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Good Taste is a popular restaurant in Baguio City, with two branches. The Legarda branch is bigger and closer to top attractions.

To get there, you can take a taxi or walk from Victory Liner Station. The Main Branch is located at Rajah Matanda Street and is the original Good Taste Baguio. You can get there by taking a jeep or walking from Victory Liner Station.

Both branches offer combo meals and family-style meals with unlimited soup, water, and basic condiments. Good Taste Rice is a must-try dish.

Here is the most recent Good Taste menu for 2023 in Philippines:

Combo Meals

Combo Meals MenuPrice
Tofu Vegetable Rice₱140.00
Chopsuey Rice₱145.00
Fried Rice With Lechon₱145.00
Shanghai Lumpia Rice₱145.00
Lechon Ampalaya Rice₱145.00
Lechon Chopsuey Rice₱145.00
Lechon Tofu Rice₱145.00
GoodTaste Rice₱150.00
Chicken Curry Rice₱150.00
Fish Tofu Rice₱150.00
Lechon Beans Rice₱150.00
Beef Ampalaya Rice₱155.00
Beef Broccoli Rice₱155.00
Beef Chopsuey Rice₱155.00
Beef Curry Rice₱155.00
Chicken Broccoli Rice₱155.00
Fried Rice with Beef₱155.00
Steamed Chicken Rice₱155.00
Lechon Broccoli Rice₱155.00
GoodTaste Fried Rice₱160.00
GoodTaste Buttered Chicken Rie₱165.00
Fish, Shrimp Tofu Rice₱170.00
Grilled Spare Ribs Rice₱205.00


Rice MenuPrice
1/2 White Rice₱14.00
Fried Rice (Good for 3)₱16.00
White Rice₱27.00
1/2 Fried Rice₱32.00
Fried Rice₱64.00
Fried Rice (Good for6)₱289.00


Mami MenuPrice
Beef Mami₱115.00
Lechon Mami₱115.00
Wanton Mami₱115.00
Chicken, Beef & WNanton Mami₱120.00


Soups MenuPrice (good for 3)Price (good for 6)
GoodTaste Lugaw (Good for 1₱130.00
Egg Soup (w/ grindpork)₱154.00₱239.00
Molo Soup₱184.00₱264.00
Hototay Soup₱189.00₱259.00
Birds Nest Soup₱194.00₱249.00
Sinigang na Baboy₱209.00₱294.00
Sinigang na Hipon₱219.00₱319.00
Sinigang na Tilapia₱229.00
Bulalo (Good for 4)₱499.00

Family Style

Family Style MenuPrice (good for 4)
Tofu with Vegetable₱244.00
Fried Siomai Pork (Goodfor 6)₱249.00
Hot&Spicy Tokwa’t Baboy₱249.00
Shanghai Lumpia₱259.00
Fish Fillet with Tofu₱264.00
Adobong Hito₱269.00
Ginataang Hito₱269.00
Chicken Chopsuey₱269.00
Chicken Curry₱269.00
Inihaw na Liempo₱269.00
Mixed Pulutan₱269.00
Lechon Ampalaya₱269.00
Lechon Beans₱269.00
Lechon Chopsuey₱269.00
Lechon Kawali Guisado₱269.00
Lechon Tofu₱269.00
9Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet₱279.00
Beef Ampalaya₱279.00
Beef Chopsuey₱279.00
Sweet and Sour Pork₱279.00
Lechon Broccoli₱279.00
Tofu with Shrimp₱289.00
Beef Curry₱289.00
Beef Steak₱289.00
Beef Broccoli₱299.00
Halabos na Hipon₱310.00
Family Style MenuPrice (good for 5)
Hongba Pork Ribs₱509.00
Grilled Spare Ribs₱509.00
Crispy Pork Shank₱529.00
Crispy Pata₱529.00
Pork Hongba₱600.00
Family Style MenuPrice (good for 2)
Steamed Tilapia₱249.00
Sweet and Sour Tilapia₱259.00


Pancit MenuPrice (good for 4)Price (good for 8)
Buttered Chicken₱239.00₱470.00
Fried Chicken₱218.00₱425.00
Garlic Buttered Chicken₱239.00₱470.00
Hot & Spicy Garlic Buttered Chicken₱254.00₱500.00
Miki Bihon₱239.00
Steamed Chicken₱239.00₱470.00


Lomi MenuPrice (good for 3)Price (good for 6)
Lomi w/ Quail Eggs₱214.00₱319.00
Beef Lomi w/ Quail Eggs₱214.00₱319.00
Chicken Lomi w/ Quail Eggs₱214.00₱319.00

Party Trays

Party Trays MenuPrice (good for 12)Price (good for 16)Price (good for 25)
Miki Bihon₱755.00₱1,005.00₱1,515.00

Party Trays (For Take Out Only)

Party Trays (For Take Out Only) MenuPrice (good for 12)Price (good for 20)

Dessert & Drinks


Dessert MenuPrice
Ice Buko₱20.00
Cream Puff₱25.00
Cheese Cupcake₱29.00
Carrot Pineapple Cupcake₱29.00
Cheese Donut₱35.00
Flavored Donuts (Caramel, Custard, Strawberry)₱35.00
PEgg Tart₱40.00
Double Blueberry Muffin₱45.00
P.U.M. Muffin₱45.00
Choco Walnut Muffin₱45.00
Streamline Vanilla₱45.00
Streamline Ube₱45.00
Hopia Ube₱45.00
Choco Mousse₱45.00
Yema Slice₱45.00
Egg Pie₱45.00
Empanada (Pork, Chicken)₱45.00
Ham &Cheese Croissant₱55.00
Sausage Croissant₱55.00
Ice Cream 2 Scoops: (Chocolate, Strawberry, Mango, Ube, Vanilla)₱55.00
Carrot Cream Cheese Cake₱65.00
Black Forest Slice₱70.00
Mais con Yelo₱75.00
Peach Graham Cake₱75.00
Buko Pandan Salad₱95.00
Red Velvet Slice₱95.00
Royal Glaze₱95.00
Blueberry Cream Cheese₱95.00
Dulce De Leche₱95.00
Leche Flan (Good for 8)₱155.00

Hot Beverages

Hot Beverages MenuPrice
Hot Water₱10.00
Hot Tea₱45.00
Hot Milk₱50.00
Hot Tea w/ Milk₱50.00
Hot Tea w/ Calamansi₱50.00
Hot Calamansi₱50.00
Flavored Tea (Chamowmile, Jasmine, English Breakfast Tea Peppermint)₱50.00
Hot Milo w/ Milk₱55.00
Brewed Coffee w/ Creamer₱58.00
Brewed Coffee w/ Milk₱60.00
Half-half (Coffee and Milk)₱60.00
Hot Cocoa w/ Milk₱60.00


Dimsum MenuPrice
Siopao Asado₱55.00
Siopao Bola-bola₱55.00
Pork Siomai (4pes.)₱55.00

Cold Beverages

Cold Beverages MenuSizePrice
Bottled Water350ml₱20.00
Buko Juice₱25.00
Bottled Water500ml₱30.00
Mountain Dew300ml₱35.00
Calamansi Juice₱45.00
Lemonade16 oz₱50.00
Pineapple Juice (Unsweetened)in can₱50.00
Pineapple Juice (Sweetened)in can₱50.00
Lemonade20 oz₱60.00
Iced Coffee₱60.00
Mango Juice₱60.00
Pepsi, 7-Up, Mountain Dew1.5 Litre₱110.00
Mug Rootbeer1.5 Litre₱110.00
Cucumber Lemonade,2 Litres₱185.00
Iced Tea, Blue Lemonade,3 Litres₱275.00

Last Update: March 29, 2023


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