Buying Hardiflex: A Complete Guide

Hardiflex is a well-known construction material that is often used for ceiling and wall cladding. When contemplating acquiring Hardiflex for a project, it’s critical to understand the costs involved.

This article is a detailed Hardiflex purchasing guide, offering information on its typical price range, what to consider when selecting the proper model, where to purchase, and money-saving strategies.

With this helpful guidance, you’ll be able to make educated judgments and effectively finish your next job.

What is Hardiflex?

what is hardiflex

Hardiflex is a strong, long-lasting, and adaptable construction material comprised of Portland cement and cellulose fibers. It comes in sheets of 3 by 5 feet (91 by 152 cm) and is 14 to 12 inch (6.4 to 12.7 mm) thick, making it an excellent option for use as a tile backing board.

Hardiflex, as opposed to water-resistant gypsum boards, enhances the impact resistance and strength of the wall surface, making it appropriate for outdoor application.

Furthermore, Hardiflex is non-toxic, flexible, and of excellent quality, enabling it to survive harsh weather conditions such as direct sunlight and heavy rain.

Types of Hardiflex Board

types of hardiflex board

Hardiflex is a fiber-cement board that is widely used for wall and ceiling cladding. Hardiflex is available in numerous varieties, including:

  1. Standard Hardiflex: This is the most popular Hardiflex kind, and it is appropriate for regular wall and ceiling construction.
  2. Moisture-Resistant Hardiflex: This Hardiflex is moisture-resistant and is widely used in high-humidity locations such as bathrooms and kitchens.
  3. Fire-Resistant Hardiflex: This Hardiflex has been coated to withstand fire and is extensively used in commercial and residential constructions.
  4. Impact-Resistant Hardiflex: This Hardiflex is intended to be more robust and resistant to impact damage, making it perfect for use in high-traffic areas.

The ideal Hardiflex for your project will be determined by a number of variables, including the installation’s purpose, location, and budget. This data will assist you in making an educated choice and ensuring the success of your project.

Choosing the Right Hardiflex for Your Project

choosing the right hardiflex for your project

There are various elements to consider when selecting Hardiflex for a project to guarantee you get the proper kind for your requirements. These are some examples:

  1. Purpose of installation: Consider the Hardiflex’s intended purpose, such as wall cladding or ceiling installation.
  2. Location: Consider the Hardiflex’s installation setting, such as a humid bathroom or a high-traffic location.
  3. Budget: Determine your project budget and choose a Hardiflex that fits within your budget while still satisfying your demands.

By taking these aspects into account, you can guarantee that you choose the appropriate Hardiflex for your project, resulting in a successful installation.

Tips for Saving Money on Hardiflex

tips for saving money on hardiflex

The following techniques can help you save money on Hardiflex for your project:

  1. Buying in bulk: Bulk savings are available when purchasing bigger quantities of Hardiflex.
  2. Negotiating with the seller: Don’t be scared to haggle with the merchant to get a better deal.
  3. Comparison shopping: Compare rates from several vendors to verify you’re getting the greatest value.

You may easily save money on your Hardiflex purchase while still acquiring the quality products you need for your project by following these guidelines.

Hardfilex vs Gypsum Board

hardfilex vs gypsum board

HardieFlex is more impact-resistant and durable than gypsum board, but it is also significantly heavier.

A utility knife can readily cut gypsum board, but a circular saw with a heavy-duty blade is required to cut HardieFlex. HardieFlex is often installed by a professional.

HardieFlex is available in two varieties: water-resistant and waterproof, while gypsum board is only available in water-resistant with a moisture-resistant paper covering.

HardieFlex with a thickness of more than 16 mm may be used for flooring, however gypsum board, even with the same or higher thickness, cannot.

Textile overlay with sticky plaster glue and extra plastering cement is also possible with HardieFlex. The surface features a smooth and rough side, with the smooth side often used for display and the rough side typically utilized for tiling adherence.

Due to the risk of collapse in older houses, gypsum board should not be utilized for wet applications or as tile backing. It is less expensive and lighter than HardieFlex, but it has a smoother surface and a beautiful finish at the edge joints.

Price List for Hardiflex in the Philippines

The following is a complete Hardfilex pricing list in the Philippines. The prices shown below may change based on. the location and time of purchase

HardieFlex Types and SizePrice
HardieFlex® NexGen™ Eaves Plain₱202.00
HardieFlex® NexGen™ Senepa 9mm x 10″₱284.00
HardieFlex® NexGen™ Eaves Perforated₱313.00
HardieFlex® NexGen™ Eaves Slotted₱313.00
Hardie™ Putty (5.0kg)₱337.00
HardieFlex® NexGen™ Eaves Woodgrain (Plain) 4.5mm₱388.00
HardieFlex® NexGen™ Senepa 12mm x10″₱395.00
HardieFlex® NexGen™ Eaves Woodgrain (Slotted) 4.5mm₱425.00
Hardie™ Drive Screws 20mm (1000s)₱437.00
Hardie™ Drive Screws 25mm (1000s)₱468.00
HardieFlex® NexGen™ Senepa 12mm x 12″ (2438mm x 305mm)₱473.00
HardieFlex® NexGen™ Eaves Woodgrain (Plain) 6.00mm₱473.00
HardieFlex® NexGen™ Fiber Cement Board 3.5mm₱480.00
Hardie™ Plank NexGen™ Select Cedarmill₱484.00
HardieFlex® NexGen™ Fiber Cement Board 4.5mm₱591.00
HardieFlex® NexGen™ Eaves Woodgrain (Slotted) 6.0mm₱601.00
Hardie™ Drive Screws 32mm (1000s)₱686.00
HardieFlex® NexGen™ Senepa 12mm x 12″ (3660mm x 305mm)₱715.00
HardieFlex® NexGen™ Fiber Cement Board 6.0mm₱818.00
Hardie™ Pattern NexGen™ Textured Wall Board₱849.00
HardieFlex® NexGen™ Fiber Cement Board 9.0mm₱1,271.00
HardieFlex® NexGen™ Flooring 16mm x 2400mm x 600mm₱1,351.00
Hardie™ Tool Scoring Knife (box of 10)₱1,394.00
Hardie™ Putty (25kg)₱1,471.00
HardieFlex® NexGen™ Fiber Cement Board 12.0mm₱1,763.00
Hardie™ Drive Screws 38mm (1000s)₱2,569.00
HardieFlex® NexGen™ Flooring 16mm x 2400mm x 1200mm₱2,577.00
Hardie™ Drive Nails 1 1/4″ (25 kg box)₱5,475.00


Finally, Hardiflex is a flexible and long-lasting construction material that is often used for wall and ceiling cladding. When contemplating buying Hardiflex, it’s critical to understand the cost-influencing aspects, such as the kind of Hardiflex, the purpose of installation, and the location.

This article offers a detailed Hardiflex purchasing guide, including information on its typical price range, money-saving suggestions, and where to purchase.

By following this guidance, you will be able to make educated choices and effectively finish your next Hardiflex job.


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