Holcim Cement Price List and Buying Guide

In the Philippines, where construction is a big business, it is important to use the right cement for your building projects. Holcim Cement gives a wide range of high-quality products that are made for different uses and are made to last and work well.

In this piece, we’ll look at the different types of Holcim Cement that are on the market and talk about their unique features and benefits. We’ll also talk about alternatives to cement, giving you all the information you need to make good choices for your construction needs.

Let’s look into Holcim Cement price list in Philippines and other information before you choose what you need.

Holcim Cement Type

Below these are some of Holcim cement product that you can get in Philippines market:

Holcim Skim Coat Superfine

Holcim Skim Coat Superfine
Source image: holcim.ph

Holcim Superfine Skim Coat is a high-performance cement that is made for making thin layers of plaster. It has a smooth finish and fills in pinholes well.

This product is great for fixing flaws on surfaces both inside and outside, especially on ceilings and walls. The powdery substance is white or gray and stays active for about 3 to 4 hours.

It is non-toxic and easy to work with, but skin contact should be avoided as much as possible. This cement comes in a handy 20-kg package that seals itself.

Holcim Tile Adhesive

Holcim Tile Adhesive
Source image: holcim.ph

Holcim Heavy Duty Tile Adhesive is a polymer-modified mortar made of premium plus cement. It was made to place ceramic tiles, marble, granite, and other natural stones, and it has a strong bond and is easy to use.

This gray powder cement is great for thin-bed uses because it only takes 15 minutes to open up. It uses water efficiently because it only needs 7 liters of water per 25 kilograms of powder.

This non-toxic cement is packed in 25-kilogram self-sealing plastic bags. It is easy to work with and can set for up to 4 hours.

Holcim Excel

Holcim Excel
Source image: holcim.ph

Holcim Excel is a flexible cement that can be used for a wide range of building projects. As a mixed cement that meets Type IP standards, it is made by mixing Portland cement with mineral additives.

This cement is safe and of high quality because it has been certified both locally and internationally. It is easy to mix with other materials and works well for plastering purposes.

Holcim Excel is highly suggested for residential buildings because it cuts down on construction time, increases yield, saves money, and doesn’t break down when exposed to sulfate.

Holcim Solido

Holcim Solido
Source image: holcim.ph

Holcim Solido is a type of blended cement that is made for building roads and other structures. It is a high-quality Portland cement with high-performance additives that meets the requirements for Type IP mixed cement.

With compressive strengths that are higher than national and international norms, it makes it possible to build structures that will last for a long time.

Holcim Solido also stands out because it gives off less CO2 than Ordinary Portland Cements. This makes it an environmentally friendly choice for road concrete and other uses.

Holcim ECOPlanet

Holcim ECOPlanet
Source image: holcim.ph

Holcim ECOPlanet is cement made by the Holcim group that is good for the earth. It is made to leave less of a carbon impact while still being strong and long-lasting.

The best thing about this cement is that it can keep houses safe from chemical attacks. It also has benefits like low heat hydration and low porosity, which contribute to its sustainable and promising performance with a 30% decrease in carbon emissions.

This flexible cement can be used for plastering, flooring, and other general building tasks. This makes it a popular choice for people who want to build with less carbon impact. The packaging is green and white, and each bag has 40kg of cement inside it.

Holcim Wallright

Holcim Wallright 1
Source image: holcim.ph

Holcim WallRight Type S Masonry Cement is a high-quality product that meets ASTM C 91 standards. It is made to be used in masonry projects, like putting Hollow Blocks, filling holes, and plastering walls.

With this cement, you can expect it to be very strong and hold together for a long time. It is different from other types of cement because it has a smooth surface and is easy to work with.

This is the best choice for jobs that need to stick together well. It gives a better finish than regular cement and helps keep water in the ground longer.

Holcim Aqua X

Holcim Aqua X
Source image: holcim.ph

Holcim Philippines has a special type of mixed cement (Type IT) called Aqua X that is made to make concrete and mortar more resistant to water.

This Aqua X is especially good for masonry work and general concrete applications. Its main benefit is that it doesn’t absorb water, which protects buildings from water damage and makes them last longer.

Holcim Aqua X is easy and handy to use. Builders can put the water protection right on the wall without having to mix it with anything else first. This makes the entry process for building projects easier and faster.

Holcim Cement Price List

Below this is the Holcim Cement price in Philippines for every type:

Holcim Solido₱115.00
Holcim Aqua X₱210.00
Holcim Tile Adhesive₱210.00
Holcim Excel₱245.00
Holcim ECOPlanet₱280.00
Holcim Wallright₱330.00
Holcim Skim Coat Superfine₱420.00

How to Choose Holcim Cement

How to Choose Holcim Cement
Source image: holcim.ph

To choose the best Holcim cement for your building or remodeling job, you should think about the following:

  • Think about how your project will be used and what it needs.
  • Talk to a cement dealer who knows about Holcim goods for advice.
  • Learn the difference between Holcim cement and other goods made from cement.
  • Holcim Excel is a high-quality Portland cement that can be used for many different things.
  • Holcim WallRight is made for plastering, setting up empty blocks, and filling.
  • Use Holcim’s cement-based goods for interior and exterior purposes, like Tile Adhesive, Skimcoat, and Waterproofing.
  • Learn how each cement product is used and use it in the right way.
  • Holcim is committed to building in a way that is good for the environment and reduces carbon footprints.
  • Work with area cement dealers and experts in the field for advice.

Holcim Cement Alternative

Holcim Cement Alternatives
Source image: bloomberg.com

These are some of the options to Holcim cement in the Philippines include:

Republic Cement is a major cement maker in the country that makes a wide range of cement products for different uses.

Cemex is another well-known cement company in the Philippines that makes different types of cement that can be used for building projects.

Eagle Cement is known for its high-quality cement products. Eagle Cement gives alternatives to Holcim cement with a focus on durability and performance.

Please remember that availability may vary depending on where you are and what your project needs. The best way to find alternatives to Holcim cement in the Philippines is to talk to local cement dealers or visit hardware shops.

FAQ Holcim Cement

What type of cement is Holcim?

Cement type I from Portland Holcim Premium is a Type I Portland Cement that ready-mix plants use to make high-strength concrete. It is used to build mid-rise to high-rise buildings and to make precast concrete.

Why is Holcim cement a good choice?

Holcim Solido It has compressive strengths that are higher than national and international standards and durability qualities that make structures last longer.

What does Holcim cement stand for?

In 2001, the company went from being called “Holderbank Financière Glaris” to being called “Holcim,” which is short for “Holderbank ciment.” In the 2000s, the company grew because more than half of its business came from emerging countries, like Asia.


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