Steel Deck Price List and Buying Guide

If you’re constructing a house, commercial building, or any structure that requires a strong and durable flooring system with reasonable price, consider using steel deck.

Steel deck is a metal sheet used as a surface for floors or roofs that usually price between ₱220 and ₱970.

It reinforces and bonds with concrete to create a composite flooring material, reducing the need for excessive concrete and support.

Now, let’s explore what steel deck is and steel deck price in the Philippines. We’ll also provide tips and information to help you select the right steel deck for your project.

What is Steel Deck?

What is Steel Deck

Steel deck is made of high-quality steel sheets that are shaped to fit together and be fastened across joists.

It has a ribbed design that makes it stronger and helps the concrete stick to it better.

It also has a nice design on the bottom that doesn’t need any extra materials or finishes.

Steel deck is also known as metal deck, steel decking, or steel floor deck.

It is often used to build composite floor decks, which is when steel deck is used as the base for concrete slabs.

This makes a single floor slab that combines the best parts of steel and concrete.

Uses of Steel Deck

Steel deck can be used for various applications, such as:

  • Decking for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings
  • Elevated highways, bridges, and overpasses
  • High-rise condominiums and apartments
  • Mezzanines and platforms
  • Warehouses and factories
  • Parking lots and garages
  • Stadiums and arenas

Steel Deck Size

Steel Deck Size

Depending on the design and thickness, the size of a steel deck can be different. Here are the most common sizes:

Feed WidthEffective CoverageLength
406 mm261 mm1.5 m – 12 m
610 mm465 mm1.5 m – 12 m
  • Feed width: This is the width of the steel sheet before it is formed into ribs.
  • Effective coverage: This is the width of the steel sheet after it is formed into ribs.
  • Length: This is the length of the steel sheet that can be transported. The length can vary depending on the project requirements.

Types of Steel Deck

There are different kinds of steel deck, and each has its own features and uses. These are some of the most common:

Roof Deck

Roof Deck

This type of steel deck is used as a roof surface. It has a flat or slightly corrugated design that allows water drainage.

It can also support insulation, roofing membranes, or solar panels.

Form Deck

Form Deck

This kind of steel deck is used to keep concrete slabs in place.

It has a smooth or raised surface that helps it stick well to concrete. It can also hold light concrete finishes or toppings.

Composite Floor Deck

Composite Floor Deck

This kind of steel deck is used as a part of a composite flooring system.

It is made with ribs that give it strength and hold together with concrete. It can also hold up heavy loads and stop the beam from bending.

Specialty Deck

Specialty Deck

This kind of steel deck is used for a certain set of tasks. It was made to fit the needs of the project, so the design is unique.

Some examples are acoustic deck, cellular deck, dovetail deck, and vented deck.

Steel Deck Price List

The design, thickness, brand, and supplier all affect the price of steel deck in the Philippines.

But this is a rough estimate of the average price per meter:

Steel Deck DesignThicknessPrice
Steel Deck 20.8mm₱220
Steel Deck 21.0mm₱280
Steel Deck 30.8mm₱330
Steel Deck 31.0mm₱425
Steel Deck 10.8mm₱660
Steel Deck 11.0mm₱850
Steel Deck 11.2mm₱970

Note that these prices are subject to change without prior notice due to market fluctuations and availability of materials.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Steel Deck

Like any other building material, steel deck has pros and cons that you should think about before deciding to use it for your project. Here are a few examples:


  • Steel decks are tough and strong. It can’t be eaten by bugs, burn, rot, or mold.
  • Steel decking is light and easy to put together. It can cut down on the time and money needed to build something.
  • Steel deck can be used in many different ways. It can fit any type, size, or shape of building.
  • Steel deck is cheap and works well. It can save money on concrete and shoring materials, and it can also cut costs for upkeep.


  • Steel deck can expand and contract when the temperature changes. It can cause the concrete slab or the steel deck itself to crack, buckle, or bend.
  • Steel decks are noisy and hard to walk on. It can send sound and vibrations and make a surface that is cold and hard.
  • Steel deck doesn’t look very good. It can look dull and industrial, which may not be to everyone’s taste or style.

Things You Should Know About Steel Deck

Here are some important things you should know before you buy or use steel deck for your project:

  • Is steel deck good?
    Yes, steel deck is a good choice for flooring systems because it is strong, lasts a long time, can be used in many ways, is cheap, and works well. But it has some problems that you should think about before you use it.
  • Does steel deck rust?
    Yes, steel deck can rust when exposed to water and oxygen, but it is often coated or treated to prevent or slow down rusting.
  • Can I use steel deck as roof?
    Yes, steel deck can be used as a roof, but you need to choose a type of steel deck that is good for roofing. You also need to think about how the roof slopes, drains, is insulated, and keeps water out.
  • Is a steel deck better than wood?
    It depends on your project’s needs. Steel deck is stronger and more durable, while wood has its own aesthetic and environmental advantages.
  • How long do steel decks last?
    Steel decks can last for decades if they are properly installed and maintained. However, their lifespan can vary depending on the quality of the materials, the design of the structure, the environmental conditions, and the usage of the floor.

Steel deck is a popular and practical option for flooring systems in the Philippines. It has many benefits that make it attractive for builders and buyers alike.

We hope that this article has helped you learn more about steel deck price in Philippines and other related information.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. Thank you for reading!


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