Romantic Baboy Menu

Romantic Baboy is a popular Korean barbecue restaurant in the Philippines that offers unlimited pork and beef barbecue with cheese and no time limit policy.

They have 85 branches in the country and their menu consists of 8 types of different meats, with their most popular dish being the sweet style Korean beef called romantic bulgogi.

Here is the latest Romantic Baboy menu for Philippines 2023:


romantic baboy menu philippine popular
Popular MenuPrice
Samgyupsal Simple Set₱229.00
Spicy Beef Simple Set₱269.00
Samgyupsal Full Set₱350.00
Samgyupsal Set₱350.00
Woosamgyup Full Set₱370.00
Spicy Beef Full Set₱390.00

Full Set Menu

romantic baboy menu philippine full set menu
Full Set Menu MenuPrice
Moksal Full Set₱350.00
Daepae Full Set₱350.00
Woosamgyup Full Set₱370.00
Spicy Beef Full Set₱390.00
Bulgogi Full Set₱390.00
Galbi Full Set₱390.00

Simple Set Menu

romantic baboy menu philippine simple set menu
Simple Set Menu MenuPrice
Samgyupsal Simple Set₱229.00
Moksal Simple Set₱229.00
Daepae Simple Set₱229.00
Woosamgyup Simple Set₱269.00
Spicy Beef Simple Set₱269.00
Bulgogi Simple Set₱269.00
Galbi Simple Set₱269.00


romantic baboy menu philippine sets
Sets MenuPrice
Samgyupsal Set₱350.00
Moksal Set₱350.00
Daepae Set₱350.00
Woosamgyup Set₱370.00
Spicy Beef Set₱390.00
Bulgogi Set₱390.00
Galbi Set₱390.00


romantic baboy menu philippine extras
Extras MenuPrice
Ssamjang Sauce₱15.00
Fried Egg₱25.00
Plain Rice₱40.00
Kimchi 100g₱50.00
Japchae 100g₱100.00

Extra Side Dish for Home

romantic baboy menu philippine extra side dish for home
Extra Side Dish for Home MenuPrice
Kimchi 500g₱190.00
Cheese 500g₱300.00
Kimchi 1kg₱350.00
Japchae 500g₱550.00
Odeng 500g₱550.00
Cheese 1kg₱560.00
Japchae 1kg₱990.00
Odeng 1kg₱990.00


romantic baboy menu philippine toppings
Toppings MenuPrice
Samgyupsal Full Set₱350.00


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