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Ministop is a 24-hour convenience store chain in the Philippines that is a franchise of a larger chain in Japan. The store offers a wide range of merchandise and ready-to-eat products that cater to the Filipino palate while maintaining high standards of quality and freshness.

Ministop places a strong emphasis on customer service and is committed to offering a diverse product line to address varying consumer preferences.

As a result, they have a competitive edge in the growing convenience store industry in the Philippines.

Here is the most recent Ministop menu for 2023 in Philippines:

Ready To Eat

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Ready To Eat MenuPrice
Kariman Chocolate₱17.00
Kariman Cookie Caramel₱17.00
Extra Rice₱23.00
Turon Classic₱23.00
Chicken Empanada₱32.00
Kariman Ham&Cheese₱39.00
Siomai Fritos Pork₱43.00
Siomai Fritos Crab₱43.00
Siomai Fritos Pork W Ric₱50.00
Siomai Sharksfin Rice₱50.00
Siomai Fritos Pork Rice₱58.00
Siomai Fritos Crab Rice₱58.00
Siomai Fritos Sharksfin₱58.00
Uj Chicken 1Pc Mang Tomas₱105.00
Uj Chicken 1Pc Ufc Gravy₱105.00
Uj Spicy Chicken 1Pc Mang Tomas₱109.00
Uj Spicy Chicken 1Pc Ufc Gravy₱109.00
Siomai Fritos 3S₱120.00
Sweetchilipork Minibucket₱140.00
Gravypork Minibucket Ufc Gravy₱140.00
Bbqpork Minibucket₱140.00
10 Pcs Hotchix With Ufc Gravy₱140.00
Shanghairoll Minibucket₱140.00
Kariman Sweet Party Packs₱165.00
Uj Chicken 2Pc Mang Tomas₱202.00
Uj Chicken 2Pc Ufc Gravy₱202.00
Uj Spicy Chicken 2Pc Ufc Gravy₱209.00
Uj Spicy Chicken 2Pc Mang Tomas₱209.00
Uncle John’S Fried Chicken Spicy Chicken 3S Mt₱252.00
Uj Chicken 3S Mang Tomas₱282.00
Uj Chicken 3S Ufc Gravy₱282.00
Uj Spicy Chicken 3S Mang Tomas₱292.00
Uj Spicy Chicken 3S Ufc Gravy₱292.00
Uncle John’s Pinoy Style Chicken₱325.00
Kariman Savory Partyp10S₱370.00
Crispy Pata₱450.00
Uj Chicken 6S Mang Tomas₱518.00
Uj Chicken 6S Ufc Gravy₱518.00
Uj Spicy Chicken 6S Mang Tomas₱538.00
Uj Spicy Chicken 6S Ufc Gravy₱538.00
Uj Chicken 10S Mang Tomas₱818.00
Uj Chicken 10S Ufc Gravy₱818.00
Uj Spicy Chicken 10S Mang Tomas₱851.00
Uj Spicy Chicken 10S Ufc Gravy₱851.00

Basic Commodities

ministop menu philippine basic commodities
Basic Commodities MenuPrice
Mychoice Refined Sugar 500G₱38.00
Mychoice Eggs 6Pcs₱92.00
Ufc Golden Fiesta Cooking Oil 485Ml₱95.00
Mychoice Dinorado Rice 2Kilos₱155.00
Harvesters Sinandomeng 5Kg₱300.00
Harvesters Dinorado 5Kg₱375.00

Canned Goods

ministop menu philippine canned goods
Canned Goods MenuPrice
Century Tuna Flakes Hot & Spicy 180G₱64.00
Century Tuna Flakes In Oil 180G₱64.00
Libby’S Vienna Sausage 130G₱80.00
Goldseas Yellowfin Tuna Chunks In Olive Oil 185G₱80.00
Goldseas Yellowfin Tuna Chunks In Olive Oil With Chili 185G₱80.00
Purefoods Corned Beef 150G₱97.00
Delimondo Ranch Style Cb175G₱105.00
Pf Chinese Luncheonmeat 350G₱108.00
Delimondo Garlic Chili Cb175G₱111.00
Purefoods Corned Beef 210G₱132.00
Maling Chicken Luncheon 397G₱145.00
Purefoods Corned Beef 380G₱224.00
Spam Luncheon Meat Regular 340G₱275.00

Brand of the Day

ministop menu philippine brand of the day
Brand of the Day MenuPrice
Bucket of 6s UFJC w/ MT₱518.00
Bucket of 6s UFJC w/ Gravy₱518.00
Bucket of 10s UFJC w/ MT₱818.00
Bucket of 10s UFJC w/ Gravy₱818.00


ministop menu philippine liquor
Liquor MenuPrice
Emperador Brandy Light 750ml₱135.00
Emperador Brandy Light 1L₱220.00
Emperador Brandy Double Light₱220.00
Alfonso Brandy Light 700ml₱355.00
Alfonso Brandy Light 1L₱450.00
Red Horse Beercan 24S 330ml₱1,272.00
Sanmig Beer Light Can 24S 330ml₱1,272.00
Sanmig Beer Pale Pilsen Can 24S 330ml₱1,272.00


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Spread/Dressing MenuPrice
Ladyschoice Peanut Butter 170G₱116.00
Ludys Peanut Butter 224G₱145.00
Ladyschoice Mayonnaisebot220Ml₱149.00

Non-Alcoholic Beverage

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Non-Alcoholic Beverage MenuPrice
Mountain Dew In Can 330Ml₱39.00
Pepsi Regular In Can 330Ml₱39.00
Mountain Dew Ice 600Ml₱40.00
Pepsi Reg Pet 600Ml₱40.00
Coke Zero In Can 325ml₱42.00
Royal In Can 325ml₱42.00
Sprite In Can 325ml₱42.00
Gatorade Sdrink Tropical Fruit 500Ml₱44.00
Gatorade Sdrink Grape 500Ml₱44.00
Trop Juice Twister Orange 1L₱75.00
Pepsi Regular Pet 1.5L₱79.00
Mountain Dew Pet 2L₱88.00
Gator Sportdrink Tropical Fruit 1.5L₱138.00
Gatorade Sportdrink Blue Bolt1.5L₱138.00


ministop menu philippine bundles
Bundles MenuPrice
TM Limited Edition Sim & P300 Call Card x UJFC₱420.00
Smart Load Card 500₱500.00
Smart Prepaid Load Card 300, Get 50 off UJ Chicken 6s₱712.00
Binge Watch Do’s: Chicken and WiFi₱899.00
Smart Prepaid Load Card 500, Get 95 off Crispy Pata₱950.00

Instant Food

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Instant Food MenuPrice
Lucky Me Mami Chicken Pouch 55G₱13.00
Nissin Yakisoba Savory Beef 59G₱17.00
Lucky Me Pancit Canton Calamansi Pouch 80G₱20.00
Lucky Me Pancit Canton Original Pouch 80G₱20.00
Lucky Me Pancit Canton Chilimansi 80G₱20.00
Indomie Mi Goreng Pedas Hot & Spicy 80G₱22.00
Indomie Migoreng Original 85G₱22.00
Nissin Cup Creamy Seafood 45G₱32.00
Nissin Cup Hot Creamy Seafood 48G₱32.00
Quaker Oats Chicken & Mushroom Cup 28G₱35.00
Quaker Oats Chocolate Cup 30G₱35.00
Lucky Me Supreme Chicken Sotanghon 28G₱39.00
Nissin Cup Noodles Spicy Seafood 60G₱44.00
Lucky Me Supreme Jjamppong 70G₱52.00
Nissin Soupermeal Beef Brisket 90G₱52.00
Nissin Soupermeal Hot & Spicy 85G₱52.00
Ottogi Jin Ramen Hot Pouch 65G₱89.00
Ottogi Jin Ramen Mild Pouch 65G₱89.00
Ottogi Cheese Ramen Pouch 111G₱95.00
Nongshim Shinramyun Noodles 120G₱95.00
Nongshim Claypot 117G₱100.00
Swissmiss Tincan Md Assorted8S₱115.00
Nongshim Shin Ramyun Black 101G₱156.00
Nissin Cup Noodles Seafood 74G₱185.00


ministop menu philippine condiments or sauces or soups 1
Condiments/Sauces/Soups MenuPrice
Silverswan Soysauce 1L₱68.00
Jolly Canola Oil 500Ml₱126.00
Maeil Hot Pepper Paste- Premium (Tayangcho Gochujang) 170G₱155.00
Maeil Shin Gochujang 170G₱155.00
Maeil Seasoned Soy Bean Paste (Ssamjang) 170G₱164.00
Maeil Ssamjang Ssndpaste 170G₱165.00

Bread And Pastries

ministop menu philippine bread and pastries
Bread And Pastries MenuPrice
Gardenia Classic Loaf 600g₱94.00

Spreads / Dressing

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Spreads / Dressing MenuPrice
Eden Cheese Regular 165G₱77.00
Cheez Whiz Original 220G₱123.00
Nutella Hazelnut Spread 200G₱212.00

Coffee / Tea

ministop menu philippine coffe or tea
Coffee / Tea MenuPrice
Great Taste Coffee White Sachet 30G₱12.00
Kopiko Brown 3In1 Coffee 27.5G₱12.00
Kopiko Blanca 3In1 Coffee 30G₱14.00
Nestea Iced Tea Powder Lemon 25G₱29.00
Kopiko Blanca Coffee Rtg 30G₱30.00

Ready to Drink

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Ready to Drink MenuPrice
Yakult Singles 80Ml₱12.00
Summit Natural Spring Water 500Ml₱17.00
Goodday Culturedmilk Mango80Ml₱20.00
Goodday Cultured Milk Orig80Ml₱20.00
Goodday Culturedmilkstraw 80Ml₱20.00
Coke Mini Can 180Ml₱22.00
Absolute Distilled Water 500Ml₱22.00
Great Taste Iced Coffee Vanilla Lattee 200Ml₱22.00
Great Taste Iced Coffee Chocolate Mocha 200Ml₱22.00
Great Taste Ice Coffee Caramel Macchiato 200Ml₱22.00
Wilkins Pure Water 1L₱25.00
Summit Natural Spring Water 1L₱26.00
Nature’S Spring Purified Water 1L₱28.00
Sting Strawberry Energy Drink 330Ml₱28.00
Cobra Energy Drink Regular 350Ml₱29.00
Cobra Energy Drink Smart 350Ml₱29.00
Absolute Distilled Water 1L₱32.00
C2 Green Tea Apple 355Ml₱34.00
Bear Brand Sterilized Milk 200Ml₱35.00
Del Monte ACE Can 240ml₱35.00
Coke Zeron Can 325ml₱36.00
Wilkins Distilled Water 1L₱37.00
Mountain Dew 600Ml₱40.00
C2 Green Tea Apple 500Ml₱41.00
Nestle Chuckie Choco 250Ml₱41.00
Smart C Lemon Juice 500Ml₱41.00
Del Monte Pineapple Juice Ace 240Ml₱42.00
Coke Regular Can 325Ml₱42.00
Coke Regular 500Ml₱43.00
Coke Zero 500Ml₱43.00
Gatorade Blue Bolt 500Ml₱44.00
Absolute Distilled Water 1.5L₱45.00
Pocari Sweat Ion Drink 500Ml₱55.00
Dutchmill Delight 400Ml₱55.00
C2 Green Tea Apple 1L₱65.00
Mountain Dew 1.5L₱79.00
Coke Regular 1.5L₱83.00
Coke Zero 1.5L₱83.00
Royal 1.5L₱83.00
Sprite 1.5L₱83.00
Summit Natural Spring Water 6L₱91.00
Coke Zero 2L₱93.00
Coke Regular 2L₱93.00
Pocari Sweat Ion Drink 900Ml₱95.00
Nature’S Spring Distilled Water 6L₱98.00
Absolute Distilled Water 6L₱102.00
Wilkins Distilled Water 7L₱113.00
Delmonte Juice Tetra 4Seas 1L₱117.00
Delmonte Juice Pine Ace 1L₱128.00
Nestle Bear Brand Sterilized Milk 1L₱130.00
Delmonte Juice Tetra Fiber 1L₱138.00


ministop menu philippine snacks
Snacks MenuPrice
Jack ‘N Jill Mr Chips Nacho Cheese 100G₱24.00
Dingdong Supermix 100G₱29.00
Jack ‘N Jill Chippy Bbq 115G₱32.00
Clover Chips Cheese 85G₱45.00
Jack ‘N Jill Piattos Cheese 85G₱45.00
Jack ‘N Jill Piattos Sour Cream 85G₱45.00
Jnj Granny Goose Tortillos Bbq 160G₱48.00
Jnj Piattos Cheese Super 170G₱82.00
Lay’S Classic Potato Chips 184.27G₱204.00
Doritos Nacho Cheese 198.5G₱205.00

Last Update: April 6, 2023


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