kinds Egg w/ Polonchay₱450.00
Chinese Style Beef Tenderloin₱460.00
Beef w/ Oyster Sauce₱460.00
Honey Beet w/ Black Pepper Sauce₱460.00
Sweet & Sour Fish₱460.00
Cheese & Butter Fish Fillet₱460.00
Steam Garlic Fish Fillet w/ Eggplant₱460.00
Fish Fillet with Spicy Minced Pork with Eggpaint₱460.00
Sauteed Beancurd w/ Fish Fillet in Tausi₱460.00
Salt & Pepper Squid₱460.00
Smoked Bacon Roll₱460.00
Polon Tofu w/ Goldern Sauce₱460.00
Fried Beancurd Roll w/ Vegetables₱460.00
Seafood Beancurd Szechuan Style₱460.00
Mapo Beancurd₱460.00
Lohan w/ Beancurd Vegetables₱460.00
French Beans w/ Minced Pork₱460.00
Beef Brisket₱480.00
Salad Seafood Roll₱480.00
Fried Minced Squid w/ Taiwan Pechay₱480.00
Minced Seafood w/ Eggwhite & Vegetables₱480.00
Three Cups Chicken w/ Pork Liver₱480.00
Glutinous Crab Rice₱480.00
Braised Pork w/ Preserved Vegetables₱495.00
Braised Ampalaya w/ Tofu Lechon Kawali₱495.00
Steam Crystal Prawn Balls w/ Egg White Saur₱520.00
Sea Cucumber w/ Black Mushroom Vegetable520.00
Clams w/ Superior Sauce₱540.00
Hot Prawns Salad₱560.00
Szechuan Prawns₱560.00
Crispy Golden Shrimp Cake₱560.00
Orange Sauce Prawn Balls₱560.00
Crispy Prawn w/ Salty Egg Yolk₱560.00
Crystal Prawn Balls₱570.00
[Braised Pork Tendon with Leeks₱570.00
Wasabe Prawn Two Ways₱580.00
Ginger Onion Prawns w/ Sotanghon₱580.00
Cold Prawns Salad₱580.00
Steam Prawns w/ Garlic₱580.00
Fried Shrimp Balls₱580.00
Boiled Suahe₱580.00
XO Assorted Mushroom Shrimp Cake w/ Asparagus₱580.00
Deep Fried Taro Scallops (4 pcs.)₱650.00
Broccoli w/ Scallops & Shrimps₱790.00
Patatim w/ Vegetable₱1,080.00
Steamed Garlic Grabs₱1,300.00
Steam Lapu-Lapu w/ Soy Sauce₱1,400.00
Crispy Shanghai Roll₱1,680.00


Dimsum MenuPrice
Steamed Chicken Feet w/ Chili Sauce₱150.00
Asado Siopao₱150.00
Steamed Pork Sioman₱155.00
Beancurd Skin Roll w/ Chicken₱155.00
Shark’s Fin Dumplings₱155.00
Deep Fried Meat Dumplings₱155.00
Steamed Shrimp Dumpling (Hakao)₱160.00
Steamed Spareribs w/ Tausi Sauce₱160.00
Shredded Taro Fried Spring Roll₱160.00
Steamed Glutinous Rice₱160.00
Deep Fried Shrimp Dumplings w/ Mayonnaise₱170.00
Deep Fried Taro Puff₱180.00
Dimsum Combination Platter₱430.00


Roasting MenuPrice
White Chicken₱450.00
Soyed Chicken₱450.00
Luk Foo Fried Chicken (Half)₱450.00
Asado w/ Soyed Chicken₱470.00
Seaweed w/ Century Egg₱470.00
Roasted Pork Asado₱470.00
Lechon Kawali₱480.00
Beef Kemchi₱490.00
Special Cold Cuts Combination₱570.00
Roasted Duck₱580.00
Roast Duck (Half)₱1,100.00
Roast Duck (Whole)₱2,000.00
Peking Duck Whole₱2,500.00


Soup MenuPrice
Wanton Soup₱220.00
Seafood Wintermelon Cubes Soup₱475.00
Spinach Seafood Soup₱475.00
Hot Sour Soup₱475.00
Chicken Corn Soup₱475.00
Seafood Tofu Soup₱475.00
Chicken Asparagus Soup₱475.00
Fish Fillet Wansuy Century Egg₱475.00
Minced Beef Egg White Soup₱475.00
Clams w/ Mustard Beancurd Soup₱475.00
Fish Lips Soup₱480.00
Luk Foo Crab Roe Fin Soup₱1,460.00

Fried Rice Topping

Fried Rice Topping MenuPrice
Plain Rice₱70.00
Hot Pot Rice w/ Chicken Feet & Spareribs₱290.00
Hot Pot Rice w/ Chicken & Black Mushroom₱290.00
Soyed Chicken on Rice₱290.00
BBQ Asado on Rice₱290.00
Black Mushroom & Vegetable on Rice₱290.00
Sweet & Sour Pork on Rice₱310.00
FISH Fillet w/ Taosi on Rice₱310.00
Sliced Beef w/ Egg and Tomato Rice Toppings₱310.00
Assorted Seafood on Rice₱310.00
BBQ Combination on Rice₱340.00
Garlic Fried Rice₱365.00
Lechon Kawali Rice₱365.00
Yang Chow Fried Rice₱410.00
Seafood w/ Bagoong Fried Rice₱420.00
Diced Chicken & Salted Fried Rice₱430.00
Roast Duck on Rice₱435.00
Fookien Fried Rice₱450.00
Luk Foo Fried Rice₱460.00
Pineapple Fried Rice₱480.00

Noodle Dish

Noodle Dish MenuPrice
Wanton Noodle Soup₱295.00
Braised Beef Brisket Noodle Soup₱310.00
Beef Brisket & Wanton Noodle Soup₱310.00
Fried Chicken Noodle Soup₱310.00
Fried Pork Chop Noodle Soup₱310.00
Luk Foo Special Dry Noodles₱360.00
Lomi w/ Assorted Meat₱395.00
Seafood Bihon Soup₱395.00
Braised E-Fu Noodles₱410.00
Seafood Udon Japanese Style₱420.00
Assorted Seafood Bihon₱435.00
Crispy Noodles w/ Assorted Meat₱435.00
Crispy Noodles w/ Assorted Seafood₱435.00
Braised Assorted Meat Noodles₱435.00
Crispy Noodles w/ Beef Tau₱450.00
Crispy Noodles w/ Beef Brisket₱450.00
Beef Ho Fan₱450.00
Braised Birthday Noodles₱465.00
Mixua Xiamen Style₱465.00


Almond Jelly w/ Fruit Cocktail₱130.00
Black Gulaman₱130.00
Mango Pudding₱140.00
Mango Sago₱160.00
Mixed Fruits₱550.00


Beverages MenuPrice
Mineral Water₱70.00
Soda in Can ( Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke)₱110.00
Iced Tea (Bottomless)₱120.00
Hot Coffee₱120.00
Fresh Buko Juice₱150.00
Four Season Juice₱160.00
Fresh Juice₱160.00

Last Update: 21 April, 2023


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