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Coco Ichibanya is a chain restaurant that specializes in Japanese-style curry rice, established in 1978. Customers can customize their curry by choosing the rice portion, spice level, and toppings from nearly 40 varieties. The restaurant has been well received by Japanese people and has now expanded to Indonesia.

The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere with comfortable seating, although it can be quite crowded during lunchtime and weekends. Customers have shared mixed reviews about the food, with some praising the rich and flavorful curry and others expressing disappointment in the rice portion or the execution of the dish. The price range is relatively high, but the portion size is generous. Recommended dishes include the Chicken Cutlet Omelette Curry Rice and the Creamed Mushroom, Beef Spinach Omelette Curry Rice with Croquette.

Here is the most recent Coco Ichibanya menu for 2023 in Philippines:


coco ichibanya menu philippine basket
Basket MenuPrice
French Fries Basket₱209.00
Chicken Nuggets Basket₱242.00
Seafood Basket₱319.00

Naan Bread

coco ichibanya menu philippine naan bread
Naan Bread MenuPrice
Extra Naan Bread₱275.00
Naan Bread Set₱319.00

Omelette Curry

coco ichibanya menu philippine omelette curry
Okra Tofu Omelette Curry₱297.00
Vegetable Omelette Curry₱341.00
Stewed Shrimp₱385.00
Creamed Chicken Curry₱396.00
Creamed Mushroom Curry₱407.00
Clam and Tomato Omellete Curry₱440.00
Chicken Cutlet Omellete Curry₱440.00
Pork Cutlet Omellete Curry₱440.00
Fried Chicken Omellete Curry₱440.00
Beef Omellete Curry₱517.00

Seafood Curry Dish

coco ichibanya menu philippine seafood curry dish
Seafood Curry Dish MenuPrice
Clam Curry₱363.00
Stewed Shrimp Curry₱363.00
Fried Squid Curry₱396.00
Fried Fish Curry₱396.00
Seafood Curry₱418.00
Shrimp Cutlet Curry₱429.00
Fried Shrimp Curry₱429.00

Meat Curry

coco ichibanya menu philippine meat curry
Meat Curry MenuPrice
Sliced Pork Curry₱330.00
Stewed Chicken Curry₱363.00
Grilled Pork and Kimchi Rice₱363.00
Sliced Beef Curry₱363.00
Hamburg Steak Curry₱396.00
Meatball Curry₱418.00
Chicken Cutlet Curry₱418.00
Pork Cutlet Curry₱418.00
Sausage Curry₱418.00
Fried Chicken Curry₱418.00
Hamburg Steak Curry with Cheese Curry₱429.00
Beef Curry₱495.00

Mixed Curry

coco ichibanya menu philippine mixed curry 1
Mixed Curry MenuPrice
Vegetable and Spinach Curry₱385.00
Scrambled Egg and Creamed Croquette Curry₱429.00
Hamburg Steak and Tomato Curry₱451.00
Eggplant Vegetable and Spinach Curry₱451.00
Creamed Croquette and Cheese Curry₱473.00
Clam and Spinach Tomato Curry₱484.00
Fried Fish and Vegetable Curry₱495.00
Hamburger Steak Spinach and Tomato Curry₱517.00
Pork Cutlet and Vegetable Curry₱517.00
Pork Cutlet and Cheese Curry₱528.00
Beef and Vegetable Curry₱594.00
Fried Fish and Spinach Curry₱605.00
Fried Fish, Spinach, Stewed Shrimp Curry₱605.00


coco ichibanya menu philippine others 1
Others MenuPrice
Scrambled Egg Curry₱286.00
Natto Curry₱319.00
Cheese Curry₱330.00
Creamed Croquette Curry₱363.00
Mushroom Curry₱363.00


coco ichibanya menu philippine drinks
Drinks MenuPrice
Coke Light₱88.00
Coke Regular₱88.00
Sola Iced Tea₱110.00
Sparkling Water₱110.00
Bottled Water₱110.00

Mugen Group

coco ichibanya menu philippine mugen group
Mugen Group MenuPrice
Mugen Group Card₱2,100.00


coco ichibanya menu philippine salad
Salad MenuPrice
Egg Salad₱198.00
Tuna Salad₱198.00
Corn Salad₱198.00
Mixed Salad₱253.00
Sausage Salad₱330.00
Fried Chicken Salad₱330.00
Fried Squid Salad₱330.00
Fried Shrimp Salad₱330.00

Vegetable Curry Dish

coco ichibanya menu philippine vegetable curry dish
Vegetable Curry Dish MenuPrice
Spinach Curry₱286.00
Okra Tofu Curry₱286.00
Eggplant Curry₱286.00
Kimchi Curry₱286.00
Vegetable Curry₱319.00


Udon MenuPrice
Curry Udon₱374.00

Alcoholic Drink

coco ichibanya menu philippine alcoholic drink 1
Alcoholic Drink MenuPrice
San Miguel Light – can₱110.00
San Miguel Pale – can₱110.00

Family Set

Family Set MenuPrice
Family Set A₱1,078.00
Family Set B₱1,111.00
Family Set C₱1,177.00
Family Set D₱1,177.00

Last Update: April 29, 2023


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