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Paotsin is a pioneer in serving delicious fried dumplings and Asian specialties since 1995. The company is known for its Hainanese rice, which has become one of its bestsellers. Although there are many other businesses offering the same Asian food, Paotsin stands out as the original and unbeatable option.

Paotsin’s food is available for delivery through GrabFood and Foodpanda. Customers can easily download the app, search for the nearest Paotsin branch, and place their order.

Paotsin’s menu features a wide variety of Asian dumplings and dishes, each with a unique flavor profile that sets them apart from the rest.

Their dishes are claimed to be “different” and “delicious”. Some of their bestsellers include their signature fried dumplings, Hainanese rice, pork siomai, beef ball noodle soup, and chicken inasal.

These dishes are all made with high-quality ingredients, expertly prepared to provide the best flavor possible.

Here is the latest Paotsin menu for Philippines 2023:

Fried Dumplings

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Fried Dumplings MenuPrice
Fried Crab Wanton₱74.00
Fried Beijing Chicken Dumplings₱74.00
Fried Pork Dumplings₱74.00
Fried Beef Wanton₱74.00
Fried Pot Sticker₱74.00
Fried Prawn Puff₱74.00
Fried Scallop Dumplings₱74.00
Fried Scallop Wanton₱74.00
Fried Shark’s Fin₱74.00
Fried Shrimp Wanton₱74.00
Fried Spicy Fish₱74.00
Fried Squid Wanton₱74.00
Fried Wanton₱74.00

Steamed Dumplings

paotsin menu philippine steamed dumplings
Steamed Dumplings MenuPrice
Steamed Beef Wanton₱74.00
Steamed Crab Wanton₱74.00
Steamed Scallop Wanton₱74.00
Steamed Shark’s Fin₱74.00
Steamed Shrimp Wanton₱74.00
Steamed Squid Wanton₱74.00
Steamed Wanton₱74.00
Steamed Spicy Fish₱74.00

Dumpling with Rice

paotsin menu philippine dumpling with rice
Dumpling with Rice MenuPrice
Fried Dumplings with Hainanese Rice₱100.00
Fried Dumplings with Lemak Rice₱100.00
Steamed Dumplings with Hainanese Rice₱100.00
Steamed Dumpling with Lemak Rice₱100.00

Crackling Pork

paotsin menu philippine crackling pork
Crackling Pork MenuPrice
Crackling Pork with Hainanese Rice₱154.00
Crackling Pork with Lemak Rice₱154.00

Crispy Porkchop

paotsin menu philippine crispy porkchop
Crispy Porkchop MenuPrice
Crispy Porkchop with Hainanese Rice₱180.00
Crispy Porkchop with Lemak Rice₱180.00

Asian Chicken

paotsin menu philippine asian chicken
Asian Chicken MenuPrice
Asian Chicken with Hainanese Rice₱140.00
Asian Chicken with Lemak Rice₱140.00


paotsin menu philippine laksa
Laksa MenuPrice
Fried Dumplings with Laksa₱114.00
Steamed Dumplings with Laksa₱114.00
Crackling Pork with Laksa₱154.00
Asian Chicken with Laksa₱154.00
Crispy Porkchop with Laksa₱180.00


paotsin menu philippine beverages
Beverages MenuPrice
Buko Pandan (12oz)₱40.00
Buko Pandan (16oz)₱44.00
Buko Pandan (22oz)₱47.00


Rice MenuPrice
Hainanese Rice₱47.00
Lemak Rice₱47.00

Last Update: March 15, 2023


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