Coco Milk Tea Menu

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice, established in 1997, is a global leader in the fresh tea beverage market, with over 4,500 locations.

They continue to grow internationally and appreciate heritage while bringing daring menu changes. All beverages are produced in-store using high-quality ingredients, providing clients with a one-of-a-kind bubble tea experience.

CoCo is well-known for their worldwide procurement approach of finding the finest seasonal fruits and ingredients to assure product quality.

Their distinctive beverages are crafted from fresh fruits and whole leaf teas, and they taste wonderful and refreshing.

Here is the latest Coco Milk Tea menu for Philippines 2023:


coco milk tea menu philippine seasonal
Seasonal MenuPrice
Strawberry Matcha Latte₱150.00
Strawberry Matcha Latte with Pearls₱160.00
Honey Jelly Cantaloupe₱160.00
Lychee Cherry Blossom₱160.00

Milk Tea

coco milk tea menu philippine milk tea
Milk Tea MenuPrice
CoCo Milk Tea₱95.00
Jasmine Milk Tea₱95.00
Pearl Milk Tea₱100.00
Panda Milk Tea₱100.00
Grass Jelly Milk Tea₱100.00
White Pearl Milk Tea₱100.00
2 Ladies₱100.00
Taro Milk Tea₱110.00
3 Buddies₱110.00


coco milk tea menu philippine juice
Juice MenuPrice
Winter Melon Juice₱85.00
Green Tea Yakult (Regular)₱90.00
Honey Lemon₱90.00
Lemon Calamansi₱90.00
Winter Melon with Grass Jelly₱95.00
Lemon Winter Melon₱95.00
Lemon Yakult (Regular)₱100.00

Cream & Latte

coco milk tea menu philippine cream latte
Cream & Latte MenuPrice
Salty Cream Black Tea₱90.00
Salty Cream Mountain Tea₱95.00
Black Tea Latte₱95.00
Winter Melon Latte₱95.00
Salty Cream Milk Tea₱100.00
Salty Cream Winter Melon Tea₱100.00
Matcha Tea Latte₱100.00
Pearl Matcha Tea Latte₱105.00
Panda Matcha Tea Latte₱110.00
Salty Cream Chocolate₱110.00
Taro Latte₱110.00
Salty Cream Matcha Tea Latte₱115.00

Fresh Tea

coco milk tea menu philippine fresh tea
Fresh Tea MenuPrice
Ceylon Black Tea₱60.00
Jasmine Green Tea₱60.00
Mountain Tea₱65.00
Honey Mountain Tea₱80.00
Winter Melon Mountain Tea₱85.00

Fruit Tea

coco milk tea menu philippine fruit tea
Fruit Tea MenuPrice
Lemon Black Tea₱90.00
Passion Fruit Green Tea₱95.00
Passion Fruit Mountain Tea₱95.00
Passion Fruit Tea Burst₱100.00
Lemon Dunk (Large)₱110.00
Grape Fruit Mountain Tea (Regular)₱110.00
Orange Mountain Tea (Regular)₱110.00
Grape Fruit & Orange Tea (Regular)₱110.00


coco milk tea menu philippine chocolate
Chocolate MenuPrice
CoCo Chocolate₱100.00
Chocolate with Pearl₱105.00
Chocolate with Pudding and Pearl₱110.00


coco milk tea menu philippine slush
Slush MenuPrice
Lemon Yakult Slush₱105.00
Passion Fruit Slush₱110.00
Matcha Slush with Salty Cream₱120.00
Taro Slush₱120.00


coco milk tea menu philippine coffe
Coffee MenuPrice
CoCo Black Coffee₱90.00
CoCo Coffee₱100.00
CoCo Coffee with Pearl₱110.00
Salty Cream Coffee₱110.00
Matcha Coffee₱120.00
Mocha Coffee₱120.00
Matcha Coffee with Pearl₱125.00
Mocha Coffee with Pearl₱125.00


coco milk tea menu philippine qq
QQ MenuPrice
QQ Milk Tea₱120.00
3Q Milk Tea₱130.00
QQ Taro Milk Tea₱130.00
QQ Taro Latte₱130.00


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