Mesa Restaurant Menu

MESA is a Filipino restaurant that showcases classic Filipino dishes with modern twists, influenced by diverse regions in the Philippines, and seeks to be inclusive of regional Filipino dishes. It is recognized as one of the “Best Filipino Restaurants” in the Philippines and has received several awards.

MESA is part of the Foodee Global Concepts family, which operates more than 70 restaurants nationwide and aims to expand further across the country and abroad.

Here is the latest Mesa Restaurant menu for Philippines 2023:

House Specialty

mesa menu philippine house specialty
House Specialty MenuPrice
Extra buro (Additional)₱35.00
Extra dip (Additional)₱55.00
Vegetable wraps (Additional)₱70.00
Crispy Pork Belly Half slab₱750.00
Crispy Pork Belly Full slab₱1,495.00
Crispchon (1/6)₱1,650.00
Crispchon (1/4)₱2,250.00
Crispy Pork Belly Family slab₱2,950.00
Crispchon (1/2)₱4,500.00
Crispchon Served 2 Ways – Whole₱8,750.00


mesa menu philippine appetizers
Appetizers MenuPrice
Tinapa Roll Standard₱195.00
Hito flakes on spoon₱235.00
Baked Scallops₱260.00
Tinapa Roll Medium₱385.00
Tinapa Roll Large₱580.00


mesa menu philippine sisig
Crunchy Pork Standard₱280.00
In a pouch₱290.00
Crunchy Pork Medium₱420.00
Crunchy Pork Large₱555.00


mesa menu philippine salads
Salads MenuPrice
Ensaladang Talong₱105.00
Mangga Salad₱135.00
Pomelo Salad₱260.00


mesa menu philippine soup
Soup MenuPrice
Baboy Standard₱39.00
Sinigang Salmon Head Standard₱375.00
Boneless Bangus Belly Standard₱395.00
Chicken Binakol₱425.00
Nilagang Baka₱425.00
Sinigang Salmon Head Medium₱565.00
Baboy Medium₱585.00
Boneless Bangus Belly Medium₱590.00
Sinigang Salmon Head Large₱745.00
Baboy Large₱780.00
Boneless Bangus Belly₱785.00

Meat and Poultry


mesa menu philippine pork
Pork MenuPrice
Pork BBQ (grilled or fried)₱155.00
Grilled Liempo Mesa Way Standard₱265.00
Bicol Express Standard₱285.00
Binagoongang Baboy ni Kaka Standard₱370.00
Salt and Pepper Spareribs Standard₱370.00
Grilled Liempo Mesa Way Medium₱395.00
Bicol Express Medium₱425.00
Grilled Liempo Mesa Way Large₱525.00
Binagoongang Baboy ni Kaka Medium₱555.00
Salt and Pepper Spareribs Medium₱555.00
Bicol Express Large₱565.00
Crispy Pata bone-in Special₱725.00
Binagoongang Baboy ni Kaka Large₱740.00
Salt and Pepper Spareribs Large₱740.00
Crispy Boneless Pata Special₱750.00
Crispy Pata bone-in Family₱985.00
Crispy Boneless Pata Family₱995.00


mesa menu philippine beef
Beef MenuPrice
In Black Pepper Sauce₱455.00
Cripsy Beef Pares₱456.00
Braised Beef Standard₱495.00
Kare Kare Beef and Tripe Standard₱550.00
Braised Beef Medium₱740.00
Kare Kare Beef and Tripe Medium₱820.00
Braised Beef Large₱985.00
Kare Kare Beef and Tripe Large₱1,095.00


mesa menu philippine chicken
Chicken MenuPrice
BBQ Honey Patis₱230.00
Calamansi Fried Chicken₱295.00
Boneless Chicken BBQ₱295.00
Garlic Chicken Standard₱335.00
Pinatayong Manok Half₱335.00
Classic Chicken Pork Adobo₱365.00
Garlic Chicken Medium₱495.00
Garlic Chicken Large₱660.00
Pinatayong Manok Whole₱665.00



mesa menu philippine squid
Squid MenuPrice
Baby in Olive Oil Standard₱355.00
In Black Pepper Sauce₱355.00
Salt and Pepper Standard₱385.00
Baby in Olive Oil Medium₱530.00
Salt and Pepper Medium₱575.00
Baby in Olive Oil Large₱705.00
Salt and Pepper Large₱765.00

Large Squid (Min 400g)

mesa menu philippine large squid
Large Squid (Min 400g) MenuPrice
Simply Grilled₱115.00
Stuffed with Ground Meat₱135.00

Boneless Bangus

mesa menu philippine boneless bangus
Boneless Bangus MenuPrice
With Cheese₱375.00
With Salted Egg₱375.00
Daing with tons of garlic₱395.00
Bistek Medium₱565.00
Bistek Large₱740.00


mesa menu philippine hito
Hito MenuPrice
Crispy boneless with mangga salad₱495.00
Pan fried with sweet soya glaze₱495.00
Crispy Boneless in Sweet Tamarind₱550.00

River Shrimp – Suahe

mesa menu philippine river shrimp suahe
River Shrimp – Suahe MenuPrice
Crispy Fried₱325.00
Stir-fried salted and spicy Standard₱350.00
In Black Pepper Sauce₱350.00
In salted egg Standard₱410.00
Stir-fried salted and spicy Medium₱525.00
In salted egg Medium₱615.00
Stir-fried salted and spicy Large₱695.00
In salted egg Large₱815.00


mesa menu philippine tilapia
Tilapia MenuPrice
Sa Gata₱495.00
Sweet and Sour₱495.00
Crispy boneless Standard₱495.00
Steamed in dayap and chili₱495.00
Crispy boneless Large₱750.00

Great For Sharing

mesa menu philippine great for sharing
Great For Sharing MenuPrice
Seafood mix in Chili Sauce₱680.00
All Meat Sampler₱895.00
All Seafood Sampler₱1,150.00
Pinirito Sampler₱1,295.00
Inihaw Sampler₱1,295.00


mesa menu philippine vegetables
Vegetables MenuPrice
Sigarillas Standard₱225.00
Kangkong with Lechon₱225.00
Laing 2 Ways Standard₱240.00
Sigarillas Medium₱330.00
Laing 2 Ways Medium₱360.00
Sigarillas Large₱440.00
Laing 2 Ways Large₱475.00


mesa menu philippine pinakbet
Pinakbet MenuPrice
Crispy Pork₱235.00
Bangus Belly Standard₱275.00
Bangus Belly Medium₱410.00
Bangus Belly Large₱545.00

Rice and Noodles


mesa menu philippine rice
Laing Standard₱240.00
Sisig Standard₱240.00
Bagoong Standard₱240.00
Tinapa Standard₱250.00
Chicken Basil₱255.00
Laing Medium₱475.00
Sisig Medium₱475.00
Bagoong Medium₱475.00
Tinapa Medium₱495.00
Chicken Basil Medium₱505.00
Laing Large₱710.00
Sisig Large₱710.00
Bagoong Large₱710.00
Tinapa Large₱740.00
Chicken Basil Large₱755.00


mesa menu philippine noodles
Noodles MenuPrice
Palabok Standard₱250.00
Pancit Canton Standard₱270.00
Sotanghon Guisado₱270.00
Palabok Medium₱375.00
Pancit Canton Medium₱405.00
Palabok Large₱495.00
Pancit Canton Large₱535.00

Dingdongs Favorites

mesa menu philippine dingdongs favorites
Dingdongs Favorites MenuPrice
Dingdong`s Favorite A (2-3 Persons)₱777.00
Dingdong`s Favorite B (2-3 Persons)₱895.00
Dingdong`s Favorite C (2-3 Persons)₱980.00
Dingdong`s Favorite A (4-5 Persons)₱1,295.00
Dingdong`s Favorite B (4-5 Persons)₱1,490.00
Dingdong`s Favorite C (4-5 Persons)₱1,595.00

Mesalo-Salo Set

mesa menu philippine mesalo salo set
Mesalo-Salo Set MenuPrice
Mesalo-Salo Set A (4-5 Persons)₱2,850.00
Mesalo-Salo Set B (4-5 Persons)₱3,155.00
Mesalo-Salo Set C (4-5 Persons)₱3,800.00
Mesalo-Salo Set A (7-8 Persons)₱3,900.00
Mesalo-Salo Set B (7-8 Persons)₱4,360.00
Mesalo-Salo Set C (7-8 Persons)₱4,750.00


  • mesa menu philippine desserts 1
  • mesa menu philippine desserts 2
Desserts MenuPrice
Leche Flan₱65.00
Suman 2 Ways₱65.00
Biko 2 Ways₱65.00
Turon Plain₱65.00
Crispy leche flan₱70.00
Sapin Sapin 2 Ways₱80.00
Turon with Ice Cream₱90.00
Saba Con Hielo₱95.00
Mais Con Hielo₱95.00
Dessert Sampler₱185.00



mesa menu philippine drinks
Drinks MenuPrice
Bottled water₱50.00
Iced Tea₱60.00
Brewed coffee₱70.00
Sago’t Gulaman₱90.00
Soda in can₱90.00

Fresh Fruit Coolers

mesa menu philippine fresh and coolers
Fresh Fruit Juices MenuPrice
Ripe Mango₱115.00
Green Mango₱115.00
Fresh buko₱130.00

Fresh Fruit Juices

mesa menu philippine fresh fruit juices
Fresh Fruit Juices MenuPrice
Fresh Buko in a shell₱115.00


mesa menu philippine brews
Brews MenuPrice
Pale Pilsen₱100.00
San Mig Light₱100.00

Grab & Go

mesa menu philippine grab and go
Grab & Go MenuPrice
Set 1₱120.00
Set 2₱135.00
Set 3₱150.00
Set 4₱160.00
Set 5₱165.00

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