S&R Pizza Menu

S&R Pizza is a network of pizza restaurants that is famous for the huge, foldable, and affordable pizzas that they provide. S&R is an abbreviation for “Membership Shopping,” referring to the fact that it is run using a membership system that gives members access to various discounts and offers.

S&R Pizza provides customers with a selection of pizza toppings, with the margherita, pepperoni, Hawaiian, and meat lovers varieties being some of their most sought-after alternatives. In addition to it, they provide salads, pasta meals, and side dishes.

S&R Pizza is a favorite venue for families and groups of friends who are wanting to have a good lunch together because of its laid-back ambiance and generous serving sizes.

Here is the latest S&R Pizza menu for Philippines 2023:

Classic Pizza

sr pizza menu philippine classic pizza
Classic Pizza MenuPrice
18″ Cheese Pizza₱626.00
18″ Pepperoni Pizza₱692.00
18″ Combo Pizza₱692.00
18″ Garlic & Shrimp Pizza₱692.00

Gourmet Pizza

sr pizza menu philippine gourmet pizza
Gourmet Pizza MenuPrice
18″ Cream Cheese Pepperoni Pizza₱769.00
18″ Tropical Hawaiian Pizza₱769.00
18″ All Meat Pizza Deli₱769.00
18″ Cheesy Burger Deluxe Pizza₱769.00

Two in One Pizza

sr pizza menu philippine two in one pizza
Two in One Pizza MenuPrice
18″ Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza₱747.00
18″ Combo and Cheese Pizza₱747.00
18″ Combo and Garlic Shrimp Pizza₱747.00
18″ Combo and Pepperoni Pizza₱747.00
18″ Garlic Shrimp and Cheese Pizza₱747.00
18″ Garlic Shrimp and Pepperoni Pizza₱747.00


sr pizza menu philippine starters
Starters MenuPrice
Savory Fries₱156.00
Chicken Caeasar Salad₱230.00

Southern Style Fried Chicken

sr pizza menu philippine southern style fried chicken
Southern Style Fried Chicken MenuPrice
2pc Chicken with Rice₱169.00
6pc Southern Style Fried Chicken₱439.00
10pc Southern Style Fried Chicken₱659.00


sr pizza menu philippine wings
Wings MenuPrice
6pc Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings₱229.00
6pc Honey Sriracha Chicken Wings₱229.00
12pc. Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings₱419.00
12pc. Honey Sriracha Chicken Wings₱419.00

Burger and Sandwiches

sr pizza menu philippine burger and sandwiches
Burger and Sandwiches MenuPrice
All Beef Hotdog₱120.00
Quarter Pound Burger₱142.00
S&R Regular Chicken Sandwich₱145.00
Chicken Baked Roll w/ Bacon₱152.00
Hotdog with Bacon and Cheese₱164.00
S&R Spicy Chicken Sandwich₱165.00
Double Cheesy Quarter Pound Burger₱185.00


sr pizza menu philippine drinks
Drinks MenuPrice
Mirinda 600ML₱69.00
Pepsi Black 600ML₱69.00
Pepsi Regular 600ML₱69.00
7Up 600ML₱69.00
Mountain Dew 600ML₱69.00
Pepsi Regular 2L₱119.00
Mountain Dew 2L₱119.00
7 Up 2L₱119.00


sr pizza menu philippine extras
Extras MenuPrice
Honey Mustard Dressing₱28.00

What’s Hot!

sr pizza menu philippine whats hot
What’s Hot! MenuPrice
Chicken Quesadilla₱219.00
Truffle Quesadilla₱219.00
4 Cheese Pepperoni Pizza₱769.00

New York Salisbury Steak

sr pizza menu philippine new york salisbury steak
New York Salisbury Steak MenuPrice
New York Salisbury Steak₱109.00


sr pizza menu philippine pasta
Pasta MenuPrice
All Meat Pasta₱296.00
Chicken Pesto Pasta₱296.00
Scampi Pasta₱296.00

Cheesecake & Milk Tea

sr pizza menu philippine cheesecake milk tea
Cheesecake & Milk Tea MenuPrice
Salted Cream Dark Chocolate Milk Tea₱119.00
Wintermelon Salted Cream Boba Milk Tea₱119.00
Classic Brown Sugar Milk Tea₱119.00
New York Style Cheesecake₱159.00



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