Lavatory Price List and Buying Guide

If you want to remodel or build a new bathroom, the lavatory is one of the most important things to consider because of its function and price.

A lavatory is a bowl-shaped device used to wash hands, brush teeth, shave, and do other self-care tasks. Usually, the price of a toilet is between ₱900 and ₱38,249.

There are so many different types, sizes, styles, and prices of lavatory that it can be hard to choose the right one for your bathroom.

This piece will tell you everything you need to know about toilets before you buy one, including the lavatory price in the Philippines.

What is a Lavatory?

What is Lavatory

A lavatory is a sink where you can wash your hands and do other things to keep yourself clean. It has a basin in the shape of a bowl and a tap that lets water out.

Lavatories can be put on walls, pedestals, cabinets, or countertops. They might also have drains and traps to get rid of water that has been used.

There are some lavatories that have extras like soap dispensers, towel bars, shelves, and mirrors.

Types of Lavatories

Type of Lavatory

The Philippines offers a variety of lavatories, each with pros and cons of its own. Here are a few examples:


This lavatory saves space and is simple to maintain because it is placed on the wall. But it might not be good for heavy use or walls that aren’t very strong.


This lavatory is installed below the tabletop. This gives it a seamless appearance and makes the most of the space on the counter. It needs a firm countertop, like marble or granite.


This lavatory is simple to install and sits on top of the counter, but the rim may collect dirt and moisture.


This lavatory has a classic look and is made up of a basin on a thin column. It doesn’t have any storage space and could fall over if it isn’t held properly.


Like a pedestal lavatory, it has room under it for storing things or cleaning. It looks very trendy and simple.


This lavatory is perfect for small bathrooms because it fits into corners. It might not have enough counter room or faucets.


A bowl-shaped basin that sits on the table or on a stand. It has a unique and stylish look but may be hard to clean and need special fixtures.


Freestanding lavatory doesn’t need to be attached to anything else. It looks sleek and expensive, but it takes up more room and can be expensive.

Counter Lavatory

This big basin takes up the whole countertop and can be used by more than one person at a time. It can be used in big bathrooms or public restrooms, but installing and replacing it can be expensive.

Lavatory Standard Size

Lavatory Standard Size

Depending on the type and style, the standard size of a lavatory changes.

According to the National Building Code of the Philippines (NBCP), the minimum size should be 400 mm (15.75 inches) long, 300 mm (11.81 inches) wide, and 150 mm (5.91 inches) deep.

Lavatory Standard Height

The height of a lavatory depends on the height of the user and the type of installation.

But, the recommended height of a lavatory should be between 800 mm (31.5 inches) to 850 mm (33.46 inches) from the floor to the rim of the basin.

Lavatory Price List

Lavatory Price

The name, quality, material, design, and features of a lavatory affect its price in the Philippines. Here are a few examples of lavatory price:

Type of LavatoryPrice
Wall-mounted₱900 to ₱2,880
Under-mount₱7,229 to ₱11,129
Drop-in₱1,328 to ₱16,892
Pedestal₱2,304 to ₱18,885
Semi-Pedestal₱7,479 to ₱13,559
Corner₱4,229 to ₱8,659
Vessel₱5,529 to ₱38,249
Freestanding₱15,499 to ₱21,115
Counter Lavatory₱22,259 to ₱38,249

Things You Should Know about Lavatory

Here are some important things to think about before buying a lavatory for your bathroom:

  • Are a lavatory, a sink, or a toilet all the same thing?
    A lavatory is a sink or basin that people use to wash their hands and clean themselves. It is not the same as a toilet, which is meant to get rid of waste.
  • What makes a lavatory different from a bathroom or restroom?
    A lavatory is a piece of equipment that has a sink or basin and a faucet. A bathroom, on the other hand, is a private room with a lavatory, toilet, and bathing facilities. A restroom is a room with lavatories and toilets for general use.
  • A lavatory is used in what way?
    Lavatories are places where people go to wash their hands, brush their teeth, shave, and do other things related to personal cleanliness. You can also use them to clean things like food and clothes.
  • Why is it important to have a lavatory?
    Lavatories are a very important part of keeping bathrooms and homes clean and healthy. They help stop the spread of germs and diseases by teaching people how to wash their hands properly.
  • What kind of lavatory facilities are most frequently used?
    Faucets, drains, traps, soap dispensers, towel bars, shelves, mirrors, light fixtures, and electrical outlets are all common lavatory amenities. The lavatory is made more comfortable and useful by these amenities.

A lavatory is an important part of any bathroom because it helps with personal hygiene and cleaning in many ways.

Consider your income, available room, design preferences, and specific usage needs when choosing a lavatory.

Having a basic understanding of lavatory facts and knowledge will also help you make a good choice.


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