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Eat Fresh is a restaurant chain in the Philippines that serves authentic Hong Kong street food. The restaurant has several locations including one in Quezon City, Parañaque, and Pasig. The restaurant is known for its Asian cuisine dishes with affordable prices.

Customers have given positive reviews about the restaurant, particularly their famous Laksa, dim sum, and other Chinese food dishes. Customers also appreciate the ample parking space at the restaurant’s locations. The restaurants are open every day from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

Here is the most recent Eat Fresh menu for 2023 in Philippines:

Featured Food

eat fresh menu philippine featured food
Featured Food MenuPrice
Asado Bun (Box of 3)₱252.00
Chili Sauce (220g)₱288.00
Pineapple Tart Jar (20 pcs)₱336.00
Buchi (Box of 8)₱384.00
Asado Bun (Box of 6)₱504.00
Asado Bun (Box of 8)₱672.00

Potluck Favorites

eat fresh menu philippine potluck favorites
Potluck Favorites MenuPrice
Special Fried Rice₱600.00
HK Salted Fish Fried Rice₱600.00
Sambal Kangkong₱600.00
Salt and Pepper Tofu₱672.00
Buttered Fried Chicken₱708.00
Lemon Chicken₱708.00
Salt and Pepper Fish Fillet₱768.00
Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet₱768.00
Fried Intestine with Leeks₱768.00
Fish Fillet Ampalaya₱768.00
3 Kinds Mushroom with Vegetables₱768.00
Salted Egg Chicken₱780.00
Cereal Chicken₱780.00
French Beans with Minced Pork₱864.00
Broccoli Garlic₱864.00
Salt and Pepper Spareribs₱888.00
Sweet and Sour Pork₱888.00
Seafood Hotpot with Tofu₱888.00
Salt and Pepper Squid₱912.00
Salt and Pepper Intestine₱912.00
Beef Brisket₱924.00
Beef Tendon₱924.00
Hotplate Tofu with Shrimp₱924.00
Curry Beef Brisket₱948.00
Curry Beef Tendon₱948.00
Beef Brisket and Tendon₱948.00
Beef Brisket Ampalaya₱948.00
Beef Brisket Broccoli₱948.00
Salted Egg Prawn₱1,092.00
Cereal Prawn₱1,092.00


eat fresh menu philippine dimsum
Dimsum MenuPrice
Buchi (Per Piece)₱48.00
Baked Asado Bun (Per Piece)₱84.00
Buchi (3 Pieces)₱144.00
Taosi Spareribs₱150.00
Chicken Feet₱150.00
Bola-Bola Siopao (2 Pieces)₱180.00
Asado Siopao (2 Pieces)₱180.00
Jumbo Siomai (4 Pieces)₱192.00
Beancurd Roll₱192.00
Hakaw (4 Pieces)₱210.00
Jumbo Bola-Bola Siopao₱300.00


eat fresh menu philippine congee
Congee MenuPrice
Plain Congee₱96.00
Bola-Bola Congee₱216.00
Pork Century Egg Congee₱216.00
Chicken Congee₱216.00
Beef Brisket Congee₱216.00
Fish Fillet Congee₱216.00


eat fresh menu philippine soup
Soup MenuPrice
Mock Shark’s Fin Soup₱120.00
Wanton Soup₱180.00


  • eat fresh menu philippine sticks 1 1
  • eat fresh menu philippine sticks 2
Sticks MenuPrice
Fish Ball₱66.00
Lobster Ball₱66.00
Pig Ears₱66.00
Fish Tofu₱66.00
Squid Ball₱66.00
Fried Siomai₱102.00
Fried Wanton₱102.00
Fish Cake₱102.00
Big Isaw₱102.00
Pancake Balls₱114.00
Vegimaki (2 sticks)₱188.00
Yakitori (2 sticks)₱188.00
Yakisausage (2 sticks)₱210.00


eat fresh menu philippine noodles
Noodles MenuPrice
HK Style Fried Noodles₱102.00
Beef Tendon Noodle Soup₱288.00
Wanton Noodle Soup₱288.00
Beef Noodle Soup₱288.00
Char Kway Teow₱336.00
Beef Wanton Noodle Soup₱354.00
Pancit Canton₱420.00
Birthday Noodles₱468.00

Claypot Rice

  • eat fresh menu philippine claypot rice 1 2
  • eat fresh menu philippine claypot rice 2
Claypot Rice MenuPrice
Taosi Spareribs Claypot Rice₱222.00
Chinese Sausage with Mushroom Claypot Rice₱222.00
Fish Fillet with Garlic Claypot Rice₱234.00
2 Kinds Sausage with Mushroom Claypot Rice₱234.00
Taosi Spareribs and Chicken Feet Claypot Rice₱270.00
Taosi Spareribs and Salted Duck Claypot Rice₱270.00
Chicken with Mushroom Claypot Rice₱270.00
Salted Fish and Minced Pork Claypot Rice₱270.00
Beef Brisket Claypot Rice₱276.00
Beef Tendon Claypot Rice₱276.00
Curry Beef Brisket Claypot Rice₱288.00
Curry Beef Tendon Claypot Rice₱288.00
Salted Fish and Taosi Spareribs Claypot Rice₱288.00
Chinese Sausage with Mushroom and Chicken Claypot Rice₱324.00
Beef Brisket and Beef Tendon Claypot Rice₱324.00


eat fresh menu philippine rice
Rice MenuPrice
Plain Rice₱57.00
Special Fried Rice₱150.00
Salted Egg Chicken Rice₱258.00
Cereal Chicken Rice₱258.00
HK Salted Fish Fried Rice₱300.00

Short Order

  • eat fresh menu philippine short order 1
  • eat fresh menu philippine short order 2
  • eat fresh menu philippine short order 3 2
Short Order MenuPrice
Sambal Kangkong₱300.00
Salt and Pepper Tofu₱336.00
Buttered Fried Chicken₱354.00
Lemon Chicken₱354.00
Salt and Pepper Fish Fillet₱384.00
Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet₱384.00
Fried Intestine with Leeks₱384.00
Fish Fillet Ampalaya₱384.00
3 Kinds Mushroom with Vegetables₱384.00
Salted Egg Chicken₱390.00
Cereal Chicken₱390.00
French Beans with Minced Pork₱432.00
Broccoli Garlic₱432.00
Salt and Pepper Spareribs₱444.00
Sweet and Sour Pork₱444.00
Seafood Hotpot with Tofu₱444.00
Salt and Pepper Squid₱456.00
Salt and Pepper Intestine₱456.00
Beef Brisket₱462.00
Beef Tendon₱462.00
Hotplate Tofu with Shrimp₱462.00
Curry Beef Brisket₱474.00
Curry Beef Tendon₱474.00
Beef Brisket and Tendon₱474.00
Beef Brisket Ampalaya₱474.00
Beef Brisket Broccoli₱474.00
Salted Egg Prawn₱546.00
Cereal Prawn₱546.00

HK Roasts

  • eat fresh menu philippine hk roasts 1
  • eat fresh menu philippine hk roasts 2
HK Roasts MenuPrice
Pork Neck Asado Rice Toppings₱258.00
Lechon Macau Rice Toppings₱258.00
Soy Chicken Rice Toppings₱258.00
White Chicken Rice Toppings₱258.00
HK Soy Chicken₱264.00
HK White Chicken₱264.00
Two Roast Combination (except Roast Duck)₱282.00
Century Egg with Jelly Fish₱336.00
Roast Duck Rice Toppings₱444.00
Roast Duck + Any 1 from Roast Meat Choices₱469.00
Lechon Macau₱480.00
Roast Pork Combination₱696.00
Roast Duck₱938.00
Roast Duck Combination₱1,100.00
Roast Duck Party Platter₱2,225.00


eat fresh menu philippine drinks
Drinks MenuPrice
Bottled Water₱60.00
Black Gulaman (Grass Jelly)₱78.00
White Gulaman (Almond)₱78.00
Black and White Gulaman₱78.00
Coke Products₱102.00
Hot Milo₱102.00
Hot Milk Tea/Hot Nai Cha₱102.00
Hot Coffee₱102.00
Black Gulaman Shake₱120.00
White Gulaman Shake₱120.00
Black and White Gulaman Shake₱120.00
Iced Tea₱120.00
HK Milk Tea/Nai Cha₱120.00
HK Milk Tea with Grass Jelly/Nai Cha Jelly₱138.00
HK Milk Tea with Pearls/Nai Cha Pearls₱138.00
Milo Dinosaur₱180.00

Fresh Juices

Fresh Juices MenuPrice
Orange Juice₱180.00
Apple Carrot Juice₱180.00
Orange Carrot Juice₱180.00
5 Greens Juice₱210.00
A.B.C. Juice₱210.00

Fresh Shakes

Fresh Shakes MenuPrice
Mango Shake₱180.00
Kiwi Shake₱180.00
Banana Mango Shake₱180.00
Guyabano Shake₱180.00
Avocado Shake (Seasonal)₱210.00


eat fresh menu philippine desserts
Desserts MenuPrice
Kaya Toast₱114.00
Custard Egg Bun (3 Pieces)₱180.00
Milo Bun (3 Pieces)₱180.00
Steamed Kaya Bun (3 Pieces)₱180.00
Steamed Trio Sampler (3 Pieces)₱180.00

Frozen Items

eat fresh menu philippine frozen items 2
Frozen Items MenuPrice
Laksa Soup₱180.00
Frozen Lobster Ball (250g)₱180.00
Frozen Squid Ball (250g)₱180.00
Frozen Fishball (250g)₱180.00
Frozen Fish Tofu (250g)₱180.00
Frozen Jumbo Bola Bola Siopao₱264.00
Chili Sauce (220g)₱288.00
Laksa Noodle Kit₱312.00
Frozen Bola Bola Siopao (5 Pieces)₱360.00
Frozen Asado Siopao (5 Pieces)₱360.00
Frozen Chicken Feet (500g)₱420.00
Frozen Fried Wanton (30 Pieces)₱420.00
Frozen Vegimaki (6 Sticks)₱450.00
Frozen Yakisausage (6 Sticks)₱510.00
Frozen Beancurd Roll (12 Pieces)₱540.00
Frozen Custard Egg Bun (10 Pieces)₱540.00
Frozen Milo Bun (10pcs)₱540.00
Frozen Taosi Spareribs (500g)₱600.00
Frozen Steamed Wanton (25 Pieces)₱720.00
Frozen Hakaw (16 Pieces)₱744.00
Frozen Siomai (20 Pieces)₱780.00
Frozen Beef Brisket (700g)₱960.00
Frozen Beef Tendon (700g)₱960.00

Last Update: April 30, 2023


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