Anchor Bolt Price List and Buying Guide

The price of an anchor bolt in the Philippines can range from P60 to P480, based on its size and type.

When it comes to fastening, these nuts are very important, especially when connecting structural pieces to concrete.

Anchor bolts in the Philippines come in many different sizes and styles, so their cost is affected by these factors. It is important to think about the needs of your project when choosing anchor bolts.

What is Anchor Bolt?

What is Anchor Bolt

Anchor bolts are strong fasteners that are used to connect things to concrete.

By pushing the bolt through the base and into the concrete, it secures things like steel poles or tools.

Anchor nuts move different kinds of loads, like shear forces and tension forces.

They can be made of galvanized iron or stainless steel, and there are different kinds that are good for different jobs.

Uses of Anchor Bolt

Anchor Bolt Uses

The following are some uses for anchor bolts:

  • Putting structural and non-structural parts of a building together with concrete.
  • Attaching steel to concrete for building purposes.
  • Putting together links between structural parts, like steel columns and foundations made of reinforced concrete.
  • Connecting non-structural parts to reinforced concrete walls, such as surface systems.
  • Getting stress and shear forces from one part to another.
  • In the railway business, people build railways and subway lines.
  • Putting medical tools on hospital walls or ceilings.
  • Putting bars and guardrails up in a safe way.

Anchor Bolt Types

Anchor bolts can be put into two groups: those that are cast in place and those that are put in after the fact. Here are the most common ones:

1. Cast-In-Place Anchor Bolts:

Cast In Place Anchor Bolts
  • Lifting Inserts: Used to lift normal or prestressed RC beams.
  • Anchor channels use a T-shaped screw in a hot-rolled or cold-formed steel shape to join two pieces of precast concrete.
  • Headed Stud: A steel plate with welded-on headed screws.
  • Threaded Sleeves: A tube with an internal thread that goes back into the concrete.
  • Undercut Anchors: Makes an area for the head of the anchor to touch the wall of the hole.
  • Bent-Bar Anchor Bolt: Ideal for installing a pole or heavy equipment because the screw shape like J or L.

2. Post-Installed Anchor Bolts:

Post Installed Anchor Bolts
  • Wedge Anchors: These are put into a hole and held in place by turning a screw to make the anchor expand and press against the material.
  • Screw Anchors: Based on focused pressure exchange between the screw and concrete through the pitches.
  • Plastic Anchors: Applying power to a screw inside a plastic sleeve creates expansion force.
  • Tapcon Screws are self-tapping concrete screws that need a hole that has already been made.
  • Powder-Actuated Anchors: A type of fastener that uses a gas-powered gun to drive a screw into the base material.
  • Lag screws have a metal sheath that grows when the screw is put in.
  • Hammer Driver Pin: Used to attach thin objects to concrete.
  • Toggle Wing: This is a great way to hold smaller weights in walls that are hollow.
  • Double Expansion Shield: Uses two expansion points inside a standard shielded anchor.
  • Wedge: Uses a moving wedge to tighten upward and secure the nut downward.

These anchor bolts can be used for a number of different things in building and fastening.

Anchor Bolt Price List

If you need to buy anchor bolts, check out the anchor bolt price Philippines first.

Anchor Bolt TypeSizeQuantityPrice
Hex Bolt Anchor8 mm2₱60
Drop-in Anchor Bolts5/16” diameter bolt thread1₱90
Hollow Wall Anchor BoltsM4 x 3210₱105
Wedge Anchor BoltM6 x 75 mm5₱185
M12 x 120 mm5₱425
Galvanized Lag Screw0.25” x 3”10₱220
TGC Galvanized Toggle Wing3 x 75 mm20₱222
Sleeve Anchor Bolts0.5” x 100 mm3₱315
J-Bolt2,5” x 0.25”100₱430

Thing You Should Know about Anchor bolt

  • What’s the point of an anchor bolt? Anchor bolts are used to connect structural elements to concrete, giving them support and stability.
  • How do anchor nuts in concrete work? Concrete anchor bolts are set by hammering a steel pin into the anchor body. This causes the anchor to grow and grip the concrete hole wall.
  • What’s the difference between anchor bolts and bolts that go all the way through? Anchor bolts must be put in from both sides of the material, while through bolts can be put in from only one side.
  • Are concrete stakes strong? Yes, wedge anchors and sleeve anchors are both strong types of concrete anchors that can hold a lot of weight.
  • What kind of metal is best for anchor nuts? Because it is strong and durable, zinc-coated steel is often used for anchor nuts.

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