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Serenitea is a tea shop chain in the Philippines that introduced the brewing of tea using an espresso machine, which was new to the predominantly coffee-drinking population.

They offer a variety of tea-based drinks, including milk teas, fruit teas, and brewed teas, with the option to customize sweetness levels and add sinkers.

Serenitea has expanded to 65 branches in ten years, with locations in San Juan, Cebu, Tacloban, Legazpi, and Davao City. They aim to expand their reach to other provincial areas in the Philippines.

Serenitea is known for creating well-balanced and high-quality drinks that provide indulgence and rejuvenation in every cup.

In addition to their physical stores, they also offer DIY Home Kits and are available on popular e-commerce platforms to provide convenience to their customers.

The tea shops provide a serene ambiance that is conducive to bonding and relaxation.

Here is the latest Serenitea menu for Philippines 2023:

Season Drinks

seneritea menu philippine season drinks
Season Drinks MenuPrice
Sparkling Mermaid₱173.25
Holiday Blush₱173.25

Brown Sugar

seneritea menu philippine brown sugar
Brown Sugar MenuPrice
Brown Sugar Fresh Milk – Regular Milk₱157.50
Brown Sugar Grass Jelly₱173.25
Brown Sugar Frost – Regular Milk₱173.25
Brown Sugar Taho₱178.50
Brown Sugar Taho Milk Tea₱189.00
Brown Sugar Frost Bukidnon Milk₱197.40
Brown Sugar Milk-Bukidnon Milk₱197.40

Arctic Cream

seneritea menu philippine arctic cream
Arctic Cream MenuPrice
Winter Snow₱147.00
Cookie N’ Cream Milk Tea₱178.50
Choco Cookie Milk Tea₱178.50
Taro Snow₱189.00
Auro Cacao Cookie N’ Cream₱194.25
Auro Trio Chocolate₱194.25


seneritea menu philippine milktea
Milktea MenuPrice
Pearl Milk Tea₱120.75
Jasmine Milk Tea₱120.75
Royal Milk Tea₱120.75
Traditional Milk Tea₱120.75
Emperor Milk Tea₱126.00
Hokkaido Milk Tea₱126.00
Okinawa Milk Tea₱126.00
Wintermelon Milk Tea₱126.00
Nagasaki Milk Tea₱126.00
Creme Brulee Milk Tea₱152.25
Cookie Brulee Milk Tea₱168.00
Cookie Supreme Milk Tea₱204.75

Handcrafted Milktea

seneritea menu philippine handcrafted milktea
Handcrafted Milktea MenuPrice
Hong Kong Milk Tea₱147.00
Thai Milk Tea₱147.00

Matcha Drinks

seneritea menu philippine matcha drinks
Matcha Drinks MenuPrice
Green Tea Slush₱168.00
Matcha Latte₱168.00
Cookie Brulee Matcha₱183.75
Uji Pyramid Slush₱189.00
Cookie Supreme Matcha₱210.00


seneritea menu philippine choco
Choco MenuPrice
Milo Dino₱141.75
Chocolate Milk Tea₱157.50
Choco Royal Milk Tea₱157.50
Auro Cacao Frost₱168.00
Malty Choco Milk Tea₱178.50
Auro Cacao Cookie Supreme₱204.75

Freshly Brewed Tea

seneritea menu philippine freshly brewed tea
Freshly Brewed Tea MenuPrice
Assam Black Tea₱84.00
Jasmine Green Tea₱84.00
Earl Grey Black Tea₱84.00


seneritea menu philippine fruitea
Fruitea MenuPrice
Lychee Fruitea₱120.75
Green Apple Fruitea₱120.75
Calamansi Fruitea₱126.00
Cranberry Fruitea₱126.00
Grapefruit Fruitea₱126.00
Signature Fruit Iced Tea₱157.50
Aloha Fruitea₱168.00
Summer Breeze₱168.00
Strawberry Dream Cheezy Frost₱225.75

Drink with Yakult

seneritea menu philippine drink with yakult
Drink with Yakult MenuPrice
Calamansi with Yakult₱141.75
Green Apple with Yakult₱141.75
Lychee with Yakult₱141.75
Grapefruit with Yakult₱141.75

Espresso & Chaffee

seneritea menu philippine espresso chaffe
Espresso & Chaffee MenuPrice
Cafe Americano₱141.75
Cafe Latte₱157.50
Mocha Latte₱173.25
Okinawa Espresso₱173.25
Hokkaido Espresso₱173.25
Matcha Espresso₱189.00

Caffeine Free

seneritea menu philippine caffeine free
Caffeine Free MenuPrice
Winter Sweet₱94.50
Winter Frost₱126.00
Honey Calamansi₱131.25
Taro Lover₱152.25
Winter Storm₱152.25

Arctic Slush (No Whip)

seneritea menu philippine arctic slush no whip
Arctic Slush (No Whip) MenuPrice
Espresso Slush₱157.50
Okinawa Coffee Slush₱162.75
Hokkaido Coffee Slush₱162.75
Mocha Slush₱168.00
Cookie Mocha Slush₱173.25


  • seneritea menu philippine snacks 1
  • seneritea menu philippine snacks 2
Snacks MenuPrice
Meat Balls₱94.50
Pepper Tofu₱103.95
Pepper Corn₱103.95
Squid Balls₱103.95
Potato Round₱103.95
Fried Mantou₱115.50
French Beans₱126.00
Taiwan Sausage (2pcs)₱126.00
Mexican Corn₱131.25
Chicken Chops₱131.25
Thai Tofu₱141.75
Fries’N Dip₱157.50
Chicken Delight – Thai₱189.00
Spicy Squid Rings₱189.00
Chicken Wings₱257.25
Chicken Poppers – Buffalo Sriracha₱288.75
Chicken Poppers – Smoky BBQ₱288.75
Triple Chicken Chops₱313.95
Triple Squid Balls (15pcs)₱418.95
Jumbo Snack Bucket₱576.45

Jumbo Cup 14th Year Anniversary

  • seneritea menu philippine jumbo cup 14th year anniversary 1
  • seneritea menu philippine jumbo cup 14th year anniversary 2
Jumbo Cup 14th Year Anniversary MenuPrice
Lychee Fruitea – Jumbo₱131.25
Green Apple Fruitea – Jumbo₱131.25
Pearl Milk Tea – Jumbo₱136.50
Winter Frost – Jumbo₱136.50
Cranberry Fruitea – Jumbo₱136.50
Traditional Milk Tea – Jumbo₱136.50
Okinawa Milk Tea – Jumbo₱141.75
Hokkaido Milk Tea – Jumbo₱141.75
Wintermelon Milk Tea – Jumbo₱141.75
Taro Lover – Jumbo₱162.75
Summer Breeze – Jumbo₱168.00
Creme Brulee Milk Tea – Jumbo₱168.00
Brown Sugar Fresh Milk – Regular Milk – Jumbo₱173.25

Be My Slushie

seneritea menu philippine be my slushie
Be My Slushie MenuPrice
Ichigo Milk Slush₱136.50
Ovaltine Mocha Slush₱147.00

Bao Series

seneritea menu philippine bao series
Bao Series MenuPrice
Chicken Bao – Original₱157.50
Chicken Bao – Sriracha₱157.50

Rice Meals

seneritea menu philippine rice meals
Rice Meals MenuPrice
Plain Rice₱42.00
Taiwan Sausage Rice₱173.25
Chicken Chops Rice₱189.00
Chicken Wings Rice₱231.00
Imperial Beef Rice₱252.00
Yakinuki Beef Rice₱252.00
Ginger Beef Rice₱252.00
Black Pepper Beef Rice₱252.00

Last Update: March 21, 2023


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