Pepper Lunch Menu

Pepper Lunch offers a unique dining experience where customers act as their own personal chefs, cooking their meals on a sizzling hot teppan.

The menu includes a variety of options, such as steak, pasta, and curry rice, as well as their signature Pepper Rice.

Customers can also choose from a variety of sauces to create their own custom flavor. With over 200 outlets in Japan and Asia, Pepper Lunch offers a fresh and affordable culinary experience for all.

Here is the latest Pepper Lunch menu for Philippines 2023:

Hotdish of the Month

pepper lunch menu philippine hotdish of the month
Hotdish of the Month MenuPrice
Sausage and Cheese Pepper Rice + 12oz drinks₱310.00
Bacon and Cheese Pepper Rice + 12oz drinks₱310.00
Seafood and Cheese Pepper Rice + 12oz drinks₱310.00
Green Curry Chicken Pepper Rice₱330.00
Green Curry Beef Pepper Rice₱330.00
Bulgogi Beef Pepper Rice₱330.00
Hainanese Chicken Pepper Rice₱330.00
Chicken Inasal Pepper Rice₱335.00
Pork Adobo Pepper Rice₱335.00
Beef Tapa Pepper Rice₱335.00
Mega Chicken Pepper Rice₱475.00
Mega Beef Pepper Rice₱475.00

“Take 5”

pepper lunch menu philippine take 5
“Take 5” MenuPrice
SET 1 – with FREE 1.5L Pepsi₱870.00
SET 2 – with FREE 1.5L Pepsi₱980.00
SET 3 – with FREE 1.5L Pepsi₱1,480.00
SET 4 – with FREE 1.5L Pepsi₱1,695.00

Premium Steak

pepper lunch menu philippine premium steak
Premium Steak MenuPrice
Pepper Steak₱730.00
Prime Tender₱800.00
The Giant with Rice₱900.00
Chicken Steak & Pepper Steak₱900.00

Teriyaki & Yakiniku

pepper lunch menu philippine teriyaki yakiniku
Teriyaki & Yakiniku MenuPrice
Beef Yakiniku with Rice₱365.00
Teriyaki Beef with Egg₱385.00
Chicken Steak With Egg – Teriyaki Sauce₱390.00
Teriyaki Double Salmon with Rice₱450.00

Pepper Rice

pepper lunch menu philippine pepper rice
Pepper Rice MenuPrice
Beef Pepper Rice₱270.00
Chicken Pepper Rice₱270.00
Garlic Beef Pepper Rice₱280.00
Curry Beef Pepper Rice with Cheese₱285.00
Curry Chicken Pepper Rice with Cheese₱285.00
Teriyaki Beef Pepper Rice with Egg₱300.00
Salmon Pepper Rice₱335.00

Combo Specials

pepper lunch menu philippine combo specials
Combo Specials MenuPrice
BBQ Beef & Sausage₱375.00
BBQ Beef & Chicken Steak₱405.00
BBQ Chicken Steak & Sausage₱410.00
Salmon & Chicken Steak₱425.00
Meat Trio Deluxe₱435.00

Cheesy Omelette

pepper lunch menu philippine cheesy omelette
Cheesy Omelette MenuPrice
Cheesy Omelette with Beef₱485.00
Cheesy Omelette with Chicken Steak₱485.00
Cheesy Omelette with Hamburg₱485.00

Teppan Pasta

pepper lunch menu philippine teppan pasta
Teppan Pasta MenuPrice
Beef Aglio Olio₱325.00
Chicken Aglio Olio₱325.00
Salmon Aglio Olio₱350.00
Chicken Tomato Pasta₱365.00
Salmon Cream Pasta₱455.00

Side Dishes

pepper lunch menu philippine side dishes
Side Dishes MenuPrice
Mashed Potato₱75.00
Miso Soup₱75.00
Chicken Kaarage – Original₱125.00
Chicken Kaarage – Garlic Parmesan₱125.00
Chicken Kaarage – Sweet Chili₱125.00
Chicken Kaarage – Seaweed₱125.00

Fresh Salad

pepper lunch menu philippine fresh salad
Fresh Salad MenuPrice
Spicy Tuna₱150.00
Sesame Chicken₱150.00


pepper lunch menu philippine dessert
Dessert MenuPrice
Molten Chocolate Cake₱160.00


pepper lunch menu philippine drinks
Drinks MenuPrice
Iced Tea₱55.00
Cucumber Lemonade₱55.00

Cheesy Sizzling Rice

pepper lunch menu philippine cheesy sizzling rice
Cheesy Sizzling Rice MenuPrice
Cheesy Sizzling Rice with Beef₱510.00
Cheese Curry Rice with Beef & Hamburg₱510.00
Cheesy Sizzling Rice with Beef & Sausage₱510.00
Cheesy Sizzling Rice with Chicken Steak₱510.00

Flavored Fries

pepper lunch menu philippine flavored fries
Flavored Fries MenuPrice
Fries – Sour Cream & Onion₱90.00
Fries – Cheese₱90.00
Fries – Seaweed₱90.00
Fries – Spicy BBQ₱90.00

Free Item while Available (Do Not Order)

pepper lunch menu philippine free item while available
Free Item while Available (Do Not Order) MenuPrice
XO Candies Bundle [Do not order]₱20.00


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