Round Bar Price List and Buying Guide

You might want to think about using round bar if you’re looking for a flexible and long-lasting material for your building or remodeling project at a fair price.

Round bar is used in many different ways in many different industries and fields with price ranged from ₱150 to ₱1,230.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about round bar price in Philippines, including its types, materials, sizes, pros and cons, and some things you should know.

What is a Round Bar?

What is Round Bar

A round bar is a metal rod with a circle in the middle. It can be cut to any length or shape, depending on what the project needs.

Round bar can also be bent, welded, forged, and machined to make different products and structures.

Round bar is often used as a raw material to make other metal products, like bolts, nuts, screws, nails, pipes, tubes, wires, cables, and springs.

What Does a Round Bar Do?

Round Bar Uses

Round bar has many uses in many different industries and sectors. Some common ways to use a round bar are:

  • Home improvement or building: Round bar can be used to make furniture, railings, stairs, gates, fences, window frames, and other decorative or useful items for your home.
  • General Construction: Round bar can be used to make beams, columns, trusses, frames, and other structural parts for buildings, bridges, towers, and other infrastructure projects.
  • Roads and Runways: Round bar can be used to make guardrails, barriers, signposts, and other safety and traffic devices for roads and runways.
  • Industrial Uses: Round bar can be used to make shafts, axles, gears, couplings, valves, and other mechanical or electrical parts for machines and equipment.

Round Bar Types

Plain round bar and corrugated round bar are the two main types of round bar.

Plain Round Bar

A rod of mild steel or stainless steel that is smooth and has no bends or ridges. It is strong and bendable, making it good for jobs that need a smooth finish and exact measurements.

Corrugated Round Bar

A ribbed metal rod, usually made of carbon steel or alloy steel. It gives the surface a rough texture and is strong and sticks well to concrete.

It’s useful for situations where you need a firm grip and a solid anchor.

Round Bar Materials

Round Bar Material

Different kinds of materials can be used to make round bars, and each has its own properties and benefits. Some common types of materials used to make round bars are:

  • Aluminum Round Bar: A lightweight metal rod with a high strength-to-weight ratio that conducts electricity and heat well. It works well for things that need to be strong but not too heavy.
  • Brass Round Bar: A copper-zinc alloy rod that is golden in color and very resistant to wear and tear. It is good for projects that need to last a long time and look nice.
  • Bronze Round Bar: A copper-tin alloy rod that is reddish brown and very resistant to corrosion and wear. It’s perfect for jobs that need to be strong and tough.
  • Copper Round Bar: A reddish-orange metal rod that is very good at transferring heat and electricity. Copper round bar is ideal for low-resistance, high-conductivity applications.
  • Mild Steel Round Bar: A low-carbon steel metal rod that can be easily bent and welded. Mild steel round bar is good for cheap projects that need to be easy to make.
  • Round Bar Steel: A high-carbon steel metal rod that is very hard and strong. Round bar steel is good for long-lasting projects that need to last a long time.
  • Stainless Round Bar: A stainless round bar is a chromium-nickel alloy metal rod that doesn’t rust and is easy to polish. Stainless round bar is ideal for jobs that require hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Tool Steel Round Bar: A high-alloy steel rod that is both hard and tough. Tool steel round bar is ideal for cutting and wear-resistant applications.

Round Bar Sizes

Size of Round Bar

The size of a round bar depends on the type, material, and purpose of the bar. Millimeters (mm) are the standard way to measure the size of a round bar.

Round bars usually range in diameter from 6 mm to 150 mm.

But for special uses, some round bars can have a diameter of 250 mm or more.

The length of a round bar can be changed depending on what the project needs.

Round Bar Price List

Round bar price list depends on many things, such as the type, material, size, quantity, and quality of the round bar.

The price list for round bar also changes based on the supplier and where the market is.

The table below has some examples of price lists for round bar in the Philippines

Round BarDiameterLengthPrice
Steel Round Bar8mm6m₱150
Aluminum Round Bar16mm40cm₱155
Stainless Steel Round Bar – Shafting (6 pcs)1/8 inches1mm₱160
Corrugated Steel Round Bar10mm6m₱180
Steel Round Bar10mm6m₱200
Copper Round Bar12mm5cm₱265
Steel Round Bar12mm6m₱390
Steel Round Bar16mm6m₱600
Steel Round Bar20mm6m₱645
303 Stainless Steel Round Bar2mm40cm₱750
303 Stainless Steel Round Bar6mm40cm₱900
303 Stainless Steel Round Bar8m40cm₱990
Steel Round Bar25mm6m₱1,230

What are the pros and cons of a round bar?

There are many pros and cons to round bars, depending on the type, material, and purpose, here some of it:


  • Round bar is versatile and can be used across industries.
  • Round bar is strong and can withstand stress.
  • Round bar is simple to cut, bend, weld, and machine.
  • Round bar is inexpensive and recyclable.


  • Round bar adds weight and cost to projects.
  • Without proper treatment, round bar can rust and corrode.
  • In harsh conditions, round bar can crack or break.
  • Round bars can look plain and boring.

What You Need to Know About a Round Bar

Before you buy or use round bar for your project, you should know a few things about it. Some common questions about round bar and their answers are:

  • What is the difference between rebar and round bar?
    Rebar has ridges for better grip on concrete, while round bars are smooth and less resistant to slippage. Rebar strengthens concrete structures, while round bars are versatile and easily cut.
  • What is the strength of a round bar?
    The strength depends on factors like size, material, and type. It can be measured by its ability to withstand stretching, changing shape, cutting, compression, bending, and twisting.
  • What is round and square bar?
    Round bars have a circular cross-section, while square bars have square ends. They serve different applications based on their shapes.
  • What is stronger round or square steel?
    Round steel tubing has higher weight-bearing capacity than square or rectangular tubing due to its stronger circular shape.
  • How is round bar made?
    Stainless steel round bars are made through hot rolling or cold drawing processes, shaping the material into a circular form.

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