I Beam Price List and Buying Guide

If you want something that will last and won’t break the bank in terms of price, I beam might be a good choice for your building projects.

These rolled steel joists have a cross section in the shape of a “I,” and their price typically ranges from ₱5,137 to ₱28,348 per 6 meters.

They’re often used to hold up the frame of buildings, bridges, cargo ships, docks, and other places.

In this article, we’ll talk about what I beams are, how they’re used, the different kinds they come in, and the I beam price list in The Philippines, among other things.

What is I Beam?

What is I Beam

An I beam is a type of structural steel that looks like the lowercase letter “I.” It has flanges on each end and a web in the middle.

In Europe, it is also called an H-beam or double-T. The lips don’t bend or buckle because they are thinner on the outside and thicker on the inside.

The vertical web element stops shear forces, and the horizontal flange controls the beam’s bending moment.

In engineering, I beams follow the rules of Euler’s and Bernoulli’s formulae allows it to resist bending and buckling under load..

Uses of I Beam

I beams are used in many different businesses for many different things. Most often, they are used to:

  • Cargo Ships and Docks: I beams give cargo ships and docks the strength and stability they need to carry big loads and stand up to bad weather.
  • Building Construction: I beams are used in both residential and industrial building construction as columns, beams, frames, trusses, and arches. They can hold up the weight of floors, walls, and roofs, making sure the structure is sound.
  • Bridge Construction: I-beams are necessary for making bridges that cross rivers, roads, or valleys. They can resist tension, compression, and shear forces, and they are used for suspension cables, girders, and piers.

Types of I Beam

There are different kinds of I beams, and each has its own properties and uses:


I Beam

I-beams have parallel ends and legs that aren’t as wide. They can be used for short-length projects and are lighter than other beams. They are often used in building in general.


W Beam

Compared to I-beams, W-beams have bigger flanges. People sometimes call them “wide flange beams.” W-beams are good for making things like bridges and buildings that need to be strong.


H Beam

H-piles weigh more because they have bigger legs and parallel flanges. Most of the time, they are used for deep foundations. H-piles offer strong support and are often used in projects where being able to hold a lot of weight is important.

I Beam Price List

The price of I-beam depends on various factors, such as the type, size, material, quality, supply, demand, and location.

The table below shows the latest retail price of I-beam in Philippine Peso (Php).

The prices listed are per length of I-beam. The standard length of I-beam is 6 meters.

DescriptionSize / DimensionLengthPrice Per Unit
I-Beam, Wide Flange8 x 8 x 48# (F=166mm, W=205mm, tf=17.4mm, tw=10.16mm)6 meters₱28,348
I-Beam, Wide Flange8 X 8 X 40# (F=205mm, W=210mm, tf=14.2mm, tw=9.1mm)6 meters₱19,957
I-Beam, Wide Flange8 X 8 X 35# (F=204mm, W=206mm, tf=12.6mm, tw=7.9mm)6 meters₱17,461
I-Beam, Wide Flange8 X 8 X 31# (F=203mm, W=203mm, tf=11mm, tw=7.2mm)6 meters₱14,450
I-Beam, Wide Flange8 X 6-1/2 X 28# (F=166mm, W=205mm, tf=11.6mm, tw=7.2mm)6 meters₱13,116
I-Beam, Wide Flange8 X 6-1/2 X 28# (F=166mm, W=205mm, tf=11.6mm, tw=7.2mm)12 meters₱26,231
I-Beam, Wide Flange6 X 6 X 25# (F=154mm, W=162mm, tf=11.6mm, tw=8.1mm)6 meters₱12,473
I-Beam, Wide Flange8 X 6.5 X 24# (F=165mm, W=201mm, tf=10.1mm, tw=6.22mm)6 meters₱11,440
I-Beam, Wide Flange8 X 6.5 X 21# (F=157mm, W=210mm, tf=10.1mm, tw=6.35mm)6 meters₱12,257
I-Beam, Wide Flange6 X 4 X 16# (F=102mm, W=160mm, tf=10.2mm, tw=6.6mm)6 meters₱10,296
I-Beam, Wide Flange6 X 4 X 12# (F=102mm, W=153mm, tf=7.1mm, tw=5.8mm)6 meters₱8,557
I-Beam, Wide Flange6 X 4 X 9# (F=100mm, W=150mm, tf=5.5mm, tw=4.3mm)6 meters₱5,137

Note: The prices are based on the average market rates and may vary depending on the supplier and availability. The prices are also subject to change without prior notice.

Things You Should Know about I Beam

  • How are I beams and H beams different?
    The width of the lip is the main difference between I and H beams. I-beams are lighter and cheaper because their ends aren’t as wide. H beams have bigger flanges, which make them more stable and able to hold more weight.
  • What kind of steel does an I-beam have?
    Most I beams are made of structural steel, which has a certain chemical makeup and set of physical qualities. I beams can be made from different types of structural steel, such as ASTM A36, ASTM A572, and ASTM A992.
  • How come an I-beam is so sturdy?
    I-beams are strong because of how they are made and what they are made of. The I beam doesn’t bend or buckle because of its shape, and the structural steel material gives it great strength and toughness. Because of this, the I beam is a strong and useful structural feature.
  • What is the I-beam’s thickness?
    The thickness of an I-beam is measured by its web thickness, which changes based on the type and size of the beam. For example, the web thickness of a standard I beam might be 10.16 mm, while the web thickness of a wide flange I beam might be 9.1 mm.
  • How much can an I-beam support?
    How much weight an I-beam can hold relies on things like its type, size, span, how it is supported, and how the weight is distributed. To estimate the weight capacity, you need to think about these things and use tools or tables that are made for this purpose.

We hope that this article has helped you learn more about I-beam and their price in the Philippines.

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