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Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen is a restaurant chain that serves authentic Italian cuisine with a menu that includes insalate, antipasti, zuppe, pizza, pasta, and main dishes, as well as desserts and drinks. The ingredients used in their menu are sourced from Italy.

The chain was founded in 2010 by Malou and Richard Tremblay and has since expanded to several locations in Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

Mama Lou’s Hospitality Group also has other brands and restaurants. Each Mama Lou’s location offers indoor and al fresco dining options and is pet-friendly.

Some locations also have private dining and event spaces. Mamafood Cloud Kitchen was established in 2021 as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sky Ranch Tagaytay is the newest location of Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen, which features classy interiors with Italian accents.

Here is the most recent Mama Lous menu for 2023 in Philippines:

Limited Time Offer

Limited Time Offer MenuPrice
Baked Squid Ink Risotto (Solo)₱650.00
Baked Truffle Salpicao (Solo)₱700.00
Baked Truffle Salpicao (Happy)₱1,300.00
Baked Squid Ink Risotto (Happy)₱1,300.00
Baked Squid Ink Risotto (Hearty)₱2,150.00
Baked Truffle Salpicao (Hearty)₱2,230.00
Baked Truffle Salpicao (Party)₱2,900.00
Baked Squid Ink Risotto (Party)₱2,900.00


mama lous menu philippine appetizer
Appetizer MenuPrice
Mushroom Chicharon₱250.00
Mozzaella Sticks₱295.00
Baked Italian Meatballs₱385.00
Spicy Italian Garlic Sausage₱450.00


Antipasti MenuPrice
Onion Rings₱190.00
Mushroom Chicharon₱250.00
Mozzarella Sticks₱295.00
Buffalo Chicken Wings₱325.00
Buffalo Chicken Wings 6pcs₱375.00
Truffle Fries₱390.00
Buffalo Chicken Wings 12pcs₱550.00
Mussels and Clams in White Wine₱550.00


Mains MenuPrice
Chicken Piccata (rice)₱380.00
Parmesan Crusted Fish Fillet (rice)₱450.00
Rollo di Pollo (rice)₱455.00
Chicken Marsala (rice)₱470.00
Pollo Al burro (rice)₱495.00
Beef Ribs (rice)₱515.00
Chicken Parmigiana (rice)₱520.00
Tuna Belly (rice)₱520.00
Italian Roast Chicken (rice)₱530.00
Ribeye Steak Salpicao (rice)₱565.00
Pork Chop (rice)₱650.00
Pan Seared Salmon (rice)₱750.00
Marbled Ribeye Steak (rice)₱1,200.00

Feast Tray – Pasta

  • mama lous menu philippine feast tray pasta 1
  • mama lous menu philippine feast tray pasta 2
  • mama lous menu philippine feast tray pasta 3
  • mama lous menu philippine feast tray pasta 4
Feast Tray – Pasta MenuPrice
Eggplant Parmigiana (Single)₱350.00
Italian Sardine (Single)₱380.00
Arrabbiata (Single)₱380.00
Spaghetti Con Tuyo (Single)₱385.00
Penne Shrimp Formaggio (Single)₱395.00
Spag.Italian Sausage Pomodoro (Single)₱405.00
Creamy Salmon Linguine (Single)₱419.75
Carbonara (Single)₱425.00
Spaghetti Alla Carbonara (Single)₱425.00
Mama’s Pesto Al Pollo (Single)₱430.00
Truffle Mac & Cheese (Single)₱430.00
Sweety Spaghetti (Single)₱450.00
Spaghetti Bolognese (Single)₱450.00
Ravioli Spinachi (Single)₱450.00
Lucio’s Truffle (Single)₱455.00
Spaghetti Meatballs (Single)₱455.00
Shrimp Alimone (Single)₱455.00
Lasagna (Single)₱455.00
Vongole Olio (Single)₱475.00
Seafood Olio (Single)₱550.00
Eggplant Parmigiana (3-5 Pax)₱995.00
Lucio’s Truffle (3-5 Pax)₱1,080.00
Mama’s Pesto Al Pollo (3-5 Pax)₱1,085.00
Truffle Mac & Cheese (3-5 Pax)₱1,085.00
Sweety Spaghetti (3-5 Pax)₱1,085.00
Spaghetti Meatballs (3-5 Pax)₱1,085.00
Spaghetti Bolognese (3-5 Pax)₱1,085.00
Vongole Olio (3-5 Pax)₱1,085.00
Spaghetti Con Tuyo (3-5 Pax)₱1,085.00
Creamy Salmon Linguine (3-5 Pax)₱1,085.00
Shrimp Alimone (3-5 Pax)₱1,085.00
Arrabbiata (3-5 Pax)₱1,085.00
Lasagna(1/2 Tray 4-6 Pax)₱1,085.00
Italian Sardine (3-5 Pax)₱1,085.00
Penne Shrimp Formaggio (3-5 Pax)₱1,085.00
Ravioli Spinachi (3-5 Pax)₱1,085.00
Carbonara (3-5 Pax)₱1,100.00
Spag.Italian Sausage Pomodoro (3-5 Pax)₱1,100.00
Spaghetti Alla Carbonara (3-5 Pax)₱1,100.00
Seafood Olio (3-5 Pax)₱1,420.00
Eggplant Parmigiana (6-8 Pax)₱1,723.00
Lucio’s Truffle (6-8 Pax)₱2,050.00
Carbonara (6-8 Pax)₱2,070.00
Spag.Italian Sausage Pomodoro (6-8 Pax)₱2,070.00
Mama’s Pesto Al Pollo (6-8 Pax)₱2,070.00
Truffle Mac & Cheese (6-8 Pax)₱2,070.00
Sweety Spaghetti (6-8 Pax)₱2,070.00
Spaghetti Meatballs (6-8 Pax)₱2,070.00
Spaghetti Bolognese (6-8 Pax)₱2,070.00
Vongole Olio (6-8 Pax)₱2,070.00
Spaghetti Con Tuyo (6-8 Pax)₱2,070.00
Shrimp Alimone (6-8 Pax)₱2,070.00
Arrabbiata (6-8 Pax)₱2,070.00
Italian Sardine (6-8 Pax)₱2,070.00
Penne Shrimp Formaggio (6-8 Pax)₱2,070.00
Spaghetti Alla Carbonara (6-8 Pax)₱2,070.00
LasagnaFull Tray (9-12 Pax)₱2,070.00
Creamy Salmon Linguine (6-8 Pax)₱2,080.00
Ravioli Spinachi (6-8 Pax)₱2,080.00
Seafood Olio (6-8 Pax)₱2,850.00

Feast Tray – Mains

mama lous menu philippine feast tray mains 1
Feast Tray – Mains MenuPrice
Chicken Piccata (Single)₱380.00
Parmesan Crusted Fish Fillet (Single)₱450.00
Rollo di Pollo (Single)₱455.00
Chicken Marsala₱470.00
Pollo Al Burro₱495.00
Beef Ribs (Single)₱515.00
Tuna Belly (Single)₱520.00
Chicken Parmigiana (Single)₱520
Italian Roast Chicken (Single)₱530.00
Ribeye Salpicao (Single)₱565.00
Pork Chop (Single)₱650.00
Pan Seared Salmon (Single)₱750.00
Italian Roast Chicken (Whole)₱850.00
Marbled Ribeye Steak (Single)₱1,200.00
Rollo di Pollo (Feast Tray)₱1,950.00
Chicken Piccata (Feast Tray)₱2,100.00
Ribeye Salpicao (Feast Tray)₱2,995.00
Beef Ribs (Feast Tray)₱2,995.00


Zuppe MenuPrice
Clam Chowder₱250.00


Pasta MenuPrice
Aglio Olio₱165.00
Italian Sardine₱380.00
Spaghetti Con Tuyo₱385.00
Italian Sausage Pomodoro₱405.00
Creamy Salmon Linguine₱419.75
Mama’s Pesto Al Pollo₱430.00
Truffle Mac & Cheese₱430.00
Sweet Spaghetti₱450.00
Spaghetti Bolognese₱450.00
Ravioli Spinachi₱450.00
Linguine Salmon₱455.00
Lemon Garlic Shrimp₱455.00
Lucio’s Truffle₱455.00
Spaghetti Meatballs₱455.00
Vongole Olio₱475.00
Seafood Olio₱550.00
Bucatini Amatriciana₱558.00
Seafood Pomodoro₱570.00
Seafood Alfredo₱570.00
Lemon Garlic Shrimp – Platter₱1,085.00
Mama’s Pesto Al Pollo – Platter₱1,085.00
Italian Sardine – Platter₱1,085.00
Beef ribs Ragu Pasta – Platter₱1,085.00
Italian Sausage Pomodoro – Platter₱1,100.00


mama lous menu philippine pizza 1
Pizza MenuPrice
Pizza Margherita₱325.00
Hawaiian Pizza₱350.00
Spinach and Goats Cheese₱365.00
Mama Lou’s Special₱365.00
Quattro Formaggi₱365.00
Prosciutto Funghi₱365.00
All Meat Pizza₱365.00
Pizza Bianca₱365.00
Mamamia Pizza₱395.00
Frutti di Mare₱395.00


Risotto MenuPrice
Risotto Tartufo Funghi₱465.00
Risotto Pesto Al Pollo₱465.00
Risotto Di Mare₱650.00


mama lous menu philippine extras
Extras MenuPrice
Hot Honey₱35.00
Mashed Potato₱58.00
Garlic Rice₱76.00
French Fries (100 Grams)₱87.00
Focaccia Bread (4 Slices)₱99.00
Extra Grilled Chicken₱104.00
Extra Side Aglio Olio₱146.00


Bundeals MenuPrice
Mama’s Bundeal 1 (3-5 Pax)₱1,800.00
Mama’s Bundeal 2 (3-5 Pax)₱2,850.00
Mama’s Bundeal 3 (6-8 Pax)₱2,950.00
Mama’s Bundeal 4 (6-8 Pax)₱3,800.00


mama lous menu philippine platters
Platters MenuPrice
City Sampler₱820.00
Prosciutto & Salami Platter₱850.00
Fritto Misto₱865.00
Cheese cake₱954.00


mama lous menu philippine insalate 1
Insalate MenuPrice
Chef’s Salad₱240.00
Arugula Salad₱288.00
Caesar Salad₱288.00
Oriental Salad₱288.00
Greek Salad₱330.00

Party Tray

Party Tray MenuPrice
Rollo di Pollo₱1,950.00
Chicken Piccata₱2,100.00
Ribeye Salpicao₱2,995.00
Beef Ribs₱2,995.00

Mama’ Fried Chicken & Chips

Mama’ Fried Chicken & Chips MenuPrice
Mama’s Fried Chicken & Chips (3pcs)₱400.00
Mama’s Fried Chicken & Chips (5pcs)₱650.00
Mama’s Fried Chicken & Chips (7pcs)₱800.00
Mama’s Fried Chicken & Chips (12pcs)₱1,380.00


mama lous menu philippine dessert 1
Dessert MenuPrice
Mama Lou’s Cheesecake₱200.00

Iced Tea

mama lous menu philippine iced tea
Iced Tea MenuPrice
Mama Lou’s Iced Tea 500ml₱134.00
Mango Iced Tea 500ml₱174.00
Mama Lou’s Ice tea 1000ml₱192.00
Mango Iced Tea 1000ml₱232.00


Café MenuPrice
Decaf Americano₱113.85
Café Latte₱120.75
Double Espresso₱189.75

Last Update: April 13, 2023


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