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Susie’s Cuisine is a local restaurant chain in Pampanga, Philippines, that specializes in traditional Kapampangan cuisine.

Founded by Anicia Ayson in 1972, the restaurant started as a small canteen in Nepo Mart, Angeles City, serving sweet rice cakes and pancit luglug. It quickly gained popularity among the locals, and now has over a dozen branches across the province. Susie’s Cuisine is known for its delicious kakanin, pancit, and other traditional dishes, and is considered a must-visit for foodies and tourists.

The restaurant also offers pasalubong items, making it a popular choice for travelers looking to bring home local delicacies. Susie’s Cuisine is still family-owned and operated, with Anicia’s daughter, Jesusa Ayson Yabut, and her husband Glenn Yabut, managing the business.

The restaurant has received positive reviews for its food, service, and atmosphere, and has become a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Here is the most recent Susie’s Cuisine menu for 2023 in Philippines:


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Kakanin MenuPrice
Kapit Kalabasa Slice₱20.00
Ricecake Slice₱30.00
Cassava Cake Slice₱30.00
Tibok Coconut Slice₱30.00
Kalame Bico Slice₱30.00
Sapin-Sapin Slice₱30.00
Nilupac Slice₱30.00
Tibok-Tibok Slice₱35.00
Kalame Duman Slice₱35.00
Kalame Kopis Slice₱35.00
Ale Gabi Slice₱35.00
Tibok W/ Corn Slice₱45.00
Kalame Ube Slice₱50.00
Ale Ube Slice₱55.00
Moche 5 Pieces₱60.00
Kapit Kalabasa 1/4₱65.00
Ricecake 1/4₱75.00
Cassava Cake 1/4₱75.00
Pastillas Buko Pandan Sml Deli 20pcs₱100.00
Kalame Bico 1/4₱105.00
Nilupac 1/4₱105.00
Kalame Kopis 1/4₱115.00
Moche 10 Pieces₱115.00
Tibok Coconut 1/4₱115.00
Extra Latik₱119.00
Leche Flan Llanera Mac₱125.00
Cheesy Leche Flan Pizza Cut₱125.00
Kalame Duman 1/4₱130.00
Kapit 1/4₱145.00
Ricecake Half Box₱150.00
Sapin-Sapin 1/4₱150.00
Cassava Cake Half₱150.00
Ube Lacatan 1/4₱160.00
Ale Gabi 1/4₱160.00
Kapit Kalabasa Half Box₱165.00
Leche Flan 1/4₱180.00
Tibok-Tibok 1/4₱185.00
Ale Ube 1/4₱190.00
Tibok W/ Corn 1/4₱190.00
Kalame Ube 1/4₱200.00
Ale Ube with Macapuno Styro Box₱200.00
Moche 20 Pieces₱220.00
Leche Flan Mini Plain₱225.00
Kapit Half Box₱275.00
Ricecake Box₱280.00
Cassava Cake Box₱280.00
Kapit Kalabasa Sml Bilao₱290.00
Kalame Bico Half Box₱295.00
Nilupac Half Box₱295.00
Sapin-Sapin Half Box₱300.00
Ricecake W/ Macapuno Box₱315.00
Kalame Kopis Half Box₱315.00
Cassava Cake W/ Macapuno Box₱315.00
Ube Lacatan Half Box₱325.00
Kalame Duman Half Box₱355.00
Ale Gabi Half Box₱370.00
Kapit Sml Bilao₱395.00
Ricecake Sml Bilao₱415.00
Cassava Cake Sm Bilao₱415.00
Moche 40 Pieces₱440.00
Tibok Coconut Sml Bilao₱460.00
Four Season Sml Bilao₱480.00
3 in 1 Kalame₱485.00
Kalame Big Bilao₱485.00
Ube Ricecake₱490.00
Ricecake Big Bilao₱520.00
Cassava Cake Big Bilao₱520.00
4 in 1 Kakanin Bilao₱545.00
Premium Assorted Sml Bilao₱565.00
Moche 50 Pieces₱565.00
Kalame Bico Sml Bilao₱565.00
Nilupac Sml Bilao₱565.00
Ube All in Trio₱570.00
Leche Flan W/ Mac Sml Bilao₱575.00
Kalame Kopis Sml Bilao₱575.00
Sapin-Sapin Sml Bilao₱585.00
Kapit Kalame Trio₱590.00
Ricecake W/ Macapuno Sml Bilao₱590.00
Ube Lacatan Sml Bilao₱595.00
Tibok-Tibok Sml Bilao₱635.00
Kalame Duman Sml Bilao₱680.00
Tibok Coconut Big Bilao₱690.00
Tibok W/ Corn Sml Bilao₱690.00
Ale Gabi Sml Bilao₱690.00
Ale Ube with Macapuno Sml Bilao₱690.00
Leche Flan Sml Bilao₱710.00
Kalame Ube Sml Bilao₱790.00
Tibok – Tibok All in Trio₱795.00
Ube Lacatan Big Bilao₱840.00
Kalame Bico Big Bilao₱855.00
Nilupac Big Bilao₱855.00
Kalame Kopis Big Bilao₱855.00
Cheesy Leche Flan Sml Bilao₱855.00
Ale Ube Sml Bilao₱870.00
Tibok-Tibok Big Bilao₱955.00
Tibok W/ Corn Big Bilao₱980.00
Kalame Duman Big bilao₱1,025.00
Moche 100 Pieces₱1,035.00
Ale Ube with Macapuno Big Bilao₱1,035.00
Kalame Ube Big Bilao₱1,135.00
Ale Ube Big Bilao₱1,250.00
Duman Sta Rita Bilao By Order₱4,025.00


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Cakes MenuPrice
Mamon cheese cake₱175.00
Moist Cake Sml₱200.00
Caramelcake Sml Whole₱230.00
Moist Cupcake₱275.00
Coffee Walnut Sml Whole₱290.00
Dreamcake Whole₱290.00
Oreo Cake Sml Whole₱315.00
Black Forest Classic Sml Whole₱345.00
Red Velvet Sml Whole₱345.00
Halaya Ube Sml Whole₱345.00
Swiss Cake Sml Whole₱345.00
Moist Cake Med₱375.00
Carrot Cake Sml Whole₱405.00
Caramel Cake Big Whole₱575.00
Coffee Walnut Big Whole₱805.00
Oreo Cake Big Whole₱805.00
Swiss Cake Big Whole₱805.00
Lemon Vanilla Chiffon Dedication Cake₱865.00
Chocolate Chiffon Dedication Cake₱865.00
Black Forest Classic Big Whole₱1,035.00
Halaya Ube Big Whole₱1,035.00
Red Velvet Big Whole₱1,035.00
Carrot Cake Big Whole₱1,095.00

Rice Meals

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  • susies cuisine menu philippine rice meals 2
Rice Meals MenuPrice
Hard Boiled Egg₱20.00
Fried Egg₱25.00
Plain Rice₱30.00
Tocino with Rice & Egg₱105.00
Native Longanisa with Rice & Egg₱110.00
Ham with Rice & Egg₱110.00
Breaded Chicken w/ Rice₱110.00
Siomai with Rice₱115.00
Chicken Tocino with Rice & Egg₱115.00
Tapa with Rice & Egg₱130.00
Daing with Rice₱140.00
Bacon with Rice & Egg₱140.00
Embutido with Rice₱160.00
Spam with Rice & Egg₱170.00
Breaded Porkchop w/ Rice₱170.00
Porksteak with Rice₱175.00
Spicy Sardines with Rice₱190.00
Relyeno with Rice₱195.00
Dinuguan with Rice₱205.00
Sizzling Pork Sisig₱225.00
Corned Beef with Rice & Egg₱245.00


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Pancit MenuPrice
Extra Palabok Sauce₱60.00
Sotanghon W/ Miki Solo₱125.00
Canton Solo₱125.00
Guisado Solo₱130.00
Palabok Solo₱140.00
Malabon Solo₱145.00
Bihon Canton Sml₱640.00
Sotanghon W/ Miki Sml₱645.00
Canton Sml₱645.00
Guisado Sml₱665.00
Palabok Sml₱795.00
Malabon Sml₱850.00
Chicken Sotanghon with Miki Big Bilao₱860.00
Sotanghon W/ Miki Big₱860.00
Chicken Guisado Big Bilao₱890.00
Guisado Big₱890.00
Bihon Canton Big₱930.00
Chicken Canton Big Bilao₱935.00
Canton Big₱935.00
Palabok Big₱1,130.00
Malabon Big₱1,150.00


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Pasta MenuPrice
Carbonara Solo₱100.00
Macaroni Solo₱115.00
Italian Spaghetti Solo₱135.00
Tropical Solo₱140.00
Baked Macaroni Solo₱145.00
Baked Lasagna Solo₱150.00
Filipino Spaghetti Solo₱150.00
Baked Spaghetti Solo₱160.00
Japchae Solo₱160.00
Carbonara Sml₱675.00
Macaroni Sml₱680.00
Baked Lasagna Sml₱805.00
Italian Spaghetti Sml₱820.00
Baked Macaroni Sml₱835.00
Filipino Spaghetti Sml₱835.00
Baked Spaghetti Sml₱920.00
Japchae Sml₱1,080.00
Macaroni Big₱1,140.00
Carbonara Big₱1,165.00
Italian Spaghetti Big₱1,210.00
Tropical Big₱1,245.00
Baked Macaroni Big₱1,255.00
Baked Lasagna Big₱1,300.00
Filipino Spaghetti Big₱1,330.00
Baked Spaghetti Big₱1,405.00
Japchae Big₱1,855.00


susies cuisine menu philippine breads 1
Breads MenuPrice
Eng Bee Tin Mongo₱110.00
Mini Toasted Mamon₱140.00
Cheese Cake Round Sml₱190.00
Cheddar Cheese Ensai₱200.00
Oh My Mamon Jar₱215.00
Dulce De Leche Ensai₱260.00
Cheese Cake Round Big₱295.00

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