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Tapa King is a fast food restaurant known for its tapa meals. It offers various variants of tapa, with one of the favorites being the Tapa Queen, which is known for its spiciness. While they specialize in tapa, they also serve a variety of other dishes.

The Santana Grove, Sucat branch is specifically mentioned in the review. This branch is appreciated for its 24-hour service, catering to the needs of customers, especially those from nearby call centers. The ambience of the restaurant is described as clean and warm, providing a comfortable environment for diners.

The reviewer mentions that Tapa King used to have their favorite dish, Adobo Flakes, although it’s no longer available. However, they do appreciate that the restaurant offers proper vegetables, particularly kang kong guisado, adding a healthy option to the menu.

Here is the most recent Tapa King menu for 2023 in Philippines:

Break Bites

tapa king menu philippine break bites 1
Break Bites MenuPrice
Champorado with₱75.00
Tapa Canton₱130.00
Pinoy Spaghetti₱130.00
Tapa Lugaw₱130.00
Champorado with Danggit₱180.00
Pinoy Beef Mami₱180.00

Break Bites – King Desals

tapa king menu philippine break bites king desals
Break Bites – King Desals MenuPricePrice (+ Pepsi 330ml)Price (+ Iced Tea 12oz)Price (+ Hand Drip Coffe)Price (+ Hot Choco)
Chicken Tapa Desal₱110.00₱155.00₱155.00₱160.00₱160.00
Corned Beef Desal₱110.00₱155.00₱155.00₱160.00₱160.00
Tapa Flakes Desal₱110.00₱155.00₱155.00₱160.00


tapa king menu philippine desserts
Desserts MenuPrice
Leche Fan₱68.00
Chocolate Cake Slice₱105.00
Mais co Hielo₱125.00
Chocolate Cake Whole₱998.00


tapa king menu philippine extras
Exras MenuPrice
Hand Drip Coffee Sachet₱45.00
Bottled Water 500ml₱45.00
Hot Chocolate Sachet₱55.00
Hand Drip Coffee Set₱60.00
Pineapple Juice in can 240ml₱69.00
Mountain Dew in can₱75.00
7Up in can₱75.00
Mug in can₱75.00
Mirinda in can₱75.00

Good Morning Bowl

Good Morning Bowl MenuPrice
Fried Beef Siomai Rice Bowl₱145.00
Fried Beef Lumpia Rice Bowl₱145.00
Chicken Barbeque Rice Bowl₱155.00
Beef Pares Rice Bowl₱155.00
Tapa’t Siomai Rice Bowl₱185.00
Tapa’t Longganisa Rice Bowl₱185.00
Tapa’t Danggit Rice Bowl₱185.00
Tapa’t Lumpia Rice Bowl₱185.00

Good Morning Plates

tapa king menu philippine good morning plates
Good Morning Plates MenuPrice
Pork Longganisa₱175.00
Chicken Poppers₱175.00
Chicken Tocino₱175.00
Aguila Corned Beef₱185.00
Beef Sisig₱199.00
Boneless Bangus₱230.00
Bangus Tinapa₱230.00
Beef Sisig Platter₱279.00

Homestyle Classic-Soup & Stew

tapa king menu philippine homestyle classic soup stew
Homestyle Classic-Soup & Stew MenuPricePrice (+ Drink)
Beef Kare-kare₱265.00₱295.00
Smoked Bangus Sinigang₱265.00₱295.00
Beef Sinigang₱265.00₱295.00

Homestyle Classic-Veg & Side

tapa king menu philippine homestyle classic veg side 2
Homestyle Classic-Veg & Side MenuPrice
Fried Tokwa₱75.00
Extra Danggit₱90.00
Tokwa’t Tapa₱105.00
Extra Beef Lumpia₱105.00

Kid’s Choice

tapa king menu philippine kids choice 1
Kid’s Choice MenuPrice
Tapa Nuggets₱115.00
Pinoy Spaghetti₱130.00
Kid’s Choice Meal₱188.00

Party Pack

tapa king menu philippine party pack 2
Party Pack MenuPrice
Fried Beef Siomai Party Pack₱345.00
Fried Beef Lumpia Party Pack₱345.00
Tapalabok Party Pack₱345.00
Tapa Canton Party Pack₱345.00

Retail Items

tapa king menu philippine retail items
Retail Items MenuPrice
Bottled Garlic Vinegar₱70.00
Bottled Spicy Vinegar₱80.00
Bottled Atchara₱95.00
Bottled Chili Garlic₱175.00
Frozen Smoked Bangus₱179.00
Frozen Boneless Bangus₱179.00
Bottled Spicy Tuyo₱245.00
Bottled RTE Tapa Flakes₱275.00
Frozen Aguila Corned Beef₱345.00
Frozen Tapa Prince Sweet & Savory₱399.00
Frozen Tapa Queen Spicy & Sweet₱399.00
Frozen Tapa King Classic₱399.00

Royal Meals

tapa king menu philippine royal items
Royal Meals MenuPrice
Royal Meal C₱230.00
Royal Meal A₱230.00
Royal Meal B₱255.00

Tapa Favorites

tapa king menu philippine tapa favorites
Tapa Favorites MenuPricePrice (Saucy)Price (Double Up Tapa)
Spicy & Sweet Chicken Tapa₱198.00
Tapa King Classic₱210.00₱230.00₱355.00
Crispy-Shredded Tapa (Tapa Flakes)₱210.00₱355.00
Sweet & Savory Tapa₱210.00₱230.00₱355.00
Spicy & Sweet Tapa₱210.00₱230.00₱355.00
Tapa Adobo₱210.00


Last Update: May 16, 2023


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