Kitchen Sink Price List and Buying Guide

If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen or replace your old sink, you might be thinking how much a new kitchen sink price in the Philippines.

There are many things that affect the price of a kitchen sink, including the material, size, type, design, and name.

But usually, the average price of a kitchen sink in the Philippines is between ₱2,990 and ₱37,590.

In this piece, we’ll explain what a kitchen sink is, what its standard sizes and types are, and what the price of a kitchen sink is in the Philippines.

We will also tell you what you should know about kitchen sinks before getting one.

What is a Kitchen Sink?

What is Kitchen Sink

A kitchen sink is a fixture that is put in the kitchen to provide a place to wash plates, food, hands, and other things.

It normally has a tap with hot and cold water and a drain that connects to the plumbing system.

Some kitchen sinks also come with extras like soap dispensers, sprayers, trash disposals, and cutting boards.

Kitchen Sink Standard Size

Kitchen Sink Size Dimension

There is no standard size for kitchen sinks, as they can vary depending on the design and layout of your kitchen.

However, some common dimensions are:

  • Single bowl sinks: 22 x 24 inches (56 x 61 cm)
  • Double bowl sinks: 33 x 22 inches (84 x 56 cm)
  • Farmhouse sinks: 30 x 20 inches (76 x 51 cm)
  • Undermount sinks: 23 x 18 inches (58 x 46 cm)

The depth of kitchen sinks can range from 6 to 12 inches (15 to 30 cm), depending on your preference and needs.

Various Types of Kitchen Sinks

Type of Kitchen Sink

There are a lot of different kinds of kitchen sinks on the market, and each one has its own pros and cons. Here are some popular kinds of kitchen sinks:

Single Kitchen Sink

Single kitchen sinks are simple and basic, with one bowl and one faucet. It’s perfect for small kitchens or people who don’t need a lot of room to wash dishes.

Integrated Sink

This type of sink is made of the same material as the tabletop, so it looks like it’s one piece. It is easy to clean and keep, but it can be expensive and hard to replace.

Prep sink

A prep sink is a small sink that is generally put next to the main sink or on an island. It is used to cook or wash small things like fruits and veggies.

Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse sinks have a big, deep bowl that goes beyond the edge of the countertop. It looks old and rustic, but it can also take up a lot of room and require custom cabinets.

Fireclay Sink

This kind of sink is made from clay that is shaped and fired at high temperatures. It has a smooth, shiny surface that is resistant to spots, scratches, and high temperatures.

Cast Iron Sink

Cast iron sinks are made of iron that is covered with paint. It has a tough, heavy-duty surface that can handle high heat and bumps.

Kitchen Sink Drainer

A kitchen sink drainer is an item that can be attached to the sink or set on the table to drain water from dishes or food. It could be made of metal, plastic, or wood.

Double Kitchen Sink

A double kitchen sink is a type of sink with two bowls and either one or two handles. It gives you more options and makes it easier to do other things while washing dishes.

Top-Mount Sink

This kind of sink is put on top of the tabletop, leaving a rim around the edge. It is easy to put on and take off, but it can also collect dirt and water around the edge.

Kitchen Sink Undermount

This is a type of sink that is placed under the countertop to make it look smooth and seamless. It’s easy to clean and keep, but it can be more expensive and hard to put in.

Low Divider Double Basin Sink

This type of sink has two bowls separated by a low wall. It gives you more space and options when cleaning big pots and pans.

Kitchen Sink Island

This type of sink is put on an island or bench in the kitchen. It gives you more room to work and store things, but it can also require more plumbing and electricity work.

Granite Sink Kitchen

This type of sink is made from real stone or a composite material that looks like granite. It looks stylish and beautiful, but it can chip or break easily.

Kitchen Stainless Sink

This type of sink is made of stainless steel, which is a combination of chromium and nickel. It looks sleek and modern, but it can be noisy or get water spots.

Corner Sink

A corner sink is a type of sink that is put in the corner of the kitchen. It can save space and give a room a unique look, but it can also be hard to use or get to.

Kitchen Sink Price Philippines

Kitchen Sink Price

The price of a kitchen sink in the Philippines depends on its type, material, size, style, and brand.

Here are some examples of kitchen sink prices from different brands and online stores in the Philippines:

Kitchen Sink ModelSizePrice
Black Nano sink55×45 cm₱788.00
Dokio kitchen sink 2.250×40 cm₱1,689.00
Guga stainless steel50×40 cm₱1,699.00
Toto TQ double sink82×45 cm₱1,888.00
Bestguard B363390×52 cm₱2,340.00
Tideplaybox stainless steel58×43 cm₱2,955.00
Ikea Langudden46×46 cm₱4,790.00
Nano coating sink65x45cm₱4,988.00
Ikea Vattudalen69×47 cm₱5,990.00
Teka classic sink40×40 cm₱7,056.00
Ikea Hillesjon75×46 cm₱8,990.00
Ika Boholmen76×55 cm₱9,490.00
Ikea Kilsviken72×46 cm₱14,790.00
Maximum stainless steel S81281×48 cm₱16,999.00

Things You Need to Know About the Kitchen Sink

Before getting a kitchen sink, you should know and think about things like:

  • What kind of sink is good for the kitchen?
    The answer to this question relies on your personal style, budget, space, and space requirements. You should choose a sink that meets your wants and matches the style of your kitchen.
  • Why do you need two sinks in the kitchen?
    Having two sinks in the kitchen can be helpful for many reasons, such as separating messy and clean dishes, washing different types of food or dishes, saving water and energy, and making things easier and more efficient.
  • How do you clean the sink in the kitchen?
    Follow these steps to keep your kitchen sink clean and sanitary: After using the sink, rinse it with hot water, scrub it once a week with a sponge and light detergent, disinfect it once a month with vinegar or bleach, and polish it every so often with baking soda or lemon juice.

We hope this post gave you more information about kitchen sinks and how much they price in the Philippines.


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