Jalousie Window Price List and Buying Guide

You might want to think about jalousie windows if you’re looking for a type of window that offers good ventilation, natural light, and a classic look at a lower price.

Jalousie windows, which are also called louvered windows, have horizontal slats that can be opened and shut with a crank or handle.

With a price range of $250 to $2,247, they are famous in tropical countries like the Philippines because they let air flow and keep rain out.

In this piece, we’ll talk about what jalousie windows are, the different kinds, the jalousie windows price list in the Philippines, and everything else you need to know about them.

What is Jalousie Window?

What is Jalousie Window

A jalousie window is a classic style of window that looks nice. It is made of parallel pieces of glass, wood, or metal that are set in a frame.

A crank or handle can be used to change the angle of these slats. As needed, the bars on a jalousie window can be opened or closed to let in air and light.

They are sometimes called louvered windows because they look like the louvers on shutters.

Type of Jalousie Window

There are three main kinds of jalousie windows: those that are made of glass, wood, or metal. Each type has its own benefits and things to think about.

Glass Window

Glass Window

Jalousie windows are often made of glass and last for a long time. They come with clear or colored glass slats that make it easy to see out and keep the heat in.

It’s easy to clean and take care of glass windows, but they can be expensive and heavy. They could also break or crack if hit hard.

Wood Window

Wood Window

Jalousie windows made of wood are classic and look nice. They make the room feel warm and cozy. Wood windows are good for the environment and biodegrade.

But they can get rotten, get eaten by ants, warp, and lose their color. Painting or staining something often is needed to protect it from moisture and sunshine.

Metal Window

Metal Window

Modern and flexible, jalousie windows are made of metal. They have steel or aluminum metal plates. Metal windows are light, don’t rust, and can’t catch on fire.

They come in many different styles and colors. But when they open or close, they can be loud, and they can easily let heat or cold through.

Jalousie Window Price List

The price of jalousie windows depends on several factors, such as the size, material, quality, design, and installation of the window.

Here are some estimates of the jalousie window price list in Philippines that you can find in the market:

Jalousie Aluminum Frame Louver Glass₱250 per piece
Jalousy Frame Satin (Pair or set)₱283 – ₱966 per set
Jalousy Glass 6mm or 1/4″ thick standard customise size₱347 – ₱376 per piece
Jalousie Frame Analok/Dark Brown 8-BLADES – 10-BLADES₱400 – ₱650 per pair
RMD Jalousie 5 Blades₱417 per piece
Satin Jalousie Window Frame Set₱520 per set
Jalousy Window Brown Glass₱1,499 per piece
Vers. Analok Louver Set₱2,247 per set

    These prices are subject to change depending on the market conditions and availability of the products.

    It is advisable to compare different suppliers and contractors before buying or installing jalousie windows.

    Jalousie Window Pros and Cons

    Jalousie windows have both advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before choosing them for your home. Here are some of the pros and cons of jalousie windows:


    • Good ventilation: Jalousie windows let in a lot of air and can make air conditioning less necessary.
    • Natural Light: Jalousie windows let in natural light, which makes the room brighter and cozier.
    • Rain Protection: Even when the bars are open, Jalousie windows can keep the room dry.
    • Style: Jalousie windows give your home a bit of elegance and class.


    • Security Risk: It’s easy to open or break jalousie windows, which makes them a security risk.
    • Energy waste: Jalousie windows can let heat or cold out, which wastes energy.
    • Maintenance: Jalousie windows need to be cleaned regularly and may have motor problems.

    Thing You Should Know about Jalousie Window

    If you are interested in jalousie windows, here are some things you should know about them:

    • What does the word “jalousie” mean?
      The word “jalousie” comes from the French word for “jealousy,” which refers to the fact that these windows only let light in one way. People on the inside can see out, but people on the outside can’t see in.
    • What is another name for a jalousie window?
      A jalousie window is also called a louvered window, shutter window, or blind window.
    • How are jalousie windows and awning windows different?
      Jalousie windows have horizontal slats that can be opened or closed with a crank or lever. Awning windows, on the other hand, have a single glass pane that opens outward from the top with a crank or lever.
    • Which window style is most like a jalousie?
      The windows that are most like jalousie windows are casement windows. They have a single pane of glass that opens in or out by turning a crank or pulling a handle.
    • How do you keep jalousie windows?
      Maintaining jalousie windows means cleaning the slats with a damp cloth or soft brush, greasing the crank or lever with oil or grease, and checking for parts that may need to be replaced because they are loose or broken.

    Jalousie windows are a great option for homeowners who want to enjoy good ventilation, natural light, and classic style in their homes.

    However, they also have some drawbacks that you should be aware of before buying or installing them.

    By knowing more about jalousie windows, you can make an informed decision that suits your needs and preferences.


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