C Purlins Price List and Buying Guide

If you are planning to build a roof or a wall with affordable price, you must pick C purlins.

But what are they and why are they very important? In this article, we will answer these questions and of course the price of C Purlins in the Philippines.

What are C Purlins?

What is C Purlins

C purlins are horizontal beams shaped like the letter C that support roof or wall cladding. They are made of galvanized steel for rust prevention.

C purlins come in various sizes and thicknesses to carry different loads. They provide stability and resistance to heavy winds in metal buildings.

It also used for supporting floors and walls in residential, agricultural, and industrial applications.

C Purlins Standard Size

C Purlins Size

C purlins come in various standard sizes and thicknesses, depending on the load and span requirements.

The standard length of C purlins is 6 meters, but they can also be customized to suit specific needs.

The table below shows some of the common sizes and thicknesses of C purlins available in the Philippines.

75mm x 50mm0.7mm – 1.2mm
100mm x 50mm0.7mm – 1.2mm
150mm x 50mm0.9mm – 1.5mm
200mm x 50mm1.0mm – 1.5mm

C Purlins Type

There are two types of C purlins: plain and lipped.

  • Plain C purlins have no stiffeners on the flanges, while lipped C purlins have stiffeners on one or both flanges.
  • Lipped C purlins are more rigid and stable than plain C purlins, and they can also reduce the number of fasteners needed to attach the cladding.

C Purlin Price List

C Purlins Price Philippines

Size, thickness, material, quality, and supplier all affect C purlins price.

Prices can vary from ₱315 to ₱2,800 per piece in the Philippines, without including VAT and delivery fees.

The following are some of C purlins price from various vendors:

SizeThicknessPrice per Piece
75mm x 50mm0.7mm₱314 – ₱800
100mm x 50mm0.7mm₱359 – ₱900
75mm x 50mm1.2mm₱499 – ₱1405
100mm x 50mm1.2mm₱572 – ₱1505
150mm x 50mm0.9mm₱544 – ₱1800
75mm x 50mm1mm₱409 – ₱1950
100mm x 50mm1mm₱471 – ₱2000
150mm x 50mm1mm₱583 – ₱2500
150mm x 50mm1.2mm₱712 – ₱2800
2 inches x 3 inches1.2mm₱448
2 inches x 4 inches1.2mm₱508
2 inches x 3 inches1.5mm₱574
2 inches x 6 inches1.2mm₱641
2 inches x 4 inches1.5mm₱655
2 inches x 7 inches1.2mm₱735
2 inches x 6 inches1.5mm₱821
2 inches x 7 inches1.5mm₱935
2 inches x 3 inches2mm₱1,027
2 inches x 4 inches2mm₱1,176
2 inches x 6 inches2mm₱1,484
2 inches x 7 inches2mm₱1,633

Advantages and Disadvantages of C Purlins

In comparison to other purlin kinds like Z purlins or wood purlins, C purlins offer some benefits and drawbacks..


  • They are portable, manageable, and low in weight.
  • They are strong and resistant to termites, fire, and corrosion.
  • Due of their flexibility, they may be bent or curled to match various shapes and angles.
  • They are cost-effective and can reduce the need for personnel and raw materials.
  • They work with a range of cladding materials, including metal sheets, tiles, and panels.


  • Compared to other types of purlins, they could need more fasteners and connections.
  • They might not be appropriate for big weights or spans that are particularly long.
  • To avoid buckling or twisting, they could require additional support or bracing.
  • Temperature fluctuations may cause them to experience thermal expansion or contraction.

How to Install C Purlins

Tools including a tape measure, level, drill, saw, hammer, wrench, screws, bolts, washers, nuts, clamps, brackets, and safety equipment are required to install C purlins.

Although the installation procedure may differ, these are the general steps:

  • Mark where the supporting rafters or columns are and how far apart they are.
  • To the desired length, cut the C purlins.
  • Create fastening holes on the C purlins’ web.
  • Using connectors, place the C purlins in line with the rafters or columns.
  • Using a level or plumb line, check the level and alignment.
  • Use screws or nails to fasten the cladding material to the C purlins’ flanges.

Things You Should Know About C Purlins

Before you buy or install C purlins for your roofing or construction project, here are some things you should know:

  • Based on the requirements of your wall or roof, select the right size.
  • For correct design and calculations, consult an engineer or architect.
  • For installation and upkeep, adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Check for damage on a regular basis, then make any necessary repairs or replacements.

C purlins provide advantages including being lightweight, strong, adaptable, and economical just like C Channel Bar.

But for the best performance and safety, they need additional fasteners and good design.


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