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Llaollao is a brand of frozen yogurt made with skim milk and topped with high-quality ingredients like freshly cut seasonal fruits, cereals, crunchy toppings, and tasty sauces. It is a healthy and filling dish that is good for everyone, including kids, pregnant women, and people in their golden years. Llaollao’s yogurt is made with their own skimmed milk, which they call llaomilk. It has all the benefits of yogurt and a unique creaminess.

Llaollao wants to give its customers as many ways as possible to mix and match its products to suit their tastes. There are up to 11,300 possible combinations. Its frozen yogurt is creamier, less cold, and melts much more slowly than regular ice cream, making it tasty any time of year.

The brand’s philosophy is based on the quality of its products and the happiness of its customers. This has made the brand strong and competitive in all the countries where it is present. Its goal is to make yogurt popular because of how good it tastes and how good it is for you. Customers will be able to make their own creations because there are so many ways to put toppings on yogurt. Its goal is to have a stable, successful, and long-lasting business model that it can use everywhere. Its core values are honesty, sustainability, and caring for customers, and it offers top-notch products.

Here is the most recent Llao LLao menu for 2023 in Philippines:

Take Away

Take Away MenuPrice
Frozen Yogurt 3 toppings (1/2 liter refil)₱420.00
Frozen yogurt 3 toppings (1 liter refil)₱570.00
Frozen Yogurt 3 toppings (1/2 liter)₱719.00
Frozen yogurt 3 toppings (1 liter)₱879.00


llao llao menu philippine tubs smoothie 1
Tubs MenuPrice
Small no topping₱99.00
Small 1 topping₱129.00
Medium 3 toppings₱199.00
Large 3 toppings₱219.00


Smoothie MenuPrice
Golden Mango (regular)₱199.00
Banana Split (regular)₱199.00
Bariloche Smoothie (regular)₱199.00
Strawberry Cheesecake (premium)₱229.00
Blueberry Cheesecake (premium)₱229.00


llao llao menu philippine sanum llaoglass 1
Sanum™ MenuInformationPrice
petit+ 2 fruits
+ 1 crunches
+ 1 sauce
regular+ 3 fruits
+ 2 crunches
+ 1 sauce


Llaoglass MenuPrice
Frozen yogurt 2 toppings (refill)₱129.00
Frozen yogurt 2 toppings₱199.00


llao llao menu philippine frappe
Frappe MenuPrice
Frappe Lotus₱210.00
Frappe Nocilla₱210.00
Frappe Pistacho₱210.00


Last Update: April 17, 2023


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