Step Stool Price List and Buying Guide

Step stool are practical tools with a low price that can help you reach higher places like shelves, cabinets, or windows.

Also, children can use them to get to the sink, toilet, or bed.

But how do you know which step stool is best for you? And what is the price of a step stool in the Philippines?

In this article, we’ll answer these questions and tell you that their prices usually range from ₱199 to ₱1,499.

What is a Step Stool?

What is Step Stools

A step stool is a small platform that lifts you off the ground by a few inches or feet.

Most of the time, it has one or two steps, depending on how tall you need it to be.

Some step stools are foldable, which means you can put them away when not in use.

Some are molded, which means that their shape is set and they can be used as seats or tables.

Step Stool Size

How big a step stool you need depends on how high you want to reach and how much room you have.

In general, the base of a step stool is bigger and more stable the taller it is. A bigger step stool, on the other hand, takes up more space and may be harder to move around.

A single-step stool is usually 30 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm, while a two-step stool may be 40 cm x 35 cm x 35 cm.

Step Stool Type

Step Stools Type

There are many different kinds of step stools on the market, and each one has its own pros and cons. Here are a few examples:

  • Plastic step stools:
    Step stools made of plastic are light, strong, and easy to clean. Most of the time, rubber grips on the bottom keep them from slipping. They are also cheap and good for kids. But they might not be very stable or comfortable to stand on for long periods.
  • Wooden step stools:
    Step stools made of wood are natural, stylish, and strong. They can also go with your furniture and other decorations. But they might be heavier, cost more, and be easy to scratch or stain. They may also need more care and maintenance.
  • Metal step stools:
    Step stools made of metal are strong, stable, and last a long time. They can hold more weight and stand up to rough weather. But they may be heavier, cost more, and be more likely to rust or corrode. They might also be loud or feel cold.
  • Fabric step stools:
    Step stools made of fabric are soft, cozy, and bright. They can make your room look more interesting and unique. But they might not last long or be easy to clean. They may also soak up water or smells.

Step Stool Price List

The price of a step stool depends on its size, type, material, brand, and quality, among other things.

In general, a step stool will cost more if it has more features and benefits. Here are a few examples of the price of step stool in the Philippines:

    ProductDimensions (cm)Weight Capacity Price
    Power Step Heavy-Duty Laundry Step Stool29 x 22 x 22150kg₱199
    Bonjour Baby Non-Skid Step Stool36 x 26 x 1380kg₱299
    Power Step Heavy-Duty Laundry Step Stool40 x 30 x 25100kg₱399
    Locaupin The Mini 2-Steps Stool48 x 38 x 45150kg₱1,099
    Locaupin The Mini 2-Steps Stool48 x 38 x 22150kg₱1,199
    Qoncept Furniture Bekvam Step Stool43 x 39 x 50100kg₱1,299
    Kickstool Twin Lift Step Stool38 x 38 x 38100kg₱1,499

    Difference Between Step Stools and Step Ladders

    Step Stools vs Step Ladders

    Both step stools and step ladders can help you get to higher places, but they are not the same. Here are a few examples:

    • Step stools are easier to use, less expensive, and smaller than step ladders. Step ladders have three or more steps, while step ladders usually only have one or two steps.
    • Step stools are easier to move around, take up less space, and store than step ladders. They can fit in small spaces, while step ladders need more room to unfold and stand.
    • Step stools are more versatile, useful, and attractive than step ladders. Step ladders are mostly used to climb, but step stools can also be used as seats, tables, or shelves.
    • Step ladders are more stable and safe than step stools because they are taller. They have a frame, platform, and handrail for support, unlike step stools.

    Step Stools Pros and Cons

    Step stools have a lot of pros and cons that you should think about before you buy one. Here are a few examples:


    • They can help you get to places you normally can’t get to, like higher up.
    • They can speed up and make your daily tasks easier.
    • You don’t have to use unstable or dangerous things like chairs or boxes.
    • When you need them, you can use them as extra seats or tables.
    • They can make your room look more stylish and unique.


    • They can take up some room in your room or closet.
    • They can be heavy or hard to move because they are big or heavy.
    • If you don’t use them right, they can be unstable or slippery.
    • If they aren’t well taken care of, they can cause accidents or hurt people.

    Things You Should Know About Step Stools

    Before you use a step stool, you should know a few things to keep yourself safe and comfortable. Here are a few examples:

    • Are step stools safe?
      Step stools are safe if they are made of good materials and used the right way, but they can be dangerous if they are broken or used in the wrong way. Check the step stool’s condition and take safety measures to avoid accidents.
    • What age is a step stool for?
      Step stools are for anyone needing height, but children under three should use them with adult supervision. Children over three should use a size-appropriate step stool, while adults should use one that can support their weight and height.
    • Do I need a step stool?
      A step stool can be useful, but you might not need one if you already have other things that help you get to higher places. Think about your tasks before deciding if you need a step stool.
    • How big are step stools typically?
      The size of a step stool depends on its type and design. Most stools with one step are about 30 x 20 x 20 cm, while stools with two steps are about 40 x 35 x 35 cm.
    • When should I start using a step stool?
      Start using a step stool when you need to reach things that are out of arm’s reach, like changing light bulbs or getting to things on high shelves.

    We hope that this article has helped you find the best step stool for your needs and budget. Enjoy your shopping!


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