Roll Up Door Price List and Buying Guide

If you are looking for a durable, secure and convenient door for your business or home with cheap price, you might want to consider a roll up door.

But what is a roll up door exactly? What are the different types and materials of roll up doors? How much does a roll up door price in the Philippines?

In this article, we will answer all these questions and more.

We will provide you with a comprehensive guide on roll up door price in Philippines that usually ranged from ₱230 to ₱18,000.

What Is Roll Up Door?

What is Roll Up Door

A roll-up door is a vertical door that opens and shuts by rolling up. It is made up of horizontal slats or panels with hinges that are joined at the top to a drum or barrel.

This drum or barrel has a motor or spring inside to help move the door. Roller doors, coiling doors, and overhead doors are all names for roll-up doors.

They are different from sectional doors, which have larger panels that slide along tracks. Roll-up doors are made to save space, keep things safe, and stand up to harsh weather.

They are often used in homes and businesses, like garages, warehouses, shops, malls, factories, and shops

Types of Roll Up Door

There are many types of roll up doors available in the market, depending on the size, design, material and function of the door. Here are some of the most common types of roll up doors:

1. High-performance Roll Up Door

High performance Roll Up Door

A high-performance roll-up door operates quickly and frequently, making it ideal for high-traffic areas.

It opens and closes quickly, so less air, noise, and dust get in. It can handle being hit by vehicles or equipment and getting damaged by them.

2. Heavy Duty Impactable Roll Up Door

Heavy Duty Impactable Roll Up Door

A heavy-duty impactable roll-up door is made to keep vehicles or equipment from breaking it.

Its steel or aluminum construction absorbs shock and returns to its original shape. It also protects against vandalism and unauthorized access.

3. Rolling Fire Door

Rolling Fire Door

A rolling fire door stops fire and smoke from spreading in an emergency.

It is made of fire-resistant materials, such as steel or stainless steel, that can withstand high temperatures and flames. It closes by itself when a fire alarm or smoke detector goes off.

4. Roll Up Security Door

Roll Up Security Door

A roll-up security door protects and secures a property as much as possible.

It is made of strong materials, like steel or stainless steel, and can’t be cut, drilled, or opened with force. It can have locks, alarms, or sensors to keep people out.

5. Roll Up Sheet Door

Roll Up Sheet Door

Thin metal or plastic sheets are rolled up around a drum or barrel at the top of the door opening to make a roll-up sheet door.

It’s cheap and easy to move, so it’s good for low-security places like storage units, sheds, or barns.

6. Weather-resistant Pull-up Door

Weather resistant Pull up Door

A weather-resistant pull-up door is flexible and made from materials like vinyl or fabric. It rolls up around a rod or pole at the top of the opening of the door.

It’s versatile and easy to operate manually with a cord or chain. It can also be made to look different by adding different colors, patterns, or logos.

Roll Up Door Material

The material of a roll up door affects its durability, appearance, maintenance and cost. Here are some of the most common materials used for roll up doors:

  • PVC Roll-Up Door: A cheap, lightweight PVC door that is resistant to corrosion but loses strength and security over time.
  • Galvanized Steel Roll-Up Door: A zinc coating keeps rust from forming on a strong steel door. It can withstand impacts, fire, and the weather, but it can be heavy, noisy, and easy to dent and scratch.
  • Aluminum Roll-Up Door: A lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum door that looks modern but lacks strength and security and is easy to dent or bend.
  • Stainless Steel Roll-Up Door: A high-end, fire-resistant door made of stainless steel that rolls up. It’s heavy, expensive, needs to be taken care of, and smudges or fingerprints show up easily.

Roll Up Door Price List

The price of a roll up door depends on various factors such as the size, type, material, design and installation of the door.

To give you an idea, here are some average prices of roll up doors in the Philippines based on online sources:

Roll Up Door TypePrice
Roll Up Door TypePrice
Aluminum 798 Series Sliding Windows/doors w/screen₱230
Galvanized Steel Roll Up Door₱2,000 to ₱6,000
Galvalume Motorized Roll-Up Doors₱2,300
PVC Roll Up Door₱3,000 to ₱10,000
Aluminum Roll Up Door₱4,000 to ₱12,000
Aluminum Shutter Best Security Roll Up Doors₱4,500
Stainless Shutter Best Security Roll Up Doors₱5,000
Stainless-316 Grill Type Roll-Up Doors (Manual/Motorized)₱5,200
Motorized Polycarbonate Transparent Security Roll Up Door₱6,000
Stainless Steel Roll Up Door₱6,000 to ₱18,000

Advantages and Disadvantages of Roll Up Door

Before you buy a roll-up door, you should think about its many pros and cons. Here are a few examples:

Advantages of Roll Up Door

  • Roll up doors take up little space to operate.
  • Roll up doors prevent unauthorized entry and vandalism.
  • Roll up doors can handle wind, rain, snow, and heat.
  • Roll-up doors are simple to operate manually or automatically.
  • Roll-up doors come in various sizes, colors, designs, and materials.

Disadvantages of Roll Up Door

  • Roll up doors have high initial and maintenance costs.
  • Roll-up doors make loud noises when opening and closing.
  • Rollup doors can dent, scratch, and bend easily.
  • Repairing rollup doors requires professional service and parts.
  • Roll up doors lack aesthetic appeal.

Things You Should Know about Roll Up Door

Before you buy a roll up door, there are some things you should know about it. Here are some FAQ about roll up door:

  • What is a roll up door called?
    A roll up door is also called a roller door, rolling door, coiling door or overhead door.
  • What is the purpose of rolling doors?
    The purpose of rolling doors is to provide a durable, secure and convenient door for your property.
  • What is the difference between roll-up door and overhead door?
    A roll-up door is a type of overhead door that rolls up vertically to open and close. An overhead door is a general term that refers to any type of door that opens upward.
  • Are roller doors safe?
    Roller doors are safe if they are properly installed, maintained and operated. They should also have safety features such as sensors, alarms or emergency stops.
  • What is the life of a roller door?
    The life of a roller door depends on the quality, usage and maintenance of the door. A good quality roller door can last for 10 to 20 years or more if properly taken care of.

Roll up doors are a great option for your property if you are looking for a durable, secure and convenient door.

However, you should also consider the price, noise, damage and style of the door before buying one.

We hope this article helping you to get the best deal on roll up door you need.


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