Gerry’s Grill Menu

Gerry’s offers a delightful dining experience, serving only the freshest food including Filipino favorites and exotic cuisines.

The restaurant was founded by a passionate cook who wanted to create a place where people could hang out and enjoy good food.

Originally a place to unwind with drinks, Gerry’s has become a popular family restaurant. From its first store in Quezon City, the restaurant has expanded nationwide and opened branches in the US, Singapore, and Qatar.

Gerry’s values its customers and strives to offer the best value for their money, as well as taking care of its employees.

With its commitment to great food and a fun atmosphere, Gerry’s remains a favorite among Filipinos.

Here is the latest Gerry’s Grill menu for Philippines 2023:


gerrys grill menu philippine appetizers
Appetizer MenuPrice
Crispy Kangkong₱145.00
Crunchy Souid Heads₱225.00
Chili Cheese Sticks.₱235.00
Tokwa’t Lechonkawal₱355.00
Spicy Sashim₱395.00
Orientaltuna Sashiml₱395.00
Lumpiang Shanghal₱265.00
Sizzling Tokwa Gon Karne₱275.00


gerrys grill menu philippine soups
Soups MenuPrice
Sinigang Na Boneless Bangus₱435.00
Sinigang Na Hipon₱435.00
Sinigang Na Bab0Y₱435.00
Nilagang Bula Lo₱515.00


gerrys grill menu philippine seafood
Seafood MenuPrice
Inihaw Na Bangus₱375.00
Sizzling Gambas₱395.00
Inihaw Na Tuna Belly₱405.00
Bangus Ala Pobre₱415.00
Blue Marlin Ribs₱415.00
Tuna Kilaw₱415.00
Inihaw Na Tuna Belly₱420.00
Sugba Kilaw₱485.00
Inihaw Na Baby P Us It₱495.00
Blue Marlin Steak₱515.00
Blue Marlin Belly₱525.00
Inihaw Na Pusit₱545.00


gerrys grill menu philippine chicken
Chicken MenuPrice
Chicken Kebab₱315.00
Inihaw Na Manok₱385.00
Gerry’s Fried Chicken₱405.00
Sizzling Garlic Chicken₱405.00
Spicy Garlic Fried Chicken₱405.00


gerrys grill menu philippine pork
Pork MenuPrice
Pork Bbo₱245.00
Gerry’s Stuffed Laing (tinomok)₱305.00
Sizzling Sisig₱335.00
Sisig Kilaw₱335.00
Inihaw Na Liempo₱395.00
Lechon Kawall₱515.00
Crispy Pata (regular).₱715.00
Crispy Pata (family)₱895.00


gerrys grill menu philippine beef
Beef MenuPrice
Prime Beef Kaldereta₱515.00
Beef Kare-Kare₱585.00


gerrys grill menu philippine rice
Rice MenuPrice
Plain Rice₱48.00
Garlic Rice₱51.00
Crab Rice₱285.00
Gerry’s Special Binagoongan Rice₱295.00
Seafood Rice₱295.00


gerrys grill menu philippine vegetables
Vegetables MenuPrice
Sizzling Kangkong Ala Pobre₱235.00
Kilawin Puso Ng Saging₱255.00
Ampalaya Guisado₱265.00
Gerry’s Stuffed Laing (tinomok)₱295.00


gerrys grill menu philippine merienda
Merienda MenuPrice
Pancit Palabok₱275.00
Pancit Canton₱275.00
Special Pancit Bihon₱275.00


gerrys grill menu philippine desserts
Desserts MenuPrice
Leche Flan₱135.00
Mais Con Hielo₱155.00
Buko Pandan Delight₱165.00
Banana Split₱195.00


Shakes MenuPrice
Green Mango Shake₱125.00
Ripe Mango Shake₱125.00
Banana Shake₱125.00
Four Seasons₱125.00


Juices MenuPrice
Sagot Gulaman (glass)₱75.00
Calamansi Juice₱85.00
Gerry’s Special Iced Tea (glass)₱85.00
Emango Juice₱95.00
Pineapple Juice₱95.00
Orange Juice₱95.00
Lipton Houseblend Ice Tea (bottomless)₱105.00
Sago’t Gulaman (pitcher)₱265.00
Gerry’s Special Iced Tea (pitcher)₱345.00

Soft Drinks

Soft Drinks MenuPrice
Pepsi Max₱88.00
Pepsi Light₱88.00
Mountain Dew₱88.00
Mug Rootbeer₱88.00
Bottled Water₱55.00

Gerry’s Homemade Experience

Gerry’s Homemade Experience MenuPrice
Gerry’s Bagoong Bottle (regular/spicy).₱98.00
Gerry’s Inihaw Sauce 375 Ml₱80.00
Gerry’s Inihaw Sauce 750 Ml₱150.00
Gerry’s Sweet & Spicy Vinegar 375 Ml₱80.00
Gerry’s Sweet & Spicy Vinegar 750 Ml₱150.00
Gerry’s Spiced Cane Vinegar 375 Ml₱85.00
Gerry’s Spiced Cane Vinegar 750 M₱160.00

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic Beverages Price
Red Horse₱95.00
Smb Pale Pilsen₱99.00
San Mig Light₱99.00


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