Ramen Kuroda Menu

Ramen Kuroda is a Japanese restaurant that offers genuine Ramen as a part of everyday Filipino experience.

The restaurant uses carefully selected ingredients such as homemade noodles, soup, and seasoned garlic oil to create its flavorful Ramen dishes. The Ramen is served quickly and affordably, making it accessible for busy people.

The quality and technique used in making the Ramen is supervised by a top-class Ramen Chef with 20 years of experience. Ramen Kuroda’s goal is to bring Japanese-quality Ramen to the Philippines and be a part of Filipinos’ exciting everyday life.

Here is the latest Ramen Kuroda menu for Philippines 2023:


Ramen MenuPrice
Shiro Ramen₱200.00
Kuro Ramen₱200.00
Aka Ramen₱200.00
Shiro Chashumen₱250.00
Kuro Chashumen₱250.00
Aka Chasumen₱250.00
Bari Kara Ramen₱250.00
Tan Tan Men₱250.00
Curry Ramen₱250.00
Ebi Tsukemen₱270.00

Add Ons

Add Ons MenuPrice
Nori (4pcs)₱30.00
Karashi Takana₱30.00
Extra Noodles₱50.00

Set Meals

Set Meals MenuPrice
Ramen Teriyaki Prok Don Set₱340.00
Ramen Chahan Set₱360.00
Ramen Gyoza Set₱360.00
Ramen Oyako Don Set₱370.00
Ramen Teriyaki Chicken Don Set₱380.00
Ramen Curry Rice Set₱380.00
Ramen Gyu Don Set₱390.00
Ramen Chicken Karaage Set₱390.00
Ramen Spicy Chicken Karaage Set₱390.00
Ramen Chicken Nanban Set₱390.00
Ramen Tonkatsu Set₱400.00
Ramen Katsu Don Set₱420.00

Special Bento Set

Special Bento Set MenuPrice
Kuroda Basic Bento Set₱520.00
Kuroda Bento Healthy Set₱520.00

Kids Meal

Kids Meal MenuPrice
Kuroda Kids Meal₱230.00

Side Dishes

Side Dishes MenuPrice
Teriyaki Pork₱150.00
Teriyaki Chicken₱180.00
Pork Salad₱200.00
Kani Salad₱240.00
Chicken Karaage₱260.00
Spicy Chicken Karaage₱260.00
Salmon Spicy Salad₱260.00
Chicken Nanban₱260.00
Ebi Fry₱300.00
Ebi Tempura₱300.00
Salmon Sashimi₱320.00

Rice Dishes

Rice Dishes MenuPrice
Onigiri – Tanuki₱90.00
Onigiri – Sake₱90.00
Shiro Chahan₱160.00
Kuro Chahan₱160.00
Aka Chahan₱160.00
Teriyaki Pork Don₱160.00
Curry Rice₱190.00
Teriyaki Chicken Don₱190.00
Oyako Don₱190.00
Gyu Don₱220.00
Teriyaki Salmon Don₱230.00
Chicken Karaage Don₱230.00
Teriyaki Pork Roll₱240.00
Katsu Don₱240.00
Katsu Curry₱260.00
California Roll₱290.00
Salmon Spicy Rol₱300.00
Salmon Roll₱320.00
Ebi Ten Don₱320.00
Tentoji Don₱320.00


Drinks MenuPrice
Bottled Water₱40.00
Coke Zero₱50.00
Four Seasons₱50.00
Pineapple Juice₱50.00
Iced Tea₱50.00
Green Mango Shake₱100.00
Yellow Mango Shake₱100.00
Watermelon Shake₱100.00
Orange Shake₱100.00


Desserts MenuPrice
Halo-Halo (Green Tea)₱140.00
Halo-Halo (Yellow Mango)₱140.00



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