Steel Matting Price List and Buying Guide

Steel matting, also called welded wire mesh or steel mesh, is a type of metal product that can be bought at a reasonable price.

It has rows and columns of wires that are parallel to each other and are welded together where they meet. The price usually ranges from ₱187 to ₱3,600.

Steel matting is used for many different things, like fencing, reinforcing concrete, screening, shelving, and putting animals in cages.

In this article, we’ll talk about steel matting’s uses, sizes, benefits, drawbacks, and other important information, such as steel matting price in the Philippines.

What is Steel Matting?

What is Steel Matting

Steel matting is a type of fencing that is made from welded wire mesh. Welded wire mesh is a metal fabric that is made by welding steel wires together to make a grid-like pattern.

The wires can be different sizes, shapes, and distances apart depending on how the mesh will be used and how it was made.

Steel matting is also known by names like wire mesh, wire cloth, wire netting, wire fabric, welded mesh, and welded fabric.

Uses of Steel Matting

Steel Matting Uses

Steel matting has many uses in different industries and sectors. Some of the common uses are:


It can be used to fence homes, businesses, factories, and agricultural fields, giving security, privacy, and an attractive look.

It can also be used to keep animals like chickens, cows, and pets safe.

Reinforcing concrete

Steel mats are used to strengthen slabs, beams, columns, walls, and foundations made of concrete.

It makes concrete stronger and last longer by making it resistant to tensile and shear forces.


Steel matting is used as a screening material to filter, sieve, grade, separate, and protect things like sand, gravel, coal, ore, and soil.

It can also keep machines, tools, and plants from getting broken or broken into.


Steel matting can be used as a material for shelving to store and show things like books, tools, products, and goods.

It can also be used to make walls and partitions in warehouses, stores, and offices.

Animal Cages

Steel matting is used as cage material for birds, rodents, reptiles, and fish.

It lets air in, lets light in, and makes it easy to get to the animals while keeping them from getting out or hurting themselves.

Steel Matting Size and Price List

Steel Matting Price

The standard size of steel matting in Philippines is 4 x 8 feet with a hole size of 2 x 2 inches.

Usually, two numbers are used to describe the size of steel matting: the wire diameter (in millimeters) and the mesh size (in inches).

But you can also get them in different sizes, depending on the seller and what the customer wants.

In the Philippines, some size and price of steel matting are shown in the table below.

SizeWire DiameterMesh SizePrice per SheetPrice per Square Meter
4×82 mm2×2₱1,200₱375
4×83 mm2×2₱1,800₱562
4×84 mm2×2₱2,400₱750
4×85 mm2×2₱3,000₱937
4×86 mm2×2₱3,600₱1,125
4×82 mm4×4₱600₱187
4×83 mm4×4₱900₱281
4×84 mm4×4₱1,200₱375
4×85 mm4×4₱1,500₱468
4×86 mm4×4₱1,800₱562

Note that these are only estimates and may not reflect the actual prices in your area.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Steel Matting

Steel matting is better than other types of fencing in many ways, such as:

  • Impenetrability: Steel matting is hard to break or cut through, even when a lot of force is used. It gives any property or area a lot of safety and security.
  • Durability: Steel matting can stand up to constant hitting, slow wear and tear, and harsh weather. Unlike wood or plastic, it doesn’t easily rot, warp, or crack.
  • Low-maintenance: Steel matting is low maintenance because it doesn’t need to be painted or stained. It also doesn’t rust, corrode, or let in bugs.
  • Economical: Steel matting is cheaper than steel bars because less steel is needed to reinforce it. It is also cheaper than other fencing materials and easier to put up and move.
  • Stability: Steel matting stays where it is put down, especially if it is put down on concrete. It stays straight and doesn’t sag or bend.

But steel matting does have some problems, such as:

  • Visibility: Since anyone can see through the holes in steel matting, it doesn’t offer much privacy. In some places, it may also look ugly or industrial.
  • Noise: Steel matting can make a lot of noise when things hit it or the wind blows through it. It could also make sounds on the other side louder.
  • Sharp edges: Steel matting can have points or edges that are sharp enough to hurt or hurt people or animals. It could also catch on clothes or fabrics and rip them.
  • Electrocution: Steel matting can conduct electricity, so if it touches power lines or sources, it could kill you. It could also mess up radio or cell phone signals.

Things You Should Know About Steel Matting

Before buying or installing steel matting, there are some things you should know such as:

  • What is the standard size of steel matting in the Philippines?
    The sizes of steel matting vary, but common dimensions include wire diameter from 2 mm to 6 mm, aperture width from 1 inch to 7 inches, and length varies by supplier.
  • What is another name for steel matting?
    Steel matting is also called welded wire mesh, wire mesh, or wire netting.
  • Why is matting important?
    Matting is important for support, protection, and security in various applications.
  • Does steel matting rust?
    Steel matting is made of stainless steel, which resists rusting. However, factors like moisture, salt, chemicals, damage, or poor coating can cause rust over time.
  • What is the difference between wire mesh and steel matting?
    Wire mesh and steel matting are both fencing materials made of welded wires. Wire mesh has thinner and rounder wires, while steel matting has thicker and flatter wires. Wire mesh is more flexible and lightweight, while steel matting is rigid and heavy-duty.

Steel matting is a versatile and practical fencing material that can be used for various purposes and applications.

If you are looking for a trusted steel matting supplier in Philippines, you can contact CPME Industrial Sales Corp.

They offer a wide range of steel matting products with different specifications and prices. They also provide installation and delivery services for your convenience.

We hope this article help you to pick the best steel matting price in the Philippines for your project.


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