Lally Columns Price List and Buying Guide

If you want a long-lasting technique to support your building structure at a fair price, you might consider employing Lally columns.

Lally columns, also known as adjustable steel columns, are hollow steel tubes whose length may be modified to meet the distance between the floor and the ceiling.

They are used to provide vertical support for beams, floor joists, or other structural elements and range in price from ₱2,500 to ₱21,000.

In this article, we will discuss everything about lally columns, including the price list of lally columns in the Philippines and much more.

What is Lally Columns

What is Adjustable Steel Columns

Lally columns are steel pipes with screw jacks at both ends that are adjustable. Because of its shape, it is sometimes known as a jack post or an adjustable u head.

The screw jacks allow you to alter the height of the column by rotating them clockwise or counterclockwise.

To strengthen the strength and stability of the column, it is frequently filled with concrete.

The column is also connected to a steel plate at the top and bottom, which is secured to the floor and beam, respectively.

Lally Columns Purposes

Adjustable steel columns are mostly used to hold structures that have sagging or broken beams, floor joists, or foundations.

They can be used temporarily or permanently and also be used in new building projects that require adjustable support for different floor heights or loads.

Some common uses of adjustable steel beams include:

  • To fix or replace wooden posts that are rotten or broken.
  • To strengthen beams or boards that are too small or have too much stress
  • To level uneven floors or walls
  • To support big machinery or equipment
  • To turn cellars or attics into extra rooms or space

Lally Columns Standard Size

Adjustable Steel Columns Standard Size

Adjustable steel columns come in different sizes and can hold different amounts of weight.

The diameter, wall thickness, and length decide the size, which can be anywhere from 3 to 6 inches in diameter, 0.11 to 0.25 inches thick, and 3 to 12 feet long.

For permanent use, the International Residential Code (IRC) says that lally column must be able to hold at least 16,329 kg (36 kips). and at least 20 kips (9,072 kg) for short-term use.

The IRC also says that each column must have a label that shows its size, material, capacity, manufacturer, and how to place it.

Lally Columns Price List

Adjustable Steel Columns Price

The price of lally columns varies on a number of things, like their size, material, quality, brand, and seller.

The price also changes based on where the column is and how much desire there is for it.

Here are some suggested prices for adjustable steel columns in Philippines, based on some online sources:

Size (Diameter x Wall Thickness x Length)CapacityPrice
3″ x 0.11″ x 3′-5′18 kips₱2,500
3″ x 0.11″ x 4′-7′18 kips₱3,000
3″ x 0.11″ x 6′-9′18 kips₱4,000
4″ x 0.11″ x 4′-7′24 kips₱4,500
4″ x 0.11″ x 6′-9′24 kips₱5,500
4″ x 0.11″ x 8′-11′24 kips₱7,000
4″ x 0.25″ x 6′-9′36 kips₱8,000
4″ x 0.25″ x 8′-11′36 kips₱10,000
4″ x 0.25″ x 10′-13′36 kips₱12,000
6″ x 0.25″ x 6′-9′60 kips₱15,000
6″ x 0.25″ x 8′-11′60 kips₱18,000
6″ x 0.25″ x 10′-13′60 kips₱21,000

Advantages and Disadvantages of Lally Columns

When compared to other types of structure supports, adjustable steel columns have some pros and cons. Here are a few examples:


  • They are simple to set up and change.
  • They are hardy and strong.
  • They are resistant to fire, mold, and animals.
  • They are flexible and can be used for many different things.
  • They are cheap and save both time and work.


  • If they are not taken care of and kept properly, they may rust or corrode.
  • They might not match the building’s look or style.
  • They may need more support or anchoring to keep them from buckling or moving side to side.
  • They might not be up to code or meet the standards for some applications.

How to Install Adjustable Steel Columns

Adjustable steel supports are easy to set up, and you can do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

For safety, you should talk to an expert or architect before installing. Get the permits you need from the building department in your area.

Here are the basic steps to installing movable steel columns:

  1. Make sure there are no things in the way when you measure the height of the installation area.
  2. Choose the right size and amount of space for the column based on your needs.
  3. Make sure that the floor and beam are level and strong.
  4. Place the column and use screw jacks to change its height, making sure it is straight and in the middle.
  5. Use the suggested fasteners to connect the column to the floor and beam, making sure to tighten them evenly.
  6. To make the column stronger, fill it with concrete and make sure there are no air gaps.
  7. Wait at least 24 hours before putting any weight on the concrete.
  8. Apply a protective paint or coating to finish the work and stop rust or corrosion. Cover the column with plywood, paneling, or molding if you want to.

Things You Should Know About Adjustable Steel Columns

Here are some important things you should know about adjustable steel columns:

  • Can adjustable columns be permanent?
    Yes, adjustable columns can be used permanently, but before doing so, you should check your local laws and the manufacturer’s directions.
  • Does a lally column need a footing?
    Yes, a lally column does need a base to keep it stable and strong.
  • Are all lally columns filled with concrete?
    No, not every lally column has concrete in it. Some are made of solid steel, while others may be filled with concrete.
  • How far apart can lally columns be?
    When used in a home, lally columns shouldn’t be more than 8 feet apart. When used in a business, they should be at least 12 feet apart.
  • How much weight can a lally column support?
    The weight limit depends on things like the size, width, and material of the column, but it is usually between 5,900 and 10,900 kilograms. But some numbers may be different.

Lally columns are strong and useful structure supports that can be used in many different ways.

They are easy to set up and adjust, but safety requires careful thought and skilled installation.

There must be regular inspections and adherence to building rules. For lally columns in the Philippines, you can find a wide range of choices online at a fair price.


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