Pinlight Price List and Buying Guide

If you want to make your home brighter with affordable price, you might want to think about putting in pinlight.

With only ₱115 to ₱1,500 or more in price, this small, built-in lights can make any room feel cozy and classy.

They also save energy and are easy to set up.

But how much do pinlight price in the Philippines? How many different kinds of pinlights are there? We’ll answer these questions and more in this article.

What’s Pinlight?

What is Pinlight

Pinlight is a type of recessed lighting that has a narrow beam of light.

Its usually put up in the ceiling or on the walls, and they can be used to draw attention to certain areas or things, like artwork, shelves, or cabinets.

Pinlights can also make a soft, ambient lighting effect, especially when used with dimmers.

Pinlight Type

You can choose from different kinds of pinlights, depending on what you like and how much money you have. Here are a few of the most popular:

Flush Light

Flush Light

Pinlights that are mounted flush with the ceiling or wall are called flush lights. They are simple and sleek, so they can look good in any kind of room.

Flush lights are great for small rooms or rooms with low ceilings because they don’t take up much space.

Recessed Lights

Recessed Lights

Recessed lights are small lights that fit into a hole or cavity in the ceiling or wall.

They have a trim or ring around the hole that covers the edge, and the light can shine in different directions.

Recessed lights are good for large rooms or rooms with high ceilings because they make the room feel more open and airy.

Utility Lighting

Utility Lighting

Utility lighting is a type of pinlight that is made for specific tasks, such as illuminating a work area, making a room look more interesting, or providing light in an emergency.

It can be square, round, or rectangular, among other shapes. Utility lighting can also have different features, such as motion sensors, timers, and color-changing options.

LED Indirect Lighting

LED Indirect Lighting

LED indirect lighting is a type of pinlight that uses LED strips or modules to make a hidden or indirect source of light.

This indirect lighting can be put behind a cove, a molding, or a panel. It gives off a soft, diffused glow that can improve the mood and atmosphere of a room.

Pinlight Price List

Pinlight can cost different amounts in the Philippines depending on their type, size, brand, and quality.

The average price of a pinlight in the Philippines, is between ₱115 and ₱10,500 per piece.

Here are some examples of how much different online stores charge for pinlights:

Type of PinlightPrice
Utility light₱115 to ₱369
Flush light₱400 to ₱600
Can light₱405 to ₱1,470
LED indirect light₱1,500

Things You Should Know about Pinlight

There are some things you should know about pinlights before you buy and put them in your home. Some of the most common questions about pinlights are as follows:

– How does Pinlight work?

Pinlight is used to draw attention to things, highlight features, or give a room a certain mood. Pinlight can also be used for general lighting, especially when it is combined with other types of lighting.

– What is the wattage of a pin light?

A pin light’s wattage depends on the type and size of the bulb or LED module it uses. Most pin lights use low-wattage bulbs or LEDs with wattages between 3 and 25.

– How are downlights and spotlights different?

Both downlight and spotlight are types of recessed lights, but they work and look differently. Downlight is a type of recessed light that sends a wide beam of light down.

This makes the light spread out and even. A spotlight is a type of recessed light that shines a narrow beam of light in a certain direction. This creates a dramatic and focused light.

– What kind of plug does a pinlight use?

The type and size of the bulb or LED module used determines what kind of socket or base a pinlight has. E27, GU10, MR16, and G4 are some of the most common types of sockets for pinlights.

– How do pin lights do their job?

Pin lights work by using a transformer or a driver to change the main voltage to a low voltage that the bulb or LED module can handle.

Most of the time, the transformer or driver is hidden in the ceiling or wall, and wires connect it to the pin light. Then, a switch or dimmer controls the pin light.

Pinlights are a great way to make your home more stylish and useful. They can make any room feel cozy and elegant, and they can also draw attention to certain areas or features.

But before you buy and install pinlights, you should think about the type, size, brand, and quality of the product, as well as how much it will cost and how much it will cost to install.

You should also talk to a professional electrician or contractor to make sure the work is safe and of good quality.


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