Mann Hann Menu

Mann Hann is a Chinese restaurant that offers a variety of options at reasonable prices, including meals, dim sums, chicken, and noodles.

It started off as a deli and convenience store in San Juan in 1996 and expanded to become a popular restaurant chain in the Philippines. The name is inspired by an old Chinese narrative about hosting foreign guests and providing the best meals.

Mann Hann has multiple locations throughout the country, including in commercial hubs and malls.

Here is the latest Mann Hann menu for Philippines 2023:

Meat and Poultry

mann hann menu philippine meat and poultry
Meat and Poultry MenuPrice
Lumpiang Shanghai₱340.00
orange chicken₱465.00
Cereal Chicken₱465.00
Spicy Spareribs Forever₱465.00
Sweet And Sour Spareribs₱465.00
Sweet and Sour Pork₱465.00
Three Cup Chicken₱465.00
Beef Broccoli₱465.00
Lutong Lechon Macau₱475.00
Chinese Style Beef Tenderloin₱495.00
Beef Brisket₱495.00


mann hann menu philippine seafoods
Seafoods MenuPrice
Fish Tofu₱465.00
Taosi Fish Fillet₱465.00
Fish Fillet With Broccoli Flower₱465.00
Sweet And Sour Fish Fillet₱465.00
Spicy Prawn₱465.00
Prawn Tempura₱465.00
Prawn Wrapped in Bacon₱465.00
Fried Squid/Spicy Squid₱465.00
Fried Squid Head₱465.00
Oyster Cake₱465.00


mann hann menu philippine noodles
Noodles MenuPrice
Miki Bihon₱455.00
Prawn Sotanghon₱460.00
Long Live Chami₱465.00
Pancit Canton₱465.00
Fried Noodles with Seafoods₱495.00
Seafood Miki Bihon₱495.00


mann hann menu philippine dimsum
Dimsum MenuPrice
Raddish Cake₱150.00
Chicken Feet₱165.00
Japanese siomai₱180.00
Taosi Spareribs₱185.00
beancurd roll₱210.00
Shrimp Roll₱245.00


mann hann menu philippine soup
Soup MenuPrice
Maki (Maki balls with Shrimp)₱345.00
Maki Mi₱370.00
Seafood Lomi₱410.00
Hot and Sour Soup₱440.00
Chicken Corn Soup₱440.00


mann hann menu philippine rice
Rice MenuPrice
Yang Chow Fried Rice₱280.00

Rice Toppings

mann hann menu philippine rice toppings
Rice Toppings MenuPrice
Taosi Spareribs Rice₱395.00
Spicy Spareribs Rice₱395.00
Sweet and Sour Spareribs Rice₱395.00
Sweet and Sour Pork Rice₱395.00
Lechon Macau Rice₱395.00
Broccoli With Shitake Rice₱395.00
Sweet And Sour Fish Fillet Rice₱395.00
Taosi Fish Fillet Rice₱395.00
Fish Tofu Rice₱395.00
Fish Broccoli Flower Rice₱395.00
Beef Broccoli Flower Rice₱395.00
Beef Ampalaya Rice₱395.00


mann hann menu philippine vegetables
Vegetables MenuPrice
Fresh Lumpia₱135.00
Eggplant With Minced Pork₱330.00
French Beans with Taosi₱330.00
Broccoli Flower with Shitake₱370.00
Broccoli Flower with Garlic₱370.00


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