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Koomi is a relatively new multinational business that is swiftly gaining traction in Metro Manila. With an increasing number of purple-colored branches sprouting up across the city, Koomi is quickly becoming a popular among those seeking a healthier option.

Koomi, an Australian company, provides natural drinking yogurt with a variety of tasty and fresh ingredients. Every cup is brewed fresh every day, with a variety of vibrant flavors to pick from.

Here is the latest Koomi menu for Philippines 2023:

Kilig Kombos

koomi menu philippine kilig kombos
Kilig Kombos MenuPrice
Jack Of All Dates₱189.00
Kitkat To Believe In Berries₱206.00
You’re All I Avo Wanted₱206.00

Cheese Series

koomi menu philippine cheese series
Cheese Series MenuPrice
Boba Cheese₱172.00
Oreo Cheese₱172.00
Ube Cheese₱172.00
Matcha Cheese₱172.00
Red Velvet Cheese₱172.00


  • koomi menu philippine menu 1
  • koomi menu philippine menu 2
Menu Price
Simply Koomi₱133.00
Stick-on-Me Purple Rice₱139.00
Cookies N’ Dream₱150.00
A Melon Reasons Why I Lychee₱161.00
Dragon Funana₱161.00
Mango Moo₱172.00
You’re the Berry Best₱172.00
Nuts About You₱189.00
Mango Cracker Rocker₱189.00
Will Ube Mine₱189.00
Chocnut Ka, Biscoff₱194.00
Berry Kiwissable₱194.00
I’m Berry Blue Without You₱194.00
Banana Dance With Some Berries₱194.00
Banana Boombastic Nutella Fantastic₱200.00
Kitkat you outta my Head₱200.00
Avo Nice Day!₱206.00

Yogurt Cake

koomi menu philippine yogurt cake
Yogurt Cake MenuPrice
Avo Nice Day Cake (Cake in Cup)₱194.00
Will Ube Mine Yogurt (Cake in Cup)₱194.00
Mango Choco Moo (Cake in Cup)₱194.00
Waterberry Wonder (Cake in Cup)₱194.00

Christmas Drinks

koomi menu philippine christmas drinks
Christmas Drinks MenuPrice
Ubebe Its Cold Outside₱172.00
Let it Snow Peach Mango₱172.00
Berry Cherry Christmas₱172.00

Froyo Pint

koomi menu philippine froyo pint
Froyo Pint MenuPrice
Simply Koomi Froyo₱399.00
Waterberry Froyo₱421.00



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