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Dunkin’ Donuts, a popular chain of coffee and baked goods restaurants, has been serving customers for over 70 years. Founded in 1951 by Bill Rosenberg, the company quickly began expanding through franchising, signing its first agreement in 1955. Today, Dunkin’ Brands, the parent company of Dunkin’ Donuts, boasts over 130 years of experience in the industry.

Headquartered in Quincy, Massachusetts, Dunkin’ Donuts operates over 11,300 restaurants worldwide, with the majority located in the United States.

The company has seen steady growth in revenue in recent years, with a significant increase from $811 million to $1.25 billion between 2015 and 2016. Dunkin’ Donuts’ estimated revenue currently stands at $1.37 billion.

Dunkin Delivery Order

If you’re craving your favorite treats from Dunkin’ Donuts in the Philippines, you can easily have them delivered to your doorstep. The company offers delivery services through major platforms such as GrabFood and Foodpanda.

Additionally, Dunkin’ Donuts Philippines has their own standalone app (Android and iPhone) that allows customers to place orders and earn loyalty rewards through a point-based system.

So, whether you’re in the mood for a classic glazed doughnut or a hot cup of coffee, you can have it delivered right to your home with just a few taps on your phone.

Here is the latest Dunkin Donuts menu for Philippines 2023:

Donut Bundles

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Pre-Assorted Half Dozen Premium Donuts₱264.00
Pre-Assorted Great Bundle₱286.00
2023 New Year Donut Bundle₱286.00
Pre-Assorted Dozen Classic Donuts₱330.00
Pre-Assorted Classic Munchkins Bucket₱336.00
Pre-Assorted Greater Bundle₱342.00
Pre-Assorted Delights Bundle₱362.00
Pre-Assorted Famous Bundle₱417.00
BTN Bundle₱417.00
Pre-Assorted Munchkins Bucket₱420.00
Pre-Assorted Premium Munchkins Bucket₱503.00
Pre-Assorted Supreme Bundle₱524.00
Pre-Assorted Dozen Premium Donuts₱528.00
Pre-Assorted Awesome Bundle₱572.00
Pre-Assorted 2 Dozen Classic Donuts₱660.00
Pre-Assorted Ultimate Bundle₱826.00


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Cheese Bunwich₱60.00
Ham & Cheese Bunwich₱82.00
Bacon Cheesy Mushroom Bunwich₱82.00
Tuna Bunwich₱82.00
Spanish Sausage Bunwich₱82.00
Korean Garlic Cream Cheese Bun₱82.00
Cheese Croissant₱99.00
Dunkin’ Waffles₱105.00
Tuna Croissant₱132.00
Ham & Cheese Croissant₱132.00
Bacon Cheesy Mushroom Croissant₱132.00
Spanish Sausage Croissant₱132.00
Mini Milk Buns₱148.00
Plain Mini Croissants Pack₱218.00
Chocolate Mini Croissants Pack₱242.00

Hot Beverages

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Hot Brewed Black Tea₱66.00
Hot Brewed Green Tea₱66.00
Hot Chocolate₱71.00
Brewed Coffee₱82.00
Choco Java₱99.00
Plain Latte₱104.00
Plain Cappuccino₱104.00
Café Americano₱104.00
Mocha Latte₱115.00
Caramel Latte₱115.00
Mocha Cappuccino₱115.00
Caramel Cappuccino₱115.00
Spanish Latte (Large)₱132.00
D’ Coffee Box (1 Liter)₱297.00
D’ Hot Chocolate Box (1 Liter)₱297.00
D’ Choco Java Box (1 Liter)₱363.00
D’ Coffee Box (2 Liters)₱396.00

Cold Beverages

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Icy Choco₱77.00
Iced Brewed Black Tea₱77.00
Iced Brewed Green Tea₱77.00
Icy Orange₱77.00
Dunkin’ Dalandan Fruit Drink₱82.00
Iced Coffee₱93.00
Icy Choco with Pearls₱99.00
Iced Coffee Almond₱104.00
Iced Coffee Hazelnut₱104.00
Icy Choco Extra Large (22oz)₱104.00
Iced Choco Java₱110.00
Iced Coffee Extra Large (22oz)₱110.00
Iced Coffee with Pearls₱115.00
Iced Latte₱115.00
Icy Choco with Pearls Extra Large (22oz)₱115.00
Iced Coffee with Pearls Extra Large (22oz)₱121.00
Iced Latte Extra Large (22oz)₱126.00
Iced Spanish Latte (Large)₱132.00
Iced Spanish Latte Extra Large (22oz)₱143.00
Iced Coffee Hazelnut Extra Large (22oz)₱159.00
Iced Coffee Almond Extra Large (22oz)₱159.00
D’ Iced Coffee Box (1 Liter)₱319.00

Popping Tea

donut dunkin menu singapore 2023 popping tea
Mango Fruit Tea₱115.00
Strawberry Fruit Tea₱115.00
Classic Milk Tea₱137.00
Taro Milk Tea₱137.00
Okinawa Milk Tea₱137.00
Taro Pearl Milk₱137.00
Strawberry Pearl Milk₱137.00
Mango Pearl Milk₱137.00
Chocolate Pearl Milk₱137.00


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Pablo’s Pick₱110.00
Stell’s Selection₱126.00
Josh’s Fave (Donuts)₱154.00
Ken’s Choice₱136.00
Justin’s Craving₱136.00
Medium Brewed Coffee Waffle Combo₱151.00
Hot Choco Waffle Combo₱151.00
K-BUN Combo- Large Iced Coffee₱156.00
K-BUN Combo- Large Brewed Coffee₱156.00
Large Brewed Coffee Waffle Combo₱162.00
Josh’s Fave (Bunwich)₱165.00
Shareables 1₱619.00
Shareables 2₱509.00

Limited Time Offers

donut dunkin menu singapore 2023 limited time offers
KSH Tin Can + 7pcs. Hot Choco₱286.00
KSH Tin Can + 7pcs. Drip Coffee₱328.00



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